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Chapter 64: A small fire (Part 1)

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Author: Shizuku Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2388 characters
Translator: Nomad English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 984 words
Editor(s): Robinxen

——Olivia’s Perspective

The cave past the place where Aria lives felt different. I felt chills, knowing monsters were watching us. Mir is next to me, and she looks a bit nervous too. Natalia is in front of us so I can’t see her face, but she seems to be calm like always.


There’s a shrill sound and a shadow comes down at us. It was a Sable Bat, with long fangs coming out of its mouth. Before I could get ready to fight, Natalia shoots it down with Black Hawk.


The Sable Bat screeches as Natalia’s magic blade slices it from below. Natalia doesn’t even look at the monster’s halves falling, focusing deeper in the cave. Then she makes the Float Light stronger, illuminating a bigger area.


There are many more Sable Bats flying at us. We had stepped in their territory.

“They’re coming. Young Lady, Mir, watch out.”

I prepare my fists, and Mir unsheathes her longsword.

I feel excited, I might finally be able to show Natalia my cool side. When we were going back home I had also gotten carried away, killing a Clamp Boar. I’m feeling just as excited now.

But Natalia didn’t seem to notice that, standing in front of me and shooting down the monsters before they got close to me. The Copper Spider also started using an Earth Magic spell, Earth Shot, bringing down the Sable Bats from a distance.

What should I do? I can’t do anything like this.

I barely have time to think about that when Natalia starts fiddling with Black Hawk. Mir jumps out almost instantly, attacking the Sable Bats instead. Before I can react, Natalia has Black Hawk ready again and resumes shooting. The flock of Sable Bats was defeated before I could do anything.

“Young Lady, did you get hurt?”

Natalia asks, but I didn’t even get touched by the monsters. Mir has some scratches along her arms, so Natalia takes out some healing potions for her. The Copper Spider keeps looking at the Sable Bat bodies restlessly, and then pokes at Natalia’s feet. I wonder what it’s trying to say?

“What is it?”

Natalia asks the spider, and it scurries to a nearby body and bites it, then points at the way out of the cave with one leg.

“I see, I understand.”

Natalia opens her magic storage and starts stuffing the Sable Bats inside. I don’t think Sable Bats are worth much, I wonder why she’s doing that?

“It wants to take them back as food.”

Natalia answers before I even ask the question.

I see. Monsters are a valuable source of sustenance for those living in the cave. Aria also has a big family, so I’m sure they’re constantly looking for more food.

When Mir’s arms are treated, Natalia stands in front of us again. I know she’s trying to keep me safe, but I’m starting to feel a bit uncomfortable. I also want to fight…I mean, I know Natalia is doing everything as my maid, but I wish she would rely on me to fight too sometimes.

And her combined attack with Mir was really smooth earlier, while I was the only one doing nothing, so I feel left out. I’ll go fight in the front too. I decide that as something starts moving ahead. For a moment I thought I had just imagined it, but that was the wrong idea.

“It’s coming from below, spread out!”

Natalia quickly understands the Copper Spider’s signal. I jump back instantly, and a yellowish-brown pillar rises from the ground where we had been standing. The thing seems to go soft, arching down as a head with menacing teeth opens.

“It’s a Largemouth Worm!”

Mir’s right. It’s a Largemouth Worm, a monster like a very large earthworm.

Now’s my chance!

I quickly dash forward, charging straight at the Largemouth Worm. I kick up and knock its jaw away. The Largemouth Worm flies up at the ceiling from the hit, but I’m not done yet. I quickly punch at its body, folding it in half.

“Shell Fang!”

Boosting one’s body with magic is the essence of Magical Arts, Shell Fang speeds up my fist with Wind Magic, and then increases its power with Gravity Magic. It uses only a little mana, so I can use it every time I punch. It’s the basis of my fighting style.
I used it together with a backswing.

The Largemouth Worm hits the wall and falls motionless.

I land on the ground and run to Natalia proudly. How did I do? Did I look cool?

“Young Lady!”

Natalia knocks me away while I stand trying to show off. I look back confused, and see the Largemouth Worm’s tail, barely blocked by Natalia’s body. I thought I had defeated the Largemouth Worm, but it was still alive and it had tried to use its tail as a last ditch effort. I hadn’t noticed that, so Natalia had to protect me.


Mir’s sword slices the Largemouth Worm in two, and then the Copper Spider’s Earth Lance pierces through it. The monster continues twitching for a bit, but it soon stops.

“Young Lady, are you hurt?”
“I’m okay! But how are you?!”
“I’m just an automaton, this is nothing for me. I’m just glad you’re safe.”

Natalia says that with a smile, but I’m not really convinced.

“Let’s keep going then, shall we?”

Natalia continues walking again, like nothing happened. I slowly lower the hand with which I tried to reach her, and silently follow behind her.

“Umm…may I call you just Olivia?”

After we walk for a bit, Mir gets closer and speaks to me.

“Ah, sure. And don’t worry about being so polite.”

Mir is a dwarf, shorter than me by one head, but she’s older than me. My father always told me to be mindful of those older than me.


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