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Chapter 12 – Inglis, 6 years old (3)

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Author: Hayaken Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2148 characters
Translator: Mab English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1028 words
Editor(s): Alruna Zelenia

Inglis put her right hand into the 『Baptismal Box』.
Just like it did with Rafinha, the cubic instrument illuminated in bright light and hummed resoundingly — this indicated that the 『Baptismal Box』 was working.
Once she had actually touched it, Inglis could immediately determine the mechanism of the instrument quite clearly.

This is… I see, so it’s a device to affix the flow of mana and turn it into a carved seal.
Inglis thought to herself.

The people of this era didn’t have the sensibility to manipulate mana to use sorcery.
However, it didn’t mean mana was gone from existence.
They only forgot all the necessary techniques for it at some point in time in the past.

From the looks of it, people would subconsciously yield mana if Rune was engraved onto them by this device called 『Baptismal Box』.
In other words, they would automatically pump mana into Artifacts if they had these Rune engraved onto them.

The principle itself was the same as using sorcery with mana.
However, since the people of this age weren’t privy to such knowledge, it’s understandable that they used the Rune as an auxiliary mechanism.

But, if that’s true, then…
Inglis thought as she predicted the outcome.

By this time, the 『Baptismal Box』 had simmered its radiance.

「It’s finished. Please take a look at your hand, young miss Inglis」

Inglis pulled her hand out of the cavity and checked the back of her right hand.
There was nothing on her skin at all. It was the same pale Rune-less hand as it always was.

This was the obvious outcome.
Since she was the Divine Knight, a being akin to a Demigod who ranked just below the Gods themselves, she only had ether residing in her body and not mana.
A low-grade instrument that could only affix the flow of mana could never hope to influence a Divine Knight such as herself. Thus, the 『Baptismal Box』 would fail to work on her no matter its mechanisms since she had no mana at all.
However, it was still a huge relief to her that the Special Grade Rune wasn’t forced upon her.

「…Nothing happened.」

With a small sigh of relief, Inglis raised her hand up high to show everyone.


The ones who were most shocked were Ryuk, Raphael and Marquis Wilford.

「Impossible! Inglis, a Runeless…!? That couldn’t be possible!」

She assumed that was the moniker they used for people who possessed weak mana and were unable to form a rune.
Although in her case, it was the complete opposite, as a Divine Knight’s power was too overwhelming for the 『Baptismal Box』 to engrave a rune on her.
The logic was completely different but the outcome was the same.

How interesting.
She thought.

「He’s right! Not Inglis of all people! Something must’ve gone wrong!」
「Is there a problem with the 『Baptismal Box』? Check it, quick!」

They remained unconvinced as they urged the priest to check again.

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「Y-, yes… But it worked perfectly in young miss Rafinha’s case…」
「It could’ve broken right after that. Either way, just try it once again.」 1

Marquis Wilford demanded.

「W- well then, young miss Inglis…」

Well, let’s just go along until everyone is satisfied.
Them, not me—of course.
She thought in annoyance.

After that, at least four to five attempts were made.
The trio who had been most assertive at first eventually lost their fighting spirits.
Although this was what she had wanted, Inglis felt sorry she had betrayed their expectations.

「This must be a nightmare. Without a Rune, she can’t be a formal Knight… at most, she would only be permitted to be a knight apprentice. I see… so Inglis won’t be able to inherit the chivalric order after me.」
「Father. I’m terribly sorry for disappointing you.」

After Ryuk’s dejected statement, Inglis felt even worse and apologized but Ryuk only shook his head vehemently.

「Never! That is not and will never be the case! You’d never disappoint me, Lil’ Glis! Forget what I said and don’t take it to heart, dear!」

The only reason he had despaired was for her sake because he thought that becoming a Knight was what she had wanted. He was certainly a considerate father.
Although Inglis did wonder if it was due to her immaturity that had led him to think that she had wanted to become a Knight. Whatever the case, it was best that her true intentions remain hidden from everyone.

「Even if I don’t possess a Rune, there are things I still can do. That’s what I’m seeing in my prospect. I’m sure Rani will become a splendid Knight in the future, and I shall serve her as a knight apprentice. Even without an Artifact, this body of mine will serve as Rani’s shield.」

Inglis uttered with a smile plastered on her face. After all, this was actually a happy occasion for her.
Being Runeless earned her certain benefits such as not being able to climb higher than a knight apprentice. Plus, being an apprentice or so-called underdogs, she could stand on the front line of battlefields and still hone her skills without fear of career advancement. This was basically a dream come true for her.
Although in saying that, it wasn’t as if she needed one anyway. 2

She did have to feign cheerfulness by looking forward to the future to redirect any questions of her intentions.

「You’re right. You’re very right…」
「I’ll trust Rafinha under your care, Inglis.」

With a heavy nod, her father Ryuk and Marquis Wilford assented.
Her mother and her aunt didn’t say anything but their cheeks were wet with tears.

「Glis…! You’re so mature, really…!」

Raphael said as he hugged Inglis tight, soaking her in his own tears.
He was such a deeply compassionate person.

「Glis, I’m happy. So, we can always be together from now on, right!」

Rafinha was the only one who encouraged her with a genuine smile.
Thus, with a guilty conscience eating her away, this was how the baptism day ended for Inglis.

A few days later, Raphael departed for the Knight School in the Royal Capital.


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  2. Yeh…!! I mean, who needs a Rune, right? When you’re so much better :’(

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