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Chapter 20: It’s Normal, Okay?

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Author: Shizuku Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2549 characters
Translator: Nomad English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1060 words
Editor(s): Robinxen

We continue walking through the forest after that, running into monsters every now and then. They were mostly goblins, orcs, kobolds, and their superior counterparts.
Mir was a bit nervous about her new sword at first, but after a few battles she got more confident. Before she would constantly get too close to her enemies, but now she understood her reach, and could attack her opponents without being in their range.

Being able to attack enemies from outside their range, and with powerful attacks, was invaluable. I knew that very well thanks to my gun. It might be considered a dirty tactic by other warriors, but that’s the best way to use my weapon so I didn’t feel bad.


The last orc takes a hit from the sword and falls down. Mir swings the sword to shake off the blood, and then looks at the edge.

“Is something wrong?”
“Oh, not really, I just felt like the edge was a bit blunt, I wish I could sharpen it.”

I look at the blade too, but it looks normal to me. Though I know nothing about blades and sharp weapons, I’ll trust the opinion of a blacksmith’s daughter.

“Do you have a whetstone, perhaps?”
“Yes, I have one stored in case of emergencies.”

Mir pointed to a pouch hanging from her belt.

“Good, then while you sharpen your sword, we’ll prepare something to eat.”

Just like the other day, I took out a basket from my magic storage.

“Try to not think about it.”

But this is normal. While I prepare food, Ophelia creates a barrier around us, and Mir begins working on her sword with a palm sized whetstone from her pouch. While I make black tea, Mir finishes and the three of us sit to eat.

“Isn’t this a bit excessive?”

Mir reacted seeing the food I prepared. Today’s lunch was muffin sandwiches with cup salad, and fruits for dessert. There was a bit more than usual since we were three this time, but I didn’t think it was anything fancy.

“Just what are you, Natalia?”
“I thought you already knew, just a maid magic automaton.”
“Again, try to not think about it.”

Like I said, I’m normal.

“Let’s just eat.”

Ophelia reaches for one of the sandwiches and Mir follows right after.

“It’s really tasty…”
“I’m pleased to hear that.”

Then why is her face so displeased? Oh right, I almost forgot.

“I also prepared three types of dressing for the salad. Please choose whichever you please.”

I take out three small bottles with dressing from the basket.

“Ophelia, are all magic automatons like that?”
“Of course not, Natalia is just a weird case.”
“Why do you offend me so?”
“Because you’re weird.”

That’s unfair, I work my a̲s̲s̲ off and this is what I get. I can’t accept this. Slightly bothered, I begin eating my sandwich. It was tasty, just like I made it. Then I tried eating some of the salad, but everything was fresh and healthy. The dressing was good too. What was going on?

“Thanks for the meal.”

Having finished eating, I lightly rinse the dishes with magic water. Washing them this way makes it easier to clean up afterwards.

“There’s a bush called star berry that grows in the land further ahead. Clamp Boars love their fruits, so there’s probably some there.”
“So we attack while they eat.”

Ophelia nods to Mir. I see, so we can go to a place like that and find Clamp Boars even more easily than by using a luring magic.

“Natalia, what did you do first when fighting a Clamp Boar?”
“I provoked it to charge at me, and then I dodged. When it was defenseless, I attacked its feet.”
“How did you provoke it?”
“Nothing really special. It’s obvious it’ll charge against anything it sees as an enemy.”

Clamp boars have large horns, unlike regular boars, which they can use together with their tusks to crush their enemies. But they need to get close to do that, and their way of doing so is very boar-like, by charging ahead. The tactic was to lure a charge, and then time a dodge correctly.

“Just keep your eyes glued on it, and time your dodge appropriately. That’s the most important part.”
“Yes, that method applies to any monster that has charging attacks too, not just Clamp Boars. But this time we’ll start with a surprise attack, so that will change things a little.”

Ophelia nods hearing my explanation, but then repeats our current strategy. She’s right, my idea only applies when fighting one head on. I had not considered the fact we would be striking first.

“What should we do then?”
“It’s simple. We’ll sneak inside the thicket, and approach him silently to deal a massive blow. And in the best case, that should be lethal.”

Ophelia answers Mir, narrowing down our options to move.

“For a wound to be lethal, it must be on the head, neck, or heart. So we can’t really approach from behind, but from the front.”

It’s hard to kill any quadruped, including Clamp Boars, with a single hit from behind. There’s too much in the way of vitals, and they usually have thicker hair there too, making it harder to deal damage.

“So that means…”
“Mir’s longsword.”

I was about to say I would shoot it, but Ophelia interrupts me. I had not expected to hear that at all, so I opened my eyes wide in shock, but Ophelia ignored me and continued talking.

“With her strength and reach, she’ll easily go through the Clamp Boar’s thick hide and fat. There’s no other option.”
“Yes, I’m counting on you.”

Mir firmly holds her sword and answers energetically. I want to say something, but in the end I decide to remain silent. Ophelia had just told me earlier. In truth, I didn’t want to do anything needlessly dangerous. I’ve already fought a Clamp Bear before, and I know I could do it alone.

But Ophelia would not allow it. For Mir’s sake, and my sake as well.

“We’ll support you Mir, but try to not force yourself too much.”
“Thank you, Natalia.”

All I can really do is try to distract the Clamp Boar so Mir doesn’t get injured.

“Let’s move then.”

We stand up and follow Ophelia.


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