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Chapter 410 – 16 Year Old Inglis and the Highland on Distance Sea (19)

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Author: Hayaken Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2177 characters
Translator: Mab English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 880 words
Editor(s): Hydra, Liomad

“So, ready to tell us, Mais?”
“They said all Highlanders are taking shelter underground, right?”
“Leone is right. I heard it’s dangerous for you to be out here since there is no way to predict or defend against Prism Flow… Did you perhaps sneak out?”
“W-, well, actually… I’ve always wanted to see the surface with my own eyes…! Illuminas fell into the sea, so it’s not exactly a Midland country, but I still wanted to see it…! This is still the same city, but everything looks and smells completely different from usual…! The world sure is vast…!”
“Hahaha… It’s good that you’re having fun, but sneaking out like that might not be a good idea, you know?”

At Rafinha’s remark, Mais lowered his gaze slightly.

“Yeah, you’re probably right. I’ll probably get scolded later. But if I’m going to get scolded anyway, could you please overlook it just a little bit…? I’ll definitely go back soon…!”
“Well, I guess we have no choice. Just a little longer, okay? And try not to stray too far from us, alright?”
“Thank you, Rafinha!”

Mais’ face lit up with a smile.

“Rafinha, it’s not that simple… Other Highlanders are evacuating because there’s a need for it, don’t you think?”
“Yes, indeed. It’s better to be prepared before anything happens…”
“That’s exactly it. If we stick together with him, it’s safer, right? The most dangerous thing is probably the rainbow rain, but we’re okay even if we get caught in it, so we can protect him. If it comes down to it, we can shield him with our bodies.”

Well, even without going that far, there were various things they could do, like enlarging Leone’s black greatsword Artifact and using it as an umbrella. The problem was that Inglis and the others might end up getting caught in the rainbow rain, but they were fine even if they got caught in it.

“And besides, don’t you want to talk a bit more with the Highlander boy? After all, Mais also said he wants to spend more time with us.”
“No, I don’t think Mais actually said that, Rani.”
“Of course, if it’s okay for me to be here, I’m fine with it! It’s really valuable to be able to talk to people from the surface. Hey, are all surface women as beautiful as Rafinha, Leone, and Liselotte?”

Mais’ question seemed to be genuinely curious without any hidden motives.

“Aww, Mais, you’re so good with flattery~♪”

Rafinha playfully patted Mais’s back, causing him to cough a bit.

“Well, I guess a little longer won’t hurt.”
“Yes, indeed… Talking with people from different cultures is certainly a good experience.”

Leone and Liselotte also didn’t seem to mind much, leaning towards agreeing with Rafinha.

“By the way, Mais, have you never seen people from the surface? Are they not here?”

There were rumors of people being brought from the surface and enslaved in Highlands, but had Mais never seen any of these people?

In the central research institute where Professor Vilkin was, there had indeed been no people from the surface. It made sense to think that it was a special place where particularly talented researchers among the Highlanders gathered, but were there really none in general places?

“I heard they used to be here in the past. But that wasn’t good, so I think it’s a good thing I’ve never met them…”

Mais’ expression took on a slightly somber tone.

“What do you mean, Mais?”
“Well, that’s…”
“It’s because they were treated horribly as slaves… right?”

In Mais’ apparent discomfort, Inglis spoke up.

“““ ……!!”””

Rafinha and the others held their breath.

“Yeah… that’s right. But that was a bad thing to do. So in Illuminas, under the guidance of the Duke of Art, we’re making all sorts of things more convenient so we don’t have to resort to such things. I think that’s fine. There’s no excuse for treating people badly just to make life easier for yourself, and if my parents or friends did something like that, I’d definitely hate it…”
“I see… Illuminas sounds like a good place.”

Rafinha gently stroked Mais’ back. Seeming relieved by that, Mais showed his smile again.

“Yeah, it is! Although it’s a bit unsatisfying not to have the chance to get along with people from the surface in return for not treating them badly. I want to ask about various things.”
“All right, then, ask me anything, I’ll tell you everything…!”

Rafinha thumped her chest.

“Thank you! So, is it true that once you step out of the city on the surface, magic stone beasts are swarming everywhere…?!”
“Well, it’s not exactly swarming, you know? But when the Prism Fall occurs, they do tend to come out a lot, and it seems like the Prisma can even create weak magic stone beasts with his own power.”
“Prisma…! That’s the strongest magic stone beast, right? That’s why we can’t live on the surface… Have you seen one, Rafinha?”
“Seen? I fought one!”

Rafinha flexed her muscles proudly.

“Wowwww~ Amazing…!”

Mais looked at Rafinha with admiration.

“And it’s this girl who fought off and defeated the Prisma~𝅘𝅥𝅮!!”

She grasped Inglis and lifted her up. Inglis wondered if she should imitate Rafinha and flex her muscles as well.


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