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Chapter 11 – Inglis, 6 years old (2)

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Author: Hayaken Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2052 characters
Translator: Mab English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 983 words
Editor(s): Alruna Zelenia

When Inglis arrived at the temple within the castle walls with her mother, Ryuk was already waiting by the entrance.
Rafinha would be baptized along with Inglis and thus, all members of the Marquis household were also present for the baptism — this just went to show how important the baptism day for Runes was.

「Rani, it’s okay, don’t be nervous. Let’s just hope you’re granted a good Rune. As for Glis, you don’t even have to worry. A High Grade Rune is almost guaranteed! You might even receive a Special Grade Rune. If so, we’ll be matching then! I’m looking forward to it!」

Raphael told Inglis and Rafinha.
At the age of 14, Raphael was expected to leave the fortified city of Ymir and depart for the Knighting School in the Royal Capital. His impending departure was in a few days and he was just grateful that he was able to witness his younger relatives’ baptisms.

While Inglis abhorred the idea of receiving a Special Grade Rune, she just nodded her head in agreement anyway. In her opinion, there really wasn’t anything to look forward to.

「Ha ha ha. Master Raphael, it’s still too soon to say that.」

Ryuk commented with a laugh.

「He’s right, Raphael. No matter how much of a sword prodigy Glis is, it doesn’t always mean she’ll receive a Rune equal to her talent. Although, in most cases, people do get Runes that match their talents.」

Said Marquis Wilford, Raphael’s and Rafinha’s father.

「Hahaha. Father, Captain Ryuk, even though you’re saying that, you don’t seem to be worried at all. Just look at how lax you two are.」
「Good heavens, that’s not true.」
「He’s right, Hahaha. Just the thought that my city of Ymir will be producing another knight with High Grade Rune or over, I can’t help but feel proud.」
「Even I only have a Middle Grade Rune. I can’t wait to see my daughter surpassing me~」

With such good humor, the baptism ceremony began.
After an elderly-looking priest stood by the altar and did his sermon, he then invited Rafinha to climb the altar.
There was a cube made of a mysterious stone material on the pedestal, and it had a cavity, or a hole, in the middle of it.
This was an instrument known as the『Baptismal Box』, for which one could use to receive a Rune.

「Now, please, Young lady Rafinha, put your hand in.」
「O-, okay…」

Rafinha timidly put her hand into the box.
After which, the box illuminated in a bright light before a small, resonating sound rang from it.

「Ah, it’s a bit warm. Ahaha, it’s ticklish! Glis, it’s okay! It’s not scary!」 1

「Rafinha, you’re in the middle of baptism, be quiet.」

Irina scolded Rafinha quite harshly.
After a while, the light began to simmer down and the noise quietened.

「It’s finished. Young lady Rafinha, please remove your hand from the box and take a look at it.」
「Okay… 」

Rafinha pulled her hand out of the 『Baptismal Box』 and checked the back of her hand.
There was a Rune in the shape of a pure white bow shining with a pale light.
The elderly priest then raised his voice.

「A bow of light…! Congratulations, Young lady! It’s a High Grade Rune!」
「Eh…!? Uwaah! Yaaay! Look, everyone! Look!」 2

The diagram of the bow indicated the corresponding Artifact she would wield and the radiating white light was proof that it was a High Grade Rune.
With a huge smile on her face, Rani hoisted her hand into the air to show it off.

「Congrats, Rafinha! Mom is so happy!」
「Rani! You’re amazing! Let’s practice bows from now on!」
「Hahahaha! Good job, Rafinha! To think you’ll receive a High Grade Rune, with this, the future of Ymir is secured!」

Rafinha’s whole family celebrated her baptism.

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「Young Master Raphael has a Special Grade Rune while Young lady Rafinha has a High Grade Rune, huh…! What a wonderful pair of siblings, it’s such an honor to be of service! 」

Ryuk nodded his head repeatedly, captivated in his admiration.

「You’re right, they’re splendid!」

Selena was more or less the same.

「Congrats Rani. With this, you two can be splendid knights.」
「Yeah! With this, I can always be with brother and Glis too after I grow up, right!?」

Rafinha believed that Raphael and Inglis would surely become magnificent Knights in the future. Thus, she thought that she would have to be one too, just to stay with them.

「You’re right.」

Inglis agreed readily even though she couldn’t really care less about becoming a Knight. Although, as for Raphael, that might be a different story.

All was fine and dandy for her, as long as she was allowed to fight magic stone beasts and many other strong opponents anytime she wanted.
However, she would rather not gain too much attention from it, seeing as how that was the way she had gotten crowned as the King in her previous life — by getting promoted to the position of the commanding officer and continuing to meet the peoples’ demands.

Although she had no qualms and regrets from her past life — it had been her pride and joy to live for her people, she would rather walk another path this time around, to try something different.

She didn’t mind becoming a Knight but if things turned south for her, Inglis would have to reconsider her next move.
She thought that being an armed peddler like Mr. Lambert would be a good alternative.
Either way, what she cared most for was to always stand on the front line.
That was the only position she wished for in her future.

「Next, young miss Inglis. Please come forward.」

It’s time. With another nod, Inglis strode towards the 『Baptismal Box』.


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