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Chapter 184: Hard to open up and trust

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Author: Shizuku Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 3965 characters
Translator: Nomad English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1812 words
Editor(s): Robinxen

Some days after we left Longshan, we arrived at the Youso Harbor, located at the eastern shore of Seperion. That’s where we’ll board a ship that will take us to Reibana.

Apparently, Ryuka already arranged a ship for us, so we just need to find it here.

“Woahhh, there’s so many ships and water and the wind smells so different!”
“This is your first time seeing the sea, isn’t it Young Lady?”

Olivia sounds excited by everything, and the other Servants keep looking around at the foreign landscape. Everyone here was born and raised inland, so they never saw anything like this before.

“I thought it’s your first time too, Natalia?”

Ah, I messed up, I forgot I only saw the sea in my past life.

“Err, I’ve read a lot about it in books and such… Anyway, let’s search for the ship, shall we?”

I forcefully change topics and start moving forward.

Youso Harbor has not fully developed as a commercial hub yet, but it’s quite large already. There’s many places we could go sightseeing, but since we’re only passing by here, it’s probably best if we find the ship soon.

I’ve already put the carriage inside my magic storage, but Erika is still a large monster, so she stands out a lot and we need to be careful with that.

“Fan Yen?”
“Oh, I’m sorry. Let’s go.”

Fan Yen was looking around absentmindedly, and then ran a bit to catch up with us.

“Did something happen?”
“It’s nothing really. I just remember Youso being this small fishing village before Seperion’s conquest, so I was a bit shocked by how it’s changed.”

I see. She’s right, Longshan and Youso used to be independent territories, until Seperion took over. Looking around a bit more carefully, I notice that many buildings and the way people dress faintly resemble Longshan too.

“It’s not like I resent Seperion though. That was just how the world was back then, countries going to war and people taking control from others. But we dragonborn have such a lengthy lifespan that it’s harder for us to adjust.”

For some reason, she seemed to have a self deprecating smile as she said that.

Considering my past life, I probably have a longer lifespan than most, but I still can’t imagine what living for centuries or even millenia would feel like.

“Sorry for getting all sappy. There’s a ship waiting for us, so let’s find it. What did you say it was called again?”

Before I can say anything, she switches topics, almost like she’s trying to avoid talking about it. I couldn’t think of the right thing to say either, so I actually appreciate that.

“It’s the Beluga, belonging to Hanmyo Transport. Usually they carry cargo and merchandise between Seperion and Reibana, but they’ll make an exception and let us travel with them.”

Christina’s letter also included a drawing of their company emblem to make our search for them easier.

“Ah, Natalia, isn’t it that one?” Olivia raises her voice while pointing somewhere. I look there, compare the emblem with the one in the letter, and they’re a perfect match.

Just in case, we approach the anchored ship.

“Excuse me, is this the Beluga of Hanmyo Transport?”
“You must be the passengers we were told about. We’ve been expecting you.”

We ask one of the many sailors standing there, and one of them comes to meet us. Barely a moment later, a girl leans over from the ship’s deck.

“You’re late, Olivia.”

The girl looking at us is Olivia’s junior at school, Marize.

The Beluga sets sail and our journey across the ocean starts.

Akane is riding on my shoulder as we watch the sea while leaning over the rails, like I used to do in my past life. Sadly, the salty breeze was bad for Erika, so she has to stay below deck.

“That friend of yours must be quite wealthy to reserve a whole ship just for Olivia, huh.” Meanwhile, Fan Yen, who’s sitting on the rails while drinking, turns around her upper body to comment on that.

“I was surprised to see that too, but I guess Marize being in charge made things easier.”

I knew that Ryuka’s family was really influential, but I still feel like Marize put in a word for them to be able to reserve the whole ship for us.

And speaking of Marize, she’s a third year student now. She’s visibly grown too, though not as tall as Olivia, and she feels just at home giving orders to the sailors.

“So you’re friends with that Marize girl too?”
“Yes. They attended the same Magic Academy, and she’s two years Olivia’s junior. I wouldn’t really say that they get along well, but they used to train together often, and Olivia helped her a lot.”
“So she’s more like Olivia’s pupil.”
“She’ll always deny it, but yes.”

Marize’s attitude has mellowed out a lot compared to how she was at first, but she’s still somewhat abrasive at times. But Olivia likes her regardless of that.

If you see them together for a while, it’s pretty obvious that Marize doesn’t actually hate Olivia either.

Looking behind me, I see Olivia and Marize in the center of the deck. They’re sparring for the first time in over a year, and this time they’re just fighting with their fists, since magic and Magical Arts could end up damaging the ship.

“Her fundamentals aren’t bad at all. It’s quite impressive that she can move like that at her age.”
“Yes, I honestly feel like she’s gotten stronger since the last time I saw her.”

It’s not like I was always paying attention to them when they trained, but I’m still convinced that all of her movements and reflexes are sharper than how I remember them.

I feel like I would fall for all of her feints now, and her movements are too fast for me to dodge, she would just beat me one-sidedly, at least if I try to face her on equal terms without my advanced features.

Even Olivia keeps getting hit by Marize constantly…

“Olivia seems to be holding back though, hmm.”
“Yeah, I thought so as well.”

Olivia took multiple hits from Marize already, but it doesn’t look like any of them dealt any damage. Rather, it feels almost bizarre that she looks like she’s enjoying them. And for better or for worse, Marize and the free sailors watching the match don’t seem to notice that.

“Maybe she’s just happy to see her pupil’s progress?”

At least I’m sure she means no harm, right? Ah, she just took a pretty nasty hit.

Olivia staggers a bit and Marize rushes in for a follow up, which Olivia only barely manages to block.

“Good one Milady!”
“You got this!”

The sailors cheer louder when they see Marize take the advantage.

“What do you think, Olivia! I’ve gotten stronger, haven’t I?!”
“Yes, I’m a bit shocked actually. That last one hurt.”

Marize is aware of what we all noticed, she’s improved a lot.

“I’ll go a bit harder too then.”

Olivia reaffirms her feet and raises her arms in front of her, taking a similar defensive stance as during her fight with Fan Yen. After that, she dodges all of Marize’s attacks with fluid movements.

That makes Marize stop for a second, shocked at the change, and then she resumes her attacks. But that becomes her downfall.

Olivia dodges everything, and at the same time exploits an opening in Marize’s defenses, as she was only focused on attacking.


Before Marize can say anything, Olivia’s fist drives itself deep into Marize’s stomach, sending her body flying into the air, where Olivia continued attacking her.

“That’s gnarly…”

I couldn’t stop myself from commenting.

The sailors that had been cheering for Marize earlier also became still, their faces pale.

After around ten seconds of being launched into the air, Marize’s body finally lands on the deck again. She looks just the way one would expect after enduring what seemed like a fighting game’s combo.

She just lays there sprawled, without showing any signs of getting up. At least she’s still alive, right?

“Marize, you’ve gotten really strong!”
“Shut up, I hate that about you!”

Ah, that’s good, she’s still alive.

Olivia compliments her with a bright innocent smile, and Marize just lightly raises her head to shout back. To be honest, it’s pretty impressive that she’s still conscious after that.

“I really do think you’ve gotten stronger though. That’s why it got so fun that I overdid it a little.”
“But I still can’t do anything if you don’t hold back. That doesn’t make it seem like anything’s changed…”

Marize continues grumbling for a bit, but when Olivia holds her hand out to help Marize on her feet, Marize takes it without hesitating. I feel like in the past, Marize would’ve swatted Olivia’s hand away, so that’s something else that changed in her.

“By the way, remember how we agreed I’d give you something if you won?”
“Yes, but I lost so that won’t happen.”
“I won so I can ask for something, right?”

I don’t think anyone expected things to take that turn…

“You know, sometimes I think of how things would have been different if we had any siblings, especially when our parents passed away.”
“I mean… I’d be lying if I said I never thought of that too…”
“Sometimes I get jealous of Natalia, since she has a little sister like Plum. Ah, but in Natalia’s case, I want to have children with her, not sisters.”

La~ lala~ I can’t hear anything~

“Trying to escape reality won’t accomplish anything.”

I cover my ears with both my hands, and Fan Yen tells me the truth mercilessly.

“So, Marize, I want you to refer to me as sis.”
“Not in a million years!”

I know, I can’t keep running away and staying in denial forever. The way Olivia acted that night is burned into my mind too. But I still don’t know what to do.

“If you don’t like that, then I’ll accept sister too.”
“That changes absolutely nothing?!”

Should I accept her feelings? Even though I’m a magic automaton and not human?

“Don’t worryyy, just do it once, please?”

Olivia keeps saying that she doesn’t mind that, but the issue isn’t contained to her perception. I’m painfully aware of just how everyone in this world treats magic automatons.

“Aww, but you came up with the terms of the duel yourself?”
“Eugh… I just…”
“If you don’ttt~ I’ll hug you!”
“You’re already hugging me! Gyahhhhhh! You’re so grossss!”

And on top of all my lies so far, I would end up breaking my promise with Ophelia, and I can’t possibly do that.

“Ah, you’re more huggable than I thought.”
“Get away from meeeee!!!”


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