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Chapter 417 – 16 Year Old Inglis and the Highland on Distance Sea (26)

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Author: Hayaken Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2557 characters
Translator: Mab English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 904 words
Editor(s): Hydra, Liomad

“Oh… Such a sharp young lady despite your small stature. You’re absolutely right; we do have a solid relationship with the imperial family and the people of Venefique. Would you like some more sweets?”

Über, nodding repeatedly in admiration of Inglis, offered more treats.

“I’ll have some!” Inglis gratefully accepted the offer.

“So, the individuals brought here alongside the princess were from her faction, correct? Essentially, political prisoners? Many of them must hold significant sway within the country, so transferring them to the Highland might be a safer move compared to executing them and risking public outcry, or imprisoning them and facing potential rescue attempts.”

“Exactly. Moreover, acquiring Artifacts to protect the nation and its people is far more advantageous than mere executions. Another way to look at it is that they sacrificed themselves for the greater good of their country. It’s quite commendable. Plus, our firm benefits from the profits, making it advantageous for us as well.”

“… So, you’re saying that those who were brought here are going to be sacrificed?”

Inglis responded with a concerned smile, suggesting that if they were to rescue them, they needed to act quickly.

Princess Meltina was set to be transformed into a Hyrule Menace, so she likely wouldn’t face immediate execution and might survive as a Hyrule Menace at worst. However, the fate of the others remained uncertain.

“Oh dear, have I spoken too much?”

Über chuckled softly. At that moment, Rafinha stood up abruptly with a loud thud.

“Where are they?! If we don’t help them soon, it might be too late…!”

Über observed calmly but did not respond.

“Say something! If you refuse to tell us, we’ll have to resort to force…!”
“Before you proceed, may I ask: is this truly necessary for you?”

Über’s monocle seemed to glint sharply.

“What do you mean…?!”
“You are from the nation of Charalia, correct? These individuals are political prisoners of Venefique.”
“If we don’t help them just because they are from an opposing country, we’ll remain enemies forever! I don’t want that! We should help those we can!”
“… Even if it means prolonging the current state of enmity? Think carefully; these people are political prisoners.”

Rafinha fell silent, her expression serious, as she glanced at Inglis.

“What he means is, we don’t know the princess’ exact stance. Being political prisoners implies they may hold views that oppose peace with Charalia, potentially supporting factions that see the Arcane Wardens’ activities as a hindrance. Assisting them might actually prevent peace and could lead to a full-scale war…”
“Such a wise young lady. That is precisely what I meant. Is this the kind of risk you want to take to help these people?”

Rafinha bit her lip hard.

“Then, could you at least tell me the Princess’ stance?”
“That would be improper. Pardon me for not disclosing that information.”

Über refused, as expected. With that, Inglis had only one thing to say.

“It’s okay, Rani. Just do what you believe is right. I’ll handle the rest, okay?”

From behind Rafinha, a soft whisper was directed only for her ears. Hearing it, Rafinha nodded firmly and faced Über’s smile.

“I will help them! Even if our beliefs are different, I believe that people who worry about others more than themselves can understand each other! I want to believe that the world works that way!” Rafinha declared this with a resolute expression.

“Fufu. You seem to live in a wonderfully beautiful world. I envy you. I’m sure everyone would want to live in a world like yours. But… What will you do about the risks I mentioned earlier? Your noble actions might lead to many deaths in Charalia. What will you do then? Will you turn a blind eye? I did warn you.”

“I won’t do that! If that happens…!” Rafinha exclaimed, lifting Inglis up with gusto, “This girl will take down all the bad guys!”

“That, I will,” Inglis affirmed, ready to show off her prowess. A full-scale war would be welcome too, as it meant more opportunities for her to fight.

“Ha ha ha…! I see. With the strength of someone who could easily throw and catch this ship, that’s hardly an exaggeration. And a full-scale war with Charalia, a nation capable of defeating a Prisma, would indeed be disadvantageous for Venefique. As a merchant, losing my clientele is not something I welcome.”

“Is that the prevailing opinion in Venefique?” Inglis inquired, slightly disappointed.

She had hoped that the hawkish faction in Venefique would attack freely, providing her with fierce opponents to battle against. Fighting against overwhelming odds also offered its own thrills and rewards.

“Well… I’m just a merchant. I can’t speak for the country’s higher-ups. I don’t know the details about Her Highness the Princess either. However, the news of the Prisma being not just driven off or sealed, but completely defeated, has indeed sent shockwaves through Venefique. It seems they hoped for at least half of Charalia to be destroyed. After all, General Rochefort and his Hyrule Menace, who attacked the royal capital to ensure this, didn’t return.”

Rochefort and Arles, now instructors at the Knight Academy, were not going back. Inglis had no intention of allowing such a thing. Those two had become indispensable to her, providing powerful sparring partners.

Their daily bouts after school for special training were invaluable, offering Inglis a priceless opportunity to refine her combat skills.


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