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Chapter 84: Skin and warmth (Part 2)

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Author: Shizuku Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2931 characters
Translator: Nomad English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1184 words
Editor(s): Robinxen

Still, it’s embarrassing being naked in front of someone else, even if she’s still a child. Olivia said it’s fine because we’re both girls though. But no, maybe I look like one, but I’m a guy! This isn’t fine at all! What am I even doing!

“Huh? What happened here?”

I turn around hearing her puzzled voice. Olivia is looking at my shoulder.

“Is something wrong, Young Lady?”
“Ah, yeah. I don’t think it’s something serious, but your shoulder looks bruised.”
“There’s a bruise there?”
“Yeah, it looks like a branch, with many ends.”

My body’s healing abilities should heal something like that in a few hours. Olivia had also cleaned my Sorcery Core while I slept, so all my functions were active the entire time. That bruise couldn’t have come from the battle.

It has to be something recent. Ophelia had put all her skills to work building my body, so it’s impossible for a bruise or scar to remain.

‘Oh wait, I might as well enjoy this a bit more since I’m already here.’

Then I suddenly remember what Flute said before leaving. She left something in the end, her deer antler mark. But I don’t know what it does, and have no way of finding out, so there’s little use worrying about it now. Not to mention that she helped me wake up, I don’t think she’d want to harm me now.

“I’m sure it’ll heal by itself soon enough, don’t worry about it.”
“…Alright, I hope it’s gone soon.”

That did the trick, and she soon resumes scrubbing my back.

Ahhh, this is way too embarrassing!

“Natalia, I’m done with your back.”
“Thank you very much.”

Yes, I’m finally free.

“Time for the front then.”

It’s not my fault my voice came out so strange.

“Wait, no, Young Lady, that’s a bit too much.”

I shake my head trying to refuse, but Olivia’s face appears in front of me and I freeze.

Her straight black hair and richly colored eyes remind me a bit of Ophelia, but the overall impression I get from her is slightly different. If Ophelia was a black lily, Olivia was a sunflower. Their demeanor is almost opposite to each other, but their refined features are similar.

“So, can I?”

I’m struggling so much to think of words that I end up accepting.

“Natalia, I can’t wipe you with your hands on the way.”
“Are you… really doing it?”

I tried covering my chest as a last resort to retain my sanity, but Olivia won’t allow even that.

“Of course. I’ve never gotten such a good- I mean, you’ve just woken up, so just leave everything to me.”
“…I understand.”

Olivia is trying her best, so it’d be rude if I keep being embarrassed of everything. I take a deep breath and take my hands off my chest. But I quickly get embarrassed again, so I close my eyes and turn my face away.

“So pretty…”

I hear her mutter.

To be honest I think that sometimes as well. Ophelia built me with the perfect proportions, giving me the perfect female body except for the ball joints on my limbs. But hearing those words from someone else felt really strange.

“Umm… Young Lady, could you please hurry it up?”
“Ah, yeah.”

She hasn’t done anything yet, and I can hardly stand this so I ask her to hurry. It’s not because I wanted Olivia to scrub my body, I just wanted this embarrassing hell to end soon.

“I’ll start then.”

I feel a warm towel touch my skin. This time it’s not on my plain back, but on my chest and along all the curves there.

The towel starts by caressing my necks, along my collarbones and then down to my bosom, before moving along there.


Hearing that sound leak from my mouth makes me even more embarrassed. She’s just cleaning my body, but it makes me feel like we’re doing something almost immoral.

Olivia kept looking after me while I slept. I can’t start thinking weird things about her now. I try repeating that to myself, but the way she’s rubbing sensitive spots through a thin cloth keeps making me feel warm inside.

Olivia doesn’t seem to notice my internal struggle, continuing to wipe the area around my lower ribcage.


W-Was that my voice? Did I really make those noises?

That sounded really… feminine. I mean, my voice sounds like a girl, but that was more like heavy breathing, there’s no way I would make that normally. I’m basing my manners as a maid on my memories from my previous life too. I don’t feel like I’ve gotten more feminine over time.

But… those sounds…


I can’t stand it anymore so I open my eyes very slightly and Olivia looks back at me. She quickly averts her gaze, but then bashfully looks at me again. I really want to believe it’s just me seeing things, but her eyes seem to be consumed by some burning passion.

“Say, Natalia.”
“..What is it?”

Olivia holds the towel under her arm and shuffles up to me. Somehow I feel a lot of pressure from her so I step back until the wall stops me from retreating further.

“You know…”

Olivia sounds like she’s about to tell me something really important, but at the same time I feel like I shouldn’t hear whatever it is. Before I can escape to the sides, Olivia holds her arms out to block my exit, holding me still there.


Her cheeks turn red, reminding me of a ripe apple, and my eyes can’t look away from her beautifully shaped lips as she calls my name.

“Natalia… I’m… you know…”

She’s struggling to find the right words and how to connect them. I feel like I’m watching her take yet another step at growing up, something that made her even more endearing, but also made me nervous.

Even if I tried to pay less attention to her lips, or overheard her voice, she would just get more intense. At the same time an intense headache starts to creep up on me, but it somehow turns into a more drunk-like state.

“I lo-”

A knock interrupts her before she finishes her sentence.

“Hello, it’s Amy here. I heard Natalia woke up so I came to see how things are going.”

Olivia recoils violently from me hearing that voice across the door. I also grab a nightgown and wear it, trying to act like nothing happened.

I don’t know what just happened, but it felt dangerous. Even my cheeks feel incredibly hot when I touch them.

“W-wait a moment Amy!”

Olivia stammers a bit as she answers, then looks at me. I nod telling her it’s alright, and she opens the door. Amy enters the room, and quickly opens her eyes wide in shock seeing me.

“Huh? Sorry, did I interrupt something?”
“N-n-not at all. Right Natalia?”
“Y-yes. Don’t worry about it, it was nothing.”
“Really? Alright then.”

Olivia and I desperately try to gloss over things, pretending nothing had happened.


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