Chapter 37 – 15 year old Inglis and the Town Ruled by a Highlander (8)

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Author: Hayaken Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2424 characters
Translator: Mab English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 0 words
Editor(s): Alruna Zelenia

When Inglis glanced back at Cystia, the Hyrule Menace was grinning back at her.

「You fool! In the end, you’ve only made yourself an easy target!」

Right when she said that, she whipped out her long, slender legs and Inglis felt a heavy strike on her abdomen.
Cystia’s kick had ignored the time and space to strike Inglis too.
Not only her spear but her other attacks can ignore the distance too!

Inglis hadn’t expected that. If her ability extended beyond her weapon then, the moment Inglis blocked her spear, she would be wide open for other attacks. She had been deceived so masterfully! As expected of a Hyrule Menace. 1 Even when she looked like she had lost control of herself, her battle tactics were cunning, leaving no room for error!


The kick sent Inglis soaring into the air.
This could end up being lethal! Inglis thought in a mild panic.
She couldn’t control her movements very well while in mid-air.

「Got ya!」

Without a moment’s delay, Cystia brandished her spear.
If she used her ability on the spear now, Inglis certainly wouldn’t be able to avoid getting stabbed. 2

Time to use that, then!


A circle of light quickly enveloped Inglis’ body — a sign that Ether Armor had been activated.

Immediately afterwards, Cystia’s spear jumped through space and aimed at Inglis’ back.
However, that attack couldn’t meet its target.
The moment the spearhead nearly touched Inglis’ skin, it was repelled.


The condensed Ether formed a firm barrier that protected Inglis’ body.
The strength behind Cystia’s spear was unable to penetrate it.

「That shouldn’t be possible!」

Cystia knew that her only chance at winning was to take advantage of the opening during the time when Inglis was airborne.
Even though the barrier kept up its odd resistance, she just kept attacking without stopping.
Eventually, Inglis landed and readied herself to attack again after Cystia’s many failed attempts.
The moment Inglis’ feet touched the ground, she crouched and dashed off, her figure disappeared as if into thin air.


At least, that was how it looked like for Cystia — Inglis disappeared, leaving only a pale flash of light behind.


A sudden impact lifted her entire body!
The fiercest impact Cystia had ever experienced in her life just landed on her solar plexus.
Before Cystia even noticed what was happening, Inglis had kneed her in the stomach.3

「Ah…! Uuughh! This is impossible…」

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Her legs quivered, unable to support her body any longer, and buckled.
The spear fell out of her now powerless hand with a loud clang and rolled on the floor.

In Inglis’ perspective, all she did was activate Ether Armor to defend against Cystia’s attack, and the moment she landed, she went for the counterattack.
But of course, that wasn’t all, the Ether Armor also had the effect of further enhancing Inglis’ physical capabilities and her heightened full speed was far outside the scope of what Cystia could perceive.

「…It was a good fight. It’s more enjoyable than I ever thought it would be.」

With a plop, Inglis patted Cystia’s shoulder.
Then she gave her a beautiful and refreshing smile as if she was rewarding her for the hard work.
At the end of the day, Inglis had no choice but to use Ether.
Cystia was a good opponent. She reminded her that she was still lacking strength.

「Kuh…! If I lose like this, how I can show my face to—」

It was then…

「Glis! We’ve apprehended everyone outside! How did it go on your— Ahk….?! Kah…. c-, can’t… brea….」

Rafinha was just coming by to check on the situation before her slim neck was gripped by a hand that emerged from the void, obstructing her airway.


It was Cystia’s handiwork. 4 She jumped through space to strangle Rafinha.

「I can’t die or get caught in a place like this… If you care about this girl’s life, you’ll let me go!」
「……You are free to your devices. Please, take your leave.」

Inglis lifted both of her hands, showing that she had no intent to get in her way.
Upon seeing it, Cystia picked up her spear and cautiously walked backward towards the building’s backdoor, not daring to show her back to Inglis.
Her fluttering gait only showed the magnitude of the damage she suffered.

「…A word, if I may?」
「I will gladly take you on however many times you want, I’m fine even if you want to redo it again and again if you think you’re at a disadvantage. I want to fight with you many more times in order to polish my skills and get even stronger. However, if you lay your hands on Rani ever again… consider your life over.」

It was just an instant when a terrifying bloodlust flashed through Inglis’ eyes.
Seeing it almost had Cystia petrified on the spot.
Such a ferocious look and spirit for a young girl. She felt an unfathomable depth from her.

「That is all. Have a good day.」

Suddenly and precipitately, her face turned into an innocent loveable smile, as if she couldn’t even harm a single fly.
She just couldn’t comprehend, who was this little girl?
To the better of her judgment, Cystia asked.

「…Give me your name.」
「I am Inglis Eux.」
「Mine’s Cystia Rouges. We’ll meet again.」

As soon as Cystia left the abandoned church, Rafinha was released.

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「Rani! Are you okay!?」
「Cough cough…! Yeah, I’m fine. Sorry, did I come in at the wrong time?」
「No, you didn’t. We had just finished when you came in, and it was for the best. Let’s go back? It’s finished outside, right? 」

Inglis helped Rafinha back to her feet then patted her head gently.

「Yeah, I captured everyone. Our reward for this will be great, so we racked a haul for our travel fund, right?」
「You’re right. I’m satisfied too. It has been a long time since I had such an enjoyable fight after all. Going along with your ideas can be good sometimes, Rani.」
「Yaaayyy, let’s go back then?」

The two nodded at each other with a smile.


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