Chapter 64: Innocent mind

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Author: Kiriya Kadzuki Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 1336 characters
Translator: Nomad English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 648 words
Proofreader: Silva Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

“I was wondering if you weren’t thinking of expanding to a branch for your restaurant. Ever since you opened, your popularity around the adventurers and merchants keeps rising and it’s looking really good for you.”
“Thank you very much. But we aren’t thinking of doing that at the present moment.”

The main topic was business talk.
He probably had thought they wanted to expand the restaurant since they were doing well, but in truth, the first day had not been the best.
And the number of customers they currently got was just perfect, if they had to attend to even more, they would be unable to keep up with all of them.
And Schenna was aware of that the most.

“We would be lacking on a lot of fronts if we tried expanding. We would need to train the workers who would be in charge of the branch so they can cook and serve the customers correctly, and we don’t have enough time for that.”

Schenna hoped that he would be satisfied once he heard her reasons.
But she had to convince him.
Not only that, but the restaurant had been built using the three thousand gold coins Reesha had lent her, so she could not just expand like that.

“Well, no, I’m not saying you should make a branch right now. I’m just saying that if you ever feel like expanding, to consider doing it here if possible.”
“If that’s what you meant… Though I can’t promise anything yet.”
“Feel free to come anytime you want, I always welcome well educated and strong people like you! I really have to give props to Reesha for finding you.”

Will stood up and shook hands with Schenna, he had been able to grasp Schenna’s situation.
It felt nice to talk with someone like Will who expressed his ideas clearly, and his honest appearance really made him seem like a member of the Hero’s party, Schenna thought.

“If I’m free enough, I’ll drop by your restaurant. I’ll be expecting good food there.”
“Mm, we’ll be waiting for you.”

When they were done talking, Will accompanied them to the exit of the entertainment facilities.
When they were mixed in the crowd of the commercial district, Kishana seemed to finally be able to calm down and some color returned to her face.

“Are you okay now? I can carry you on my back if it’s hard for you.”
“I’m good now. And if you carry me, my chest will press on your back and make you uncomfortable, won’t it?”
“Y-you…idiot! I was only saying that to be kind and because I was worried. I wasn’t thinking of anything like that.”
“Pff…Ahahah. You replied just like I thought you would.”

Kishana had become her usual self again, teasing Schenna like she normally did.
With a mischievous smile, Kishana deftly navigated through the crowd while Schenna tried to chase after her.
It was like they had returned to their innocent days, running through the crowd until they arrived at the apartment they shared in the residential district.

“Hahh… It’s been so long since I last ran at full speed that I’m tired now.”
“Same… It was like playing catch after who knows how long, but it was fun.”

They sat down on some steps on the alley and started laughing when they saw each other’s faces.

“Was running through a crowd a skill particular to dark elves in fantasy stories as well?”
“I don’t know. But compared to that world, here I have this chest so I feel like I’m slower than I used to be.”
“…I also have a chest here, I probably am slower too then…”

After that, both their gazes shifted to their chest, and after nodding Schenna suddenly blushed.
Kishana laughed it off, apparently taking it as Schenna just acting like she normally did.


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