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Chapter 67: I was just walking around with a friend (Part 1)

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Author: Shizuku Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2415 characters
Translator: Nomad English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 5753 words
Editor(s): Robinxen

Olivia’s break from school is nearing its end. It’s my first time back here in half a year, but I feel like the time just flew past while I was cleaning Ophelia’s and Shuma’s graves in the garden, and making magazines with the Mana Crystals I obtained.

We’re traveling back to Ingralowe1 in two days, so I had to get things ready. First I went to the merchant’s guild to secure a seat in a caravan.

We had already traveled with them before, and they knew Ophelia, so everything was arranged in just a few minutes.

That took far less time than I expected, what should I do now? I could go back home, but since I’m already here I want to take a walk and see how the city is doing. Maybe I can check Mir’s shop too.

While I still debate what to do, I spot someone familiar. He stood in front of a closed bar, looking at it with his arms crossed.

Hmm…should I talk to him or not? It feels like it could be a pain… Alright, I’ll pretend I didn’t see him.

“Oh, is that you Natalia?”

But before I get to turn away, he sees me and talks to me.

“You’ve got the wrong person, I mean automaton.”
“You’re the only magic automaton around here. Also, you really should’ve told me you were back in town.”

Danny walks up to me with a smile and shakes my shoulder a little, acting a bit too touchy for my liking. Stop that. I don’t like being touched by men.

“So how’re you doing? Did you give up on being an adventurer and became a full-time creep? I can file a report against you if you want.”

I swat his hand away and take a step forward, he just scratches his head awkwardly.

“I see you’re as harsh as ever.”
“Did you need something from this bar?”
“Ah, no, nothing really. But hey, we haven’t seen each other in forever, why don’t we take a walk together?”

I try peeking into the bar through a window, but Danny quickly stops me. There’s clearly something in the bar, but since he’s trying to keep it secret so badly it’d be rude to pry. I don’t have anything else to do, so I’ll just go with him.

“I don’t have anything planned so I don’t mind, just give me a minute.”

Saying that, I run into a small alley, change my appearance with Illusory Magic, and change clothes under its veil.

“Sorry for the wait.”

I felt like my maid uniform looked too formal if I was just hanging out with a friend.

And if I don’t change clothes for things like this, more than half of my private wardrobe will remain unused. I did change clothes when I went hunting in the forest before, but after that incident I stopped going.

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“So, what do you have in mind?”
“How about we go shopping for a bit?”
“That sounds safe enough. Let’s go.”

Danny had continued taking requests and building his career as an adventurer. He told me all about it while we headed to the market.

“I finally got to kill the request’s Madder Bear, but it wasn’t really worth it.”
“You wasted too much medicine and traps then. You spent too much to make any profit.”
“Yeah, I guess so. Jane told me the same.”

He had spent nearly all his resources just to complete one request. That’s not too uncommon, but it’s a tricky situation to get out of.

I still have Ophelia’s inheritance, and my superficial injuries recover with time, I also don’t have to eat, so such a situation would not hurt me too much. But for an adventurer who’s still growing like Danny, it truly affects his lifestyle.

“Either way, if it was left alone it would’ve attacked the nearby villages, and no one else wanted to take care of it.”
“That’s really nice of you.”
“Don’t fall for me now.”
“Not even if hell froze over.”

Unfortunately for him, even though my body became that of a girl, and I usually act like a maid, I’m still a guy in my mind. I have no interest in him.

“Oh, it seems they sell magic accessories here.”

Danny stops at an outdoor store that mainly had rings and necklaces glistening in its display. The sign on it does say magic accessories though.

“There’s a lot of adventurers in Bamel, so stores like this are really common, and they usually carry good stuff.”

I hadn’t heard that before. Though I only know Bamel and Ingralowe, so I don’t know what other cities are like.

“Oh, there’s some good stuff here. What do you think of this one?”
“Isn’t it a bit too showy?”

Danny is pointing at a golden ring with an elaborate design, encrusted with various gemstones. Actually I was wrong, it’s ridiculously tacky.

“I actually like it that way.”
“Ah, alright then.”

Why am I supposed to go along with your tastes? I get wanting to look fancy from time to time, but this is too extreme.

Though these are magic accessories. Maybe it has special properties.

“Excuse me, can I ask something? What kind of properties does this ring have?”
“Oh, that one protects the wearer from all sorts of toxins. It negates poison, and even paralyzing substances. It’s a bit pricey, but it’s the best protective item I have in stock at the moment.”

I speak with the shopkeeper, who’s short and stocky, probably a dwarf.

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Interesting, it’s a protective ring. Toxins remind me of that serial killer I fought before. I’m a magic automaton so her plan didn’t work on me, but I definitely would’ve been killed if I was human.

It doesn’t matter how strong someone is, once they can’t move, almost anything can defeat them. Maybe it’d be a good idea to buy this ring, just in case.

“How much does it cost?”
“It’s pricey, like I said.”

Once I hear the price, I check my accounting book and calculate how much I can afford to spend. It’s just barely within limits.

Though price isn’t necessarily a sign of quality, there’s a chance he’s trying to swindle me. Danny said they’re worth the money though, so I’ll trust him. At the very least I doubt it’s a complete scam. Not to mention that risking one’s life for a bit of money is stupid. If money can buy safety, then I’ll pay.


  1. Robinxen: Fantasy place names are a nightmare.
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