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Chapter 65: Rice cooker and interview

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Author: Kiriya Kadzuki Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 1336 characters
Translator: Nomad English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 849 words
Proofreader: Silva Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

By midday, the two of them headed to the workshop in the commercial district to pick up the rice cooker they had ordered.

“It feels like a dream to actually receive a rice cooker.”
“It’s hard to think we can get appliances like that or the freezer in this world.”
“Yeah. And the time needed to prepare rice dishes should decrease a lot so I’m really looking forward to it.”

Kishana was in a good mood, humming to herself as her long ears swayed up and down.
Seeing Kishana like that, Schenna smiled a bit as she started to think that it was worth to almost get slain by Luthors, and then lectured by Reesha.

“Gyudon and Oyakodon are good rice dishes, but I also would love trying to make Kaisendon.”
“Kaisendon huh. Priden is a landlocked country so getting fish would be impossible though.”

In their past life there were airlines, sea routes, and land transport, so receiving seafood was not that hard.
But in this world, most of the transport was done by horse carriages, so getting seafood delivered to somewhere in Priden was not possible.

“If we use Grana’s teleporting magic, we might be able to get some though.”
“I also thought of that, but the fishing countries are Swead, Rinsr, and Hashel.”
“All of them are dangerous places huh.”

Kishana had suggested Grana’s teleporting magic, but the countries handling most of the fish were the problem.

Swead already had a certain reputation, Rinsr probably already had Schenna marked as a target after the incident with Karyu, and she couldn’t send Kishana or Luthors there. The last one was Hashel, but if one of her old comrades or senior knights were to spot her, she would be found out immediately. And if they were to question why she deserted her homeland and was together with Kishana and the others, the entire Urablatt family would suffer the consequences.

“Well, there’s no way around any of that I guess.”
“…I’m sorry.”
“It’s not your fault Schenna. We might be unable to use fish, but at least we have plenty of meat and vegetables here.”

As their mood lowered a bit because of their conversation, they arrived at the workshop.
After checking that the ‘open’ sign was on the entrance, they peeked in. Sareenea was using the cauldron in the middle and seemed immersed in her alchemy.
It felt awkward to bother her while she was working, so Schenna waited until a good moment to call Sareenea.

“I’m sorry to bother you while you’re working. But we’ve come to pick the rice cooker up, is it finished yet?”
“Ahh…it’s you and your dark elf mistress. So the couple is here to check their home appliances.”
“Haha, you never change. Also, I’ll return you the change for your dinner last night.”
“Last night? I never left the workshop yesterday though, I didn’t go eat at your place.”

Sareenea stepped away from the cauldron and looked at Schenna while tilting her head.
She had supposedly been focused on her alchemy for the entire day and had not taken a single step outside.

“If you doubt me, you can ask my assistants as well. I was only working yesterday.”
“That can’t… But then who was it that came yesterday?”
“I can only think of two cases. One, you were half asleep and dreamt all of it. Or two, maybe god is trying to play a prank on you.”

But that could not be it, the ingredients for the meal they offered her had disappeared as well, so it was hard to believe she would have dreamt that.
But if it was a god taking Sareenea’s shape and visiting them like that, Grana’s shapeshifting proved it could be easily done.
And on top of that, Grana had muttered something that did not make much sense, so maybe it was a god after all.

“But never mind that, the rice cooker, lemme cook some rice here to show your dark elf mistress how to use it.”
“You just want to eat the rice yourself!”
“The female knight can keep silent. I’m supplying the rice myself, so can we do it?”
“I don’t mind at all! Or rather, I want to use it soon.”

Kishana agreed to it as her ears started to wildly twitch.
Sareenea noticed that and asked in wonder.

“…should I draw a doujinshi of a Climaxing Dark Elf maybe?”
“Whatever, just show her the rice cooker already.”
“Alright alright, what an impatient female knight.”

Sareenea took them down the stairs where Schenna and Luthors had gone before, and in the underground workshop, they saw something resembling a rice cooker deep in the room.


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