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Chapter 407 – 16 Year Old Inglis and the Highland on Distance Sea (16)

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Author: Hayaken Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2089 characters
Translator: Mab English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 877 words
Editor(s): Hydra, Liomad

A few days later, Inglis and her companions found themselves on the coast at the edge of Illuminas. This Highland territory, typically soaring in the sky, was now an isolated island, its coast an unusual sight for land meant to float above the clouds.

The Flying Battleship’s landing pad had been repurposed as a makeshift pier, creating an ideal spot for seaside fun.

“Okay! Give it a try, Leone!”
“Do your best, Leone!”
“I-, I’ll give it my all…!”

Rafinha, Leone, and Liselotte donned their swimsuits for the occasion. They hadn’t planned on swimming when they arrived, but inspired by Rafinha’s suggestion, they made a spontaneous decision to enjoy the sea, crafting swimsuits for each other.

Inglis had her own special swimsuit, tailored for her current, much younger form. Gazing at her reflection rippling across the water’s surface, she saw an image akin to an angel, so pure and delightful that she found herself captivated, unable to look away. Yet, amidst this enchantment, a pang of regret lingered within her.

How she yearned to witness this angelic vision in her true, adult form. To behold her own elegance and grace, encapsulated within a swimsuit, her mature and splendid figure would surely rival the beauty of any sea nymph. The thought of embracing the sea’s embrace in her true form was a longing she couldn’t shake off.

Acknowledging this wistful desire, she had taken a precautionary step. Rafinha, always ready to lend a hand, had prepared a swimsuit fit for Inglis’ adult stature, just in case the tides of fate allowed her to return to her original self during their seaside adventure.

“Come on, you cheer for Leone too, Glis!”

Rafinha called out, holding Rene. They had inquired about the possibility of restoring Rene to her original form. Unfortunately, Professor Vilkin informed them that a detailed assessment was currently impossible. The diagnostic system for such matters was linked to the Duke of Art’s network, distinct from the Hyrule Menace evaluation system, and was presently inoperative.

Had Eris been their sole concern, Inglis and the rest might have already headed back to the Knight Academy, given the treatment’s extended timeline. They were also anxious about the movements of the Order of Arcane Wardens, who were due to visit the Alucard territory shortly after their departure. Considering the circumstances, they contemplated whether to rejoin the Order’s efforts.

However, with Rene’s situation still unresolved, they chose to wait until Illuminas’ technical difficulties were addressed, allowing for a second consultation with Professor Vilkin. Thus, they found leisure in the sea as they awaited developments.

They were granted permission to stay a while longer, offering their assistance against Magic Stone Beasts in exchange. With the Duke of Art’s silence, Illuminas relied on backup systems, compromising its weather forecasting and defensive barriers, and immobilizing the territory.

Amidst these vulnerabilities, Inglis and her group’s support was deemed valuable by Vilma.

Today, however, Leone was the center of attention. Adorned in her swimsuit, she displayed a robust figure, a departure from Inglis’ more delicate build, her charm evident.

Armed with her customary black greatsword Artifact in one hand, Rafinha’s Flowing Radiance bow in the other, and Liselotte’s white halberd strapped to her back, Leone was a sight to behold with three distinct Artifacts.

“Don’t worry. You should be able to use all of them now. Give it your best shot.”

Thanks to Professor Vilkin’s intervention, Leone’s Rune had been upgraded, now shimmering with a prismatic light on her hand.

Bearers of the Special Grade Rune were capable of wielding weaponized Hyrule Menaces and utilizing various Artifacts, enabling Leone to operate all three Artifacts independently. They aimed to test this newfound ability while enjoying their time by the sea.

“Yes… I’ll give it a try…!”

Leone’s expression was one of determination, an interesting contrast to her casual swimwear.


Suddenly, pure white wings unfurled behind Leone. They flapped vigorously, lifting her into the air.


Perhaps unaccustomed to using this Gift for flight, Leone wobbled slightly in the air, but she quickly regained her composure.

“Is this how…? Ah, yes, this way…!”

She swiftly adapted to her newfound mobility, gracefully soaring and maneuvering through the air. Once she found her balance, Leone halted mid-air and readied Rafinha’s bow, Flowing Radiance.

“Rain of Light…! I might not be as precise as Rafinha, but… I’ll cover a broad area…!”

Positioning herself high above the water, Leone pulled back the bowstring with determination. The light arrow in her grasp expanded significantly in both size and intensity before she released it.


At her command, the light arrow fragmented into myriad smaller streaks, scattering across the sky. Leone managed a commendable imitation of Rafinha’s technique with the Artifact. Unlike Rafinha, who could finely control the arrows’ paths for intricate tactics, Leone focused on widespread dispersion.

The barrage of light plunged into the sea, sending up a spectacular series of splashes. As the echoes of the impact faded, silence lingered for a moment before the sea’s surface began to stir — numerous fish started to emerge.

From her vantage point, Leone had targeted the shadows beneath the waves, unleashing a volley of light arrows to not only practice wielding her Special Grade Rune but also to gather a plentiful catch for their meal.


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