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Chapter 53 – 15 year old Inglis and Chiral’s Royal Knight Academy (3)

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Author: Hayaken Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2,457 characters
Translator: Mab English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1,023 words
Editor(s): Hydra, Lilith

On the ring with a high gravity field, the Rock Golems caught the slowed down students one after another then threw them out.

「Okaay, 90 seconds to go! There are six people still on the game, do your best!」

Principal Miliera’s cheering roused them.
Amongst the surviving six, the three were Inglis, Rafinha, and Leone.

Inglis put her attention onto the other three.
Amongst them, two were of the Knight division, while the last one was of the Squire division.
Contrary to everyone’s expectation, the Squire student put up quite a good fight.

First was the combination of a female Knight student and the male Squire student——

「Oi, Pullum! You’re such a slowpoke, so make sure you’re always hiding behind me!」
「Yes, Lahti. Are you okay? Your knees are trembling.」 1

「I’m fine, you need not worry about such a thing!」
「Wawawa…! I-, it’s here! Go away!」
「DA—!? Don’t push me! Why are you always pulling my legs…!?」
「I-, I’m sorry——」

While she looked like she was all over the place, thanks to the Knight student Pullum shoving the Squire student Lahti, they conveniently avoided the Rock Golem’s chase.
Did Pullum do what she did, fully knowing of the outcome?
If that was true, then she must be ‌strong herself.

「Come to me! You won’t take the life off of this Liselotte Althea that easily!」

And then there was the female Knight student whose tone ‌spoke of a noble’s daughter.
Her light-colored blonde hair curled elegantly, which only contributed to her “high-class family’s princess” atmosphere.
She was beautiful, but she also seemed ‌hard to approach.

She was protected by some students that seemed to be her attendants until a few minutes ago, but they all dropped out already.
Inglis expected her to be ousted too without her attendants, but the person herself was agile, even within this gravitation field.
In addition, she intentionally stood on the edges of the ring, intending to shove the golems away if the chance came by.

Which meant——she wasn’t just a sheltered young lady.

「60 seconds to go! Let’s go for the last push here! I’m increasing the gravitational pull!」

THUD! Their bodies felt even heavier.

「Wah…! This feels good——」

Inglis was happy with the new development, but that wasn’t the case for the rest.

「Aaah I’m beat….!」
「Uugh….! C-, can’t move….!」

Perhaps things would’ve been different if Rafinha and Leone both had their Artifacts, but the two seemed to be incapable of fighting against the heightened gravitational pull.


They were finally captured by the golems and thrown outside the ring.

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「Now, it’s the last four people!」

The other students couldn’t withstand it and were caught one by one.

「A-, are you okay Lahti——Kyaaah!?」
「GUOOOooh!? Heavy heavy heavy I’m deaaaaddd!!! Save meeee…!!!」

As Lahti fell under the weight of the gravitational pull, Pullum tried to come over but stumbled over Lahti instead. While Lahti was dying under Pullum, the golems caught them and threw the two out of the ring.

「Y-, you imbecile…! Don’t you dare touch me with your fingers——!」

Liselotte also showed some struggle, but once she was captured, nothing could be done.

「Okay, it’s the last person standing!」

And finally, there was only one person left. Inglis.

「It’s that Squire student…!」
「I knew she’ll last until the end——」
「Then, the first two rounds really weren’t a blunder….」

The peanut gallery buzzed, their eyes glued on Inglis.


「「「But ‌she’s so beautiful」」」

Men and women alike who gazed at Inglis became spellbound.


Even if she looked at it objectively, Inglis knew there were aspects of her that would inevitably draw people’s eyes on her.
She was glad that it could appease Rafinha and the people close to her, and she had fun looking at herself in the mirror, but still——

Maybe she was bad at coping herself from all the attention she garnered from the public’s view.
She had been basked in her subjects and the people’s attention in her past life as King Inglis, but that was a different ‌attention.

Let’s get this over with—— thought Inglis as she glanced at principal Miliera; the other answered with a nod.
Well, let’s do this then.

Inglis stepped forward and positioned herself right in the middle of the three golems that had been spread from each other.
All three golems rushed at her at once.

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Inglis leaped right above them, avoiding the chase.
Under the gravitational pull that normally would hinder anyone to even stand, Inglis jumped over the golems’ head like it was child’s play.

The pull affected her alright, but it actually felt comfortable instead.
Losing their target, the three golems collided with each other and bounced back.

And Inglis landed in the middle of the three just right the moment they fell.

「You’re finished!」

Her supple leg drew an arc, and she kicked all three golems in one fell swoop.
The golems flew like they were made of cotton and fell far outside the ring.
There were students right nearby the ring, so she kicked them to the distance where nobody was present.

A commotion stirred amongst the speculating students.

「I-, it’s over~! And so, we will present the congratulatory gift to Miss Inglis! Now, we’re going to experience flying on a Flygear~! Everyone, let’s head to the Flygear Dock~!」

Clap clap clap clap!

Inglis exited the ring while bathing with a round of applause and cheers.
Principal Miliera then came running up to her

「Principal. The promise you made——」
「I’ll fulfill it. Please come to my office later. That being said, Miss Inglis. By any chance, you’re not secretly a Hyrule Menace, are you?」
「I am not.」
「…… Right? You have a unique atmosphere compared to them, too——hmm, interesting! If you’re okay with it, I’d love to hear more about you!」

The Principal looked at Inglis with her eyes sparkling with excitement.

「Y-, yes… I don’t mind.」

Inglis couldn’t help but feel that something was amiss, but she nodded her head, anyway.


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