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Chapter 65: Still Out of Reach (Part 1)

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Author: Shizuku Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2124 characters
Translator: Nomad English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 920 words
Editor(s): Robinxen

——Olivia’s Perspective

It’s coming! The instant I think that, me and everyone else moves.

The Greedmega Worm opened its jaws wide and jumped, but there was no one there anymore.

Natalia prepares her magic gun, and Mir unsheathes her longsword. I also hold my fists up, carefully observing the enemy. The Copper Spider is the first one to attack. It dodges the monster’s first attack, then swings up to the ceiling and uses its magic, letting a portion of the ceiling fall on the monster.

But the worm’s soft and squishy skin has turned into a very spiky and hard shell, the falling rocks bouncing off without causing any damage.

“My turn! Ground Runner!”

Mir runs with her longsword held low, scraping the ground before swinging together with pebbles and dust against the Greedmega Worm’s thick body. But it only caused a little bit of superficial damage, not really hurting the monster.

In response, the monster swings its long tail at Mir, who blocks with her blade, but there’s so much momentum she’s flung back.

Natalia followed up with fire from her gun, though most of the magic bullets ricocheted off the shell. A few did leave soft traces though.

The Greedmega Worm’s upper body tilts and starts falling. Not because it was weakened from the attack, but to crush Natalia under its weight. But such a slow attack will never work on Natalia, who easily jumped out of the way.

“Mir, we have to do that again.”
“Yeah, it seems so.”

Natalia says something really vague, but Mir understands what she means. I didn’t understand anything, which is a bit frustrating.

“Sparkling Lightning Discharge!”

I strike the monster in anger, but it has no effect, the shell absorbing everything.

“Young Lady, leave this to us.”
“Huh? But…”

I want to help Natalia too. But when I look at Natalia, she looks like she already has won this fight.

“We agreed that whenever we fight an enemy with strong skin, we would attack a single spot1.”

I don’t know why they even have an agreement like that, but I can only trust Natalia now. I continue observing the enemy carefully, while starting to burn mana.


The Copper Spider raises a sharp rock like a large spear from the ground, stabbing it into the monster. The Greedmega Worm jumps at it, head first. The Stone Lance shatters from the impact. But before the countless fragments could hit the ground, Mir dashes in.

“Angry Charge!”

The tackle that carried all of a dwarf’s superhuman strength twisted the Greedmega Worm and they went flying together.


Before the monster could fix its posture, she struck her blade in, pushing the pommel with her palm, breaking through the shell and reaching soft flesh.

“I did it!”
“Good job.”

Mir pulls her sword out and jumps back, and Natalia shoots with Black Hawk, which she held ready. There was the distinctive sound of the gun firing as the bullets all flew in a single path. One shot was fired after another, many times over.

The Greedmega Worm twists its body and swings its tail, but Natalia dodges it easily. She even shoots while moving.


That’s when I realized. Natalia had been focusing all her fire on the spot Mir had damaged. If all the damage was focused on a single spot, the hard shell would eventually give out. And in fact, many cracks are all over it now.

Natalia shoots her arm, sticking it to the ceiling with her magic blade. Then she runs a short distance and jumps, swinging on her nerve threads.

The Greedmega Worm opens its mouth wide, trying to catch her. But Natalia skillfully winds up her nerve threads to adjust her height, avoiding being eaten and stepping on the monster’s nose.

Next Natalia’s legs detach and shoot off, with her main body still suspended in mid-air. They circle the monster’s body in irregular movements, and once the nerve threads are pulled taut, the Greedmega Worm is tied up and can’t move anymore.

Now that it can’t move again, Natalia continues to shoot Black Hawk at the wound. As the bullet lands, there’s a big explosion. Smoke comes out from its stomach, and its body goes limp. Natalia undoes its binding with her legs, and the enormous monster falls down.

Natalia unwinds her arm’s nerve thread to soften her landing. I can’t describe what I felt as I watched her skirt swirl around.

“Alright, let’s finish it off properly, just in case.”

Saying that, Natalia produced a large magic blade. Natalia is always careful around her enemies, but she’s also merciless. I noticed that before too, but I feel like that side of her is manifesting more now.

Twitch twitch!

Feeling its demise, the Greedmega Worm, which still lived, gathered all its remaining strength to attack one last time.

It bent its body back as if winding up, and then lunged forward, its jaws wide open to eat us.


Natalia clicked her tongue and prepared her gun. But I jumped in front of her first.

“Young Lady?!”

I heard Natalia’s shocked voice behind me. But sorry Natalia, I really want to help too2.

“Ignis Drake!”

I cast a middle level fire spell directly into the open jaws lined with sharp teeth.
The dragon-shaped flames dispersed and died off after colliding with the monster, but that was enough to scorch deep into its throat.

I jump up and aim my fist at the agonizing Greedmega Worm’s head.

“Sparkling Lightning Discharge!”



  1. Robinxen: Mostly good common sense.
  2. Silva: I don’t know about you but I don’t like Olivia, I hope she gets into HUGE trouble soon and deeply regret her thoughtless actions and get scolded harshly by Natalia
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