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Chapter 66: The Young Lady worries too much

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Author: Shizuku Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 3791 characters
Translator: Nomad English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1544 words
Editor(s): Robinxen

Most of my fun vacations are over. We have to depart to Ingralowe again the day after tomorrow, so Natalia is arranging and scheduling a carriage for us. I wanted to go with her too, but I’m not good with complicated stuff, so I would be bored just agreeing to everything Natalia said, so instead I’m at Mir’s shop.

“What do you think?”

I’m trying out one of the shop’s items, and Mir asks for my opinion. She had suggested I get some protective gear, having watched me fight bare-fisted the other day.

“Hmmm, it still feels a bit hard to move.”

I repeatedly closed and opened my fists, but the movement still feels awkward. That much was expected though, as I’m wearing metallic gauntlets.

It’s something obvious to imagine, but wearing gauntlets changes the feel of my hands and grip. Being able to form a firm fist is an essential part of martial arts. The ideal equipment would be something that doesn’t impede my movements while offering plenty of defense, but such an item doesn’t seem to exist. And trying to build a modified gauntlet could lead to injuries as well, so it’s quite a tall order.

“I don’t think there’s equipment like that for fighters, so maybe it’d be better if I design something from the ground up.”

All the items in the shop are made by Mir, but armor and gauntlets were mainly defensive items, not designed to be used offensively.

That’s not surprising. Basically no one tries fighting monsters or other people with their fists, and Magical Arts are a niche skill.

“Mir? What are you discussing here? I feel like I just heard something interesting.”

I turn to the shop’s backroom, a dwarf with a voluminous beard is walking out from there, supporting his body with a cane.

“Dad, shouldn’t you be resting?”
“Now now, I might have retired from smithing, but I’m not some old cripple yet.”

That’s Jace, Mir’s father and the previous owner of the shop. I heard he hurt his hip and can’t swing his hammer anymore, so he’s retired now.

“So you practice Magical Arts? No normal gauntlet will suit you, those are all armor, not weapons. You need something completely different.”

He’s right.

I need something sturdy enough to resist the hits powered by magic, and also plenty of mana conductivity. On top of that, it has to offer some defense without making my movements awkward, and have some sort of offensive property. Thinking of it that way, it’d be a really niche and specific product.

“So you’re the automaton girl’s mistress? She’s always bringing me medicine so I’d like to repay the favor, but this is no easy task. Everything’s gotta be planned carefully, even the materials, the normal stuff won’t do. Something like a powerful monster’s hide, or some resistant fiber’d be good. I’ll ask my contacts if they can find anything, but don’t get your hopes too high.”

Natalia was doing that? Anyway, that does sound complicated.

“You haven’t graduated yet, aye? Your life as an adventurer only starts after that, so no need to rush things.”

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While I had to enlist as an adventurer to register Natalia as my Servant, I’m planning on following my mother’s plan, and only working after I graduate.

Jace agrees to gather the materials if he ever comes across them, and I leave the shop.

That’s all I had to do there, so I guess I can go back home for now. I walk leisurely through the city, looking at the people around me.

Ah, that person has the same hair as Natalia. That one is just as tall as Natalia.

“So, what should we do?”

That voice was just like Natalia’s. I turn around, and see someone who not only sounds like Natalia, but also has the same hair as her.

“How about some shopping to start off?”
“That sounds like a good idea.”

Weird, her face also looks the same. If she wore a maid uniform she would look just like Natalia.

“Let’s go then.”

Saying that, she walks past me with some guy.


My feet stop and I turn around by reflex.
She doesn’t just look like Natalia. It is her, I just didn’t notice because she’s not wearing her usual maid uniform.

Ah, that guy was talking to Natalia, and she replied.

They seem to know each other well. A sharp pain spreads through my heart realizing that.

I knew Natalia had friends I didn’t know. I knew she had a life outside of being my maid. I knew all that. But I can’t accept it.

Without thinking, I start chasing after them.

“I finally got to kill the request’s Madder Bear, but it wasn’t really worth it.”
“You wasted too much medicine and traps then. You spent too much to make any profit.”
“Yeah, I guess so. Jane told me the same.”

“Either way, if it was left alone it would’ve attacked the nearby villages, and no one else wanted to take care of it.”
“That’s really nice of you.”
“Don’t fall for me now.”
“Not even if hell froze over.”

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I stay neither too close nor too far, listening as carefully as I can. The guy is telling a story, maybe one of his adventures.

Natalia keeps giving him hard replies to his hardships. I guess Natalia feels really comfortable around him. She’s always all polite and proper around everyone, I’ve never seen her talk so casually.

“Oh, there’s some good stuff here. What do you think of this one?”
“Isn’t it a bit too showy?”

They stop in front of a street stall and look at the items on sale.

It looked like a jewelry store. I’m a distance away, but I can see the distinct glint of gemstones.

“I actually like it that way.”
“Ah, alright then.”

Natalia turns her face away, looking almost disgusted.

Yup yup, Natalia never wears something that attracts a lot of attention. The only jewelry I see her wear is her Servant brooch.

“Excuse me, can I ask something?”

He doesn’t get Natalia at all. He really should be paying more attention to her if they’re going shopping together.

“Sure thing.”


“You’re still gonna buy it?”
“I never said I wouldn’t.”

But that was supposed to be so far off Natalia’s tastes. She’s still buying it though, so there must be a reason behind that…

“Could it be…”

No, it’s almost certain now. She’s buying it simply because he recommended it. Maybe she values him even more than I had thought…

For example, she might be in love with him…

“N-n-no, how? Natalia wasn’t…”

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I thought Natalia liked people like my mother.

‘That person is probably crazy popular. If you don’t pursue him aggressively, someone else might snatch him.’

Suddenly I recall what Amy told me before.

‘Someone else might snatch him.’
‘Someone else might snatch him.’
‘Someone snatched her.’
‘Someone snatched her.’

Those words keep repeating in my head.
Did someone actually snatch Natalia from me?

‘Oh right, I’ve started dating this man, Young Lady.’
‘Young Lady, I’m going to marry him.’

The awful scenario I once imagined resurfaces in my mind, and this time it keeps going. I feel like everything is going dark.


Fear takes over me, feeling like I was robbed of my ideal distant future. A passerby bumps into me, which manages to bring me back to reality.

“I’m sorry.”
“Oh, it’s alright. Hm? Wait, is that you Olivia?”

I quickly turn around and apologize while bowing, but they seem to know me. I do recognize her, I had met her before.

“Ah, Jane.”

She’s Jane, the sub-master of the large clan Soaring Dragon.

“You’ve really grown, I almost didn’t recognize you. I heard you were going to the Magic Academy in Ingralowe, are you visiting home now?”
“Yes, just during my break. I’m going back there the day after tomorrow.”

Jane was an old friend of my parents’, and I had met her a few times too. She would always treat me well. She looks big and muscular, but she’s actually a really kind person.

“I’m sure you’re busy with all sorts of things, now that both Shuma and Ophelia have passed away, but feel free to rely on me if you need anything. I’ll do anything to help.”
“Thank you very much. But I’m alright, Natalia is still with me.”

I still feel sad knowing both parents have passed away. But I’m not alone, Natalia is always by my side, so I’ve never needed anything.

Though my grades are a different story. That reminds me why I’m here too.

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“Oh right, Natalia.”

I quickly turn around, but I can’t see her anywhere. The bad feeling I had keeps growing stronger.

“Did something happen to Natalia?”

Jane asks me, sounding worried. Maybe if I ask her…but should I even ask for something like this? No, I can’t afford to hesitate. Natalia will just drift further away the longer I take.

“I’m sorry to ask you so suddenly, but can I ask a favor from you?”
“Sure thing, leave it to me.”

I ask her after making up my mind, and she replies right away, without even asking what I wanted.


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