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Chapter 89: A girl’s concerns (Part 2)

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Author: Shizuku Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 3850 characters
Translator: Nomad English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1629 words
Editor(s): Robinxen

I avert my gaze, not knowing how to explain that I was trying to get rid of Olivia’s cooking, but that only makes Ryuka look at my hands. The frozen stew (toxic waste) is there.

“Ah, this is…”

I try to explain, but then become stuck since I can’t think of a single way to explain what it is.

“That looks really dangerous. It gives off the same aura as this noxious swamp in Reibana, which is said to be the venom spat by a snake monster with eight heads that was as large as a mountain.”

Is it really that bad?! Actually, how did Olivia even make something like that?!

“Natalia, that should be cleansed in an appropriate place.”
“Right… yes. You’re right…”

I don’t know what to do. This is really getting out of hand, in various ways. I decide to return the stew (decreases Sanity points) to my magic storage and changes topics before she obsesses over it too much.

“By the way, why are you here Ryuka?”

She holds her hands together and smiles, looking glad that I asked.

“While I brought plenty of ingredients with a long shelf life from my home country, I’d also like to get acquainted with this Seperion’s cuisine, so I wanted to see what you have here in the kitchen. Natalia, if you have the time, would you be kind enough to guide me through?”

It seems this noble daughter is actually trying to expand her knowledge of her own will. But this way I can also get preparations going for dinner, so I’m down to accompany her. I’m already done with my chores and I have enough time before dinner needs to be ready, so I can afford to show her some stuff.

“I’ll gladly teach you, if you don’t mind it coming from me. Please keep in mind that I’m still a magic automaton, so temper your expectations.”
“Naww, there’s no need to be so humble.”

Ryuka laughs my warning away, but my only knowledge of food comes from a mix of my past life knowledge and the tests I made this last year. I’ve never been taught by a proper cook, so I would say I don’t know most ingredients.

“Also, Ruri isn’t accompanying you now?”

I feel like her servant Ruri being present would make more sense.

“Ah, I sent her on a bit of an errand, so she’s not available.”
“I see. Let’s get started then.”

Saying that, I head to the food locker in a corner of the kitchen.

Inside there’s food, vegetables, as well as rudimentary preserved foods. But this is the kitchen of Seperion’s best Magic Academy, which conducts all sorts of research, so the entire locker is a magic device as well, which keeps the food inside fresh. In short it’s a large fridge.

I heard that there’s a fridge (or at least a magic device with a similar function) in nearly every home of Seperion, excluding extremely remote locations. The fridge we have at the Gardeland estate was made by Ophelia and is even larger and more effective though.

“Alright, let me show you the most common ingredients we use here in Seperion then.”
“Yes please.”

I start by showing her wheat, potatoes, the most common types of meat and vegetables, then I move to monster meat that sometimes is sold at the guild, and then move onto spices and popular ways of cooking everything. Monster meat tends to be especially complicated to cook.

“This truly is quite different from Reibana. And this food locker is impressive as well. I never imagined there existed magic devices of this size.”
“This magic device keeps the food fresh, and is indispensable for ingredients that go bad easily. Like this for example.”

I pick up a fruit from a corner of the locker, which looks like a pair of cherries, except that one is yellow and the other white. These cherries are a bit more resilient than those from my past life, but they still go bad with ease.

“These are called Geminus Cherries, they were barely sold before food preserving magic devices were invented.”

Now they’re a bit more common, but transporting them for long distances is still impossible, so they’re only sold near where they’re harvested. Ingralowe is still pretty close, so they’re available often.

“I’m really glad I decided to visit Seperion. I’ve learned a lot.”

Ryuka listened attentively to everything I said, so she actually appreciated my tour. But I think I took too long since she’s rubbing her hands together. The cold doesn’t affect me much so I forgot about it, but staying inside the fridge for this long will make anyone get chilly. I stop explaining more and step out of the fridge.

“Thank you very much, Natalia. You were really helpful.”
“I’m glad I was of use.”

I also smuggle out some Geminus Cherries from the fridge. Getting snacks like this is a benefit of visiting the kitchen.

“Since we’re already here, let’s take this as a snack.”

I wash the Geminus Cherries in the sink, then take a pair and eat both at the same time. As I bite down, their strong and particular flavor spreads through my mouth.

“Have one too, Ryuka.”
“Thank you so much.”

I give her a pair as well, which she accepts slightly gingerly, like she’s doing something bad. She holds the stem and bites only the white one.

“Ah, wait Ryuka, that one’s-”

I was too late. The yellow cherry is called Pollux, and the white cherry is called Castor. Their color isn’t their only difference.

“Please eat the yellow one too!”

She quickly plops the yellow cherry into her mouth and starts to calm down shortly after.

“My apologies for that, I didn’t explain properly. The yellow cherry is sweet, and the white cherry is sour. They’re the most balanced when eaten together.”
“I… I see…”

Ryuka takes out a napkin and wipes the tears that formed on her eyes.

“Here, to cleanse your palate.”
“Thank you.”

Ryuka takes the second set of Geminus Cherries from me and eats them, this time taking both at the same time, and smiles happily. Good… it’s all good now.

A sudden change to «Olivia Vision»

When I get back to the dorm from my meeting with Chris and Amy I find Natalia and Ryuka together in the kitchen.

“Here, to cleanse your palate.”
“Thank you.”

Ryuka takes a pair of Geminus Cherries from Natalia and eats them happily, and Natalia smiles gently watching her.

‘Natalia might end up liking Ryuka then.’

Amy’s words from earlier flash in my mind.

No… is it actually happening?

‘Argh if you’re already imagining all that then just force her down and have your way with her.’

I don’t have time to waste. I need to make her aware of my emotions. There’s only one thing left to do then!

«Olivia Vision End»

I feel something bump on my back and a set of hands wrap around me to seize my chest.

“Mm… Ahh, enough.”

Seriously, is Ruri back already? Is she actually acting so shamelessly in front of her master? Feeling slightly annoyed I turn my head around, but I see someone unexpected behind me.

“Young Lady?”

For some strange reason it’s Olivia holding my chest this time. Hmm, she used to want a lot of hugs at the start of her first year, but then started disliking them… did something happen to her?


Her black eyes are fixated on me, making me recoil a little, even though I see her face daily.

“Y-yes? What do you need?”

Maybe she saw me let Ryuka eat a Geminus Cherry improperly? Then that means I failed her. I doubt she’ll cast me aside for a minor failure like that, but it’s still enough to mar her reputation a bit.


Hm? I look down feeling something weird

Squish squish!

She holds me tight while her hands move around, holding onto my breasts.

“Huh? Huhh?”

She hugged me a lot in the past, but she never did this. Even when she was cleaning my body it was just me feeling weird and getting all worked up for nothing, she was just taking care of me because of how much I slept. What’s gotten into her today then?

“You’re my maid, so that makes you mine, understand?”

Olivia’s breath brushes against my ear, sending chills down my spine. No, stop. Don’t make me feel weird like this.

“Y-yes… I’m… yours…”

Olivia is Ophelia’s daughter, and now I’m Olivia’s maid. I can’t let my loyalty waver just because I don’t know how to feel.

“Good. Then you won’t stop me from doing what I’m about to do, right?”

Olivia says as one of her hands leaves my breasts and goes down below my skirt and onto my thigh.

No, wait. What’s even happening?

“I can’t hold back anymore.”

Y-Young Lady, could you please stopppppp?!

“Get ready, Natalia.”
“I’m sorry, I think I’m in the way.”

Ryuka says while looking away and covering her mouth, then runs away.

No, please, don’t leave me here! I mean it’s embarrassing that she saw this, but please don’t leave me alone!

“Calm down Young Lady. Th-those are just hormones, umm… you know… we can talk this out!”
“Don’t worry. I read plenty of books to learn how to do this.”
“Young Lady, please put that effort into studying for you- Aaaaaaahhhh! Anh!”

The way she touches me starts to force me into making weird noises, but I manage to break free just before I cross the point of no return.

Mistress, your daughter has been growing up faster than I expected. I really want to cry. Though I don’t have tears.


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