Chapter 36 – 15 year old Inglis and the Town Ruled by a Highlander (7)

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Author: Hayaken Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 3686 characters
Translator: Mab English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1288 words
Editor(s): Alruna Zelenia

「Yup, I’m not too bad.」

Inglis nodded to herself and followed the roughed up Cystia into the abandoned church.

She was able to evade the vehement attacks of a Hyrule Menace without relying on a weapon, and even delivered a strike.

Compared to three years ago when she could hardly handle Eris even after having drawn her sword, she could see that her skills had definitely improved over the years since she could easily advance on her opponent while thinking on her feet.
With that in her mind, she nodded her head imperceptibly at her own growth.
This was the result of her training by avoiding the rain of light from Rafinha’s Artifact to further improve her skills.
Recently, simply avoiding what she could see or hear didn’t feel like enough anymore, so she had tried cutting off her senses while evading as well.

「… B̲a̲s̲t̲a̲r̲d̲!」

Cystia got back up on her feet while scowling at her like a feral dog.

「You still have a hidden ability, don’t you? Please show it to me. Miss Eris also seemed like she hid something from me, so I’m sure you also have a trick up your sleeves.」
「Eris? Ah, the Hyrule Menace affiliated with this nation…」
「Do you two know each other?」
「Don’t know her. Never met her.」

Eris was one of the two Hyrule Menaces affiliated with the nation.
In short, she was a famous character, so it wasn’t strange for someone to know her name. The other one was called Ripple, if Inglis remembered correctly. Clearly, Cystia was not one of the two who was affiliated with their nation.

「If I may ask, for formality sake, who are you? Why is a Hyrule Menace who isn’t even affiliated with the nation here?」
「Hmph. Don’t you worry about that.」

As Inglis had guessed, she would not reveal such sensitive information.
Although, she could really care less about it, she didn’t plan on asking again, or to try and force an answer.

「What about you…」
「Why do you follow a god damn Highlander around while having this much power? Don’t you know those b̲a̲s̲t̲a̲r̲d̲s̲ steal land from us? It would be better if you just stayed silent, but you actually help them?」
「…Even though lady Cyrene is a good person and everyone in her vicinity adores her?」

After staying in the lord’s castle for the last three days, Inglis knew that everyone there was happy to have Cyrene as their lord. Her popularity was through the roof.
Especially the children she took in, they loved her like she was their own mother.

「What’s important is not who leads the people, but how they lead us. Isn’t that true?」
「Yeah, on the surface but it’d be too late by the time you notice it. Couldn’t you sense how strange the town was?」
「Are you talking about the peculiar flow of the mana…? Is there something going on?」
「Go find out yourself.」

There IS something, after all? But, still…

「…While it does bother me, I don’t have a reason, nor the motivation to look into it.」
「We simply ran out of money from overeating and decided to lend a hand in order to earn some quick cash. Although, I guess there is an upside to our food habit, after all, I’m fighting you because of it.」
「Are you saying you’re enthralled for the sake of the fight itself? What is even the meaning behind your power if you don’t use it for what is just?」
「It’s fun for me! That’s all there is to it.」1

Apparently, Inglis’ remark angered Cystia.

「You imbecile! Strength without a cause is just the same as a body without blood, a corpse and nothing more!」
「That is not true. Strength is talent, disciplined training, and experience built through battles. If one spews out some nonsense belief while lacking training and battle experience to back them, now that is a corpse.」

She spoke of her experience in her past life as King Inglis.
She worked too much for her kingdom and the people in it that she had no time left to pursue her own strength.
Now, after 15 years of hard work, perhaps her current self had far surpassed King Inglis’ strength.

「Shut your mouth! I will never allow people like you to have strength!」
「If so, defeat me and prove yourself. Judging from our previous bout though, that’s impossible, isn’t it?」

Inglis then openly chuckled as though she was putting airs in front of Cystia.

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「B̲a̲s̲t̲a̲r̲d̲…! Don’t say another word…!」

Her provocation was as clear as day, but it seemed to be very effective for the prideful Cystia.
She cast a distinct glare filled entirely with the intent of killing Inglis.

After which, a low hum vibrated through the area as a unique aura sprung forth from Cystia, making her body look hazy. It was as if she was standing in a mirage.

「Let’s see if you can take this!」

Cystia thrust her spear out in front of her even though Inglis was at a considerable distance away from her and was by no means within reach.
However, Inglis could see how the spearhead seemed to distort and then, not even a moment later, she sensed the same killing intent behind her!


Inglis twisted her body intuitively.
The golden spearhead appeared there as though it was chasing after her back, grazing her flank in its rush.
Her clothes were torn and blood dripped from a few shallow cuts.

「Hmph. You did well evading that.」
「I see. Now, this is what I expected…!」

A thrust deployed from outside her range suddenly attacked me from behind.
She’s able to attack whilst ignoring the space and distance… is that how it is?
So this is what it’s like when a Hyrule Menace is serious.
It’s pretty dangerous. I could only avoid that one just now mostly by intuition. If she were to attack me consecutively…
Interesting. I can’t ask for less from an opponent!

「You can only laugh for now!」

Cystia brandished her spear again.


Without a moment’s delay, Inglis broke into a run at high speed.
A beat after, the golden spearhead pierced the floor underneath her as she ran around the church without pause.

Even if the spear emerged from behind her or under her, as long as she kept moving, she would leave it in the dust. It would be too dangerous for her to stop.



Cystia’s ability that ignored distance caused her spear to pierce holes all over the abandoned church while pursuing Inglis. Floors, windows, walls, not a place was left intact, making it resemble a beehive.
However, as Inglis ran around at her full speed, Cystia couldn’t deliver a solid blow on her, managing only grazes at most.

After which—

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「Take this!!」

Suddenly, the spearhead emerged in front of Inglis, at the same height as her eyebrows.

Cystia thought that since attacking from behind or below didn’t work, then she’d just attack her from the front!
She wouldn’t be able to just avoid it like this.

However, this was exactly what Inglis was waiting for!

「Here it comeesss!」

She reached out and grasped the stump of the head.
This kind of attack was predictable as long as she kept calm and waited…!

「Kh… W-, what!?」

Cystia tried to pull her spear back, but Inglis held it tight and had no intent to let it go.

「Now, what will you do…!?」

Said Inglis as she sent a playful glance to Cystia.


  1. Eli- Imagine if you will, a world where Inglis found massacre fun.
    Al- Fun indeed…

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