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Chapter 2: Magic tools (home appliances)

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Author: Shizuku Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 1705 characters
Translator: Nomad English Source: Re:Library Word Count: – words
Editor(s): Robinxen

After that Ophelia1 made me wear a maid outfit and gave me a tour. The house had two floors. Ophelia’s room (where I woke up), a study, an empty room, and two storage rooms were on the second floor, while the dining room, kitchen, bathroom and toilet, and three empty rooms were on the first one. There was also a large garden outside. Quite the mansion, if I say so myself.

Oh right, I was given one of the empty rooms on the first floor too, which I appreciate greatly. The tour ended a bit before noon, so we went to the kitchen to get lunch ready. The knives, pots, and other utensils looked a lot like those from my own world.

“If you want to keep something fresh, you should store it in this fridge, though if you want to store it for a prolonged time you should use the freezer instead.”

There’s even fridges and freezers?!

“Also, when cooking you can use this dial on the stove to control the heat.”

There’s stoves too?!

“Umm, Mistress, where did these tools come from?”
“These? I made them.”

My Mistress, are you perhaps also from another world? Asking that would be more dangerous than walking through a minefield, so I decided not to.

“I’ll be the one cooking today, but you’ll help too.”

I cut the ingredients the way she told me, and tasted the seasoning when asked. I used to cook for myself in my past life, so thankfully I knew my way around the kitchen.

Ophelia seemed to be very used to cooking, swiftly cooking some sort of seared meat, a salad, and some soup. But isn’t this more than what a single woman can eat?

“Well, shall we eat?”

Oh wow, she made lunch for me too. We walk to the dining room and sit down to eat.

“Usually magic automatons don’t need to eat food, but I made you in a way that lets you obtain energy from food like humans.”
“Why was I made that way?”

The way she spoke made it seem like she had gone out of her way to give me that ability. There really was no need to do that from an efficiency standpoint.

“It’s more fun that way.”

Ophelia grinned like a playful child when she said that. It caught me off guard since I can’t understand what she finds so funny though, so I was left speechless for a moment.

“Let’s eat before it gets cold.”
“Ah, right. Thank you.”

I pick up my fork and carry a portion of meat to my mouth, finding the taste rather surprising. The texture was similar to chicken, but the flavor had a sweetness like pork.

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“It’s tasty.”
“I’m glad to hear that. One day you’ll be in charge of cooking too, so hopefully you get used to food quickly.”

For a moment I thought maybe she was using food as bait for me, but I quickly reached for the other dishes and ate them while carefully examining the taste. As to where in my body all the food went, I do not want to think about it2.

An outside tour followed during the afternoon. There was a very thick green lawn outside, and there was a large and sturdy wall surrounding everything far away. It looked like this house had been built in an opening inside a forest.

“There are walls all around the house, and I placed a barrier on it too, so you’ll never have to worry about monsters getting inside.”

I look around hearing that, seeing a wall of red bricks all around us. Was all of this Ophelia’s property? It was at least as big as a school courtyard. But wait, she said something about monsters? In the forest?

“I’m growing many medicinal herbs in the garden. You won’t be in any danger for now, but I want you to learn what each plant and herb does, that will help you when you go outside as an adventurer one day.”

There are many plants covered under the medicinal herb umbrella. I had to learn which ones helped recover my physical health, or magic power, and which served as antidotes. If I don’t, I might get into a world of pain one day.

I follow her behind the house. Unlike what I had seen so far, the ground lay bare and empty there. A gray stone slab was placed on a corner of that place.

“This is where you can practice magic. You’ll start with this magic tool.”

A dirt column popped up around twenty meters ahead of us when she placed her hand over the stone slab.

“That will make a target for you, and you’ll have to take it down.”

While she was saying that, a crimson fireball flew past me, hitting the dirt pile and making a hole in it. Putting her hand on the stone slab once again, the target crumbles and returns to the ground.

“Eventually I’ll teach you how to use weapons and magic. You can do anything you want during your free time, so you should try to learn this soon, I have great hopes for you.”
“I understand.”

Ohh, I’m gonna learn to use magic. There’s nothing more exciting in fantasy than magic after all! While my very existence is fantasy itself, I’ll ignore that and instead enjoy my life in a different world!


  1. Robinxen: This name just reminds me of Evenicle.
  2. Robinxen: I just realised how weird it must feel to not have internal organs giving you feedback.
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