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Chapter 43: Mingling with high nobility – Flag (Part 2)

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Author: Shizuku Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2063 characters
Translator: Nomad English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 868 words
Editor(s): Robinxen

I feel like it’s a bit unfair to push her this way, tears started forming in her eyes hearing Ophelia being mentioned.

“I’ll help you with everything I can, so at least try to get grades you can feel proud of.”

Olivia hangs his head lazily.

I understand wanting to avoid studying, but attending the Magic Academy was an important step in realizing her dream. The person who used to teach her, Opehlia, is no longer with us, so she has no choice but to study under the supervision of someone else.

Still, I thought that the entrance exam results determined which classroom a student went to. How did Olivia get into classroom A?

“There you are! Olivia Eto Gardeland!”
“Ugh Mathias, stop that already.”

I hear that voice and turn around, seeing a tiger demi-human standing imposingly, with a squirrel demi-human girl behind him trying to pull him back. They’re the two students I saw perform well in the test yesterday.

“Are these your classmates, Young Lady?”
“Hm? Umm, I think I’ve seen them in the classroom, but we haven’t really spoken?”
“That’s correct. I’m Mathias Feullade”
“Ah, nice to meet you. I’m Olivia Eto Gardeland.”

Olivia introduces herself after the tiger eared boy mentions his name. The squirrel girl is breathing quickly, she probably ran all the way here.

“Your results since yesterday are so atrocious!”

Olivia recoils slightly, being poked where it hurt her the most.

“I thought that was too disgraceful so I took the liberty of looking into you. Apparently your mother is some famous adventurer that graduated from here?”

“Well, yeah…”
“And you aren’t embarrassed doing that to your mother’s name!”
“Please Mathias, the school year has barely started, don’t go picking fights already…”

Olivia groans hearing Mathias’ words, she can’t say anything back. Though hearing him mention Ophelia makes it even more painful. The squirrel girl keeps trying to stop him, but Mathias isn’t paying any attention to her.

“Natalia, shouldn’t you say something?”
“It’s true that she’s performing less than ideally, I don’t plan on sugar coating issues she’s brought upon herself.”
“Hehh, guess you weren’t spoiling her just for the sake of it then.”
“Of course. I’ll never fulfill my duties correctly if all I do is spoil her.”

It’s true that Ophelia created me to take care of Olivia, but that doesn’t mean I should allow her to degrade her own life.

“But seriously, seeing you makes me wonder if your mother really was such a big deal.”


No no no, calm down, me. He’s only saying that because he’s annoyed with Olivia, that’s all. I’m sure he meant no offense.

“You can insult me all you want, but I won’t allow you to defame my mother.”

Olivia is getting angry too.

“Then what the hell’s wrong with you? Or did your mother just buy her fame with certain favors?”

He’s really gone too far now.


I stand up and kick my chair back by reflex. I can tell everyone in the dining hall is looking at me now.

“She’s responsible for her own performance, so I won’t defend her. But I won’t tolerate hearing my Mistress’ character being put into question. Retract your statements.”
“Y-yeah, you went too far, Mathias.”
“Hmph, so you’re that magic automaton maid? I guess you don’t have proper manners either, what a bad product.”
“Oh? Would you like to verify that?”

Olivia also stands up hearing that, the corner of her lips raised. I’ve seen that expression before. She looks exactly like Ophelia did when she was truly angry.

“I hope you aren’t saying that just for the sake of it, are you?”
“What are you getting at?”
“I propose a duel, Mathias.”
“I accept!”

Mathias bared his fangs while the flames of anger silently consumed Olivia.

“Then come to the schoolyard after school. Got it?”
“Sure. I’ll see if you’re really fit to be in classroom A myself.”

With nothing more left to say, Mathias turns around and leaves the dining hall. The squirrel girl bows to us in apology and runs after Mathias. Only Olivia remained here, burning with anger, and the third-parties who had started murmuring amongst themselves.

Err…I guess it’s also my duty to fix this situation somehow…

“My apologies for the disturbance, everyone. Please enjoy the rest of your meal.”

Hopefully that’s enough. I sat down again. I still feel like I should’ve done more, but I don’t know how.

“What’s wrong with that guy?”

Olivia also sits down angrily and begins munching on her fork.

“Young Lady, I understand how you feel, but you should watch your manners as well.”

I begin feeding her again, hoping that can calm her down a little.


Olivia begins chewing on the food I offered her, her eyebrows relax a little.

“It’s been a while since I’ve seen Olivia get into a fight. It’s kinda exciting.”
“I’ll never forgive him.”

That reminds me, I heard she kept getting in fights with boys in her past school too. But there’s magic involved now, so I’m afraid this will end worse than a simple scuffle.

“Focus on your afternoon classes first though.”


Ah, she’s collapsed again.


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