Chapter 63: Will Herst

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Author: Kiriya Kadzuki Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 1336 characters
Translator: Nomad English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 823 words
Proofreader: Silva Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

Thinking it was a friend of the adventurer they had encountered earlier, Schenna took some steps away and warned him.

“Stop there! Don’t get any closer.”
He’s strong.

Schenna instinctively knew that swordsman was incredibly strong and dangerous.
But they were close enough to the commercial district that they could run there and blend in with the other people.
And in the worst case, Schenna could stay as a decoy while Kishana ran away.

“Don’t get so alarmed. I’m on your side.”
“Can you prove that?”
“I’m the person in charge of this place, Will Herst. You two are Schenna and the dark elf Kishana who work at Reesha’s guild, right?”

He had correctly called their names and had called himself Will Herst.
At first glance, he looked like a well-mannered man, definitely not like someone who would cut a dragon in two.

There was one time Schenna had seen the Hero’s party members, but it was from very far away. When they were planning on building their own country and were inviting people to join them, all the knights in Hashel —with the exception of a few that remained to guard the border— gathered together to receive the Hero’s party, but Schenna had been standing too far away to really make out any of their faces.

Schenna threw him a doubtful stare and asked.

“Are you really that Will Herst?”
“I know Grana and Luthors are also with you. No one else except the Hero’s party members know about Grana y’know.”

It was true that Grana’s existence was a secret even in Priden.
So considering his manners as well, he definitely had to be Will Herst.

“I’m sorry for doubting. Excuse my rudeness.”
Schenna bowed deeply to Will, and Kishana imitated her.

“Don’t worry about it. Let me take you to the reception room.”
He turned around and invited them to a building in the deepest part.

Kishana tightly grasped Schenna’s hand, she had still been unable to calm down.

“It’s okay. I’m here with you.”
“…Let me stay like this for a bit longer please.”

That reminded Schenna that she had once heard that dark elves are way more sensitive than humans.
She had probably changed a bit, after all. Kishana had already been a really gentle person in her past life, but it seemed that the traits of a dark elf had also marked her.

“You two seem to get along really nicely.”
“Yes, she’s my very important friend.”
“…Hehh. To think that a female knight from Hashel and a dark elf from Gafenna would end up becoming friends. If that’s another thing a neutral country can cause, it makes me really happy.”

There were not that many people who knew the two of them were reincarnated people.
It seemed like Reesha had not told anyone about that.
From Will’s perspective, they had randomly stumbled on each other in Priden and hit it off together.

“This is the reception room, sit down as you please.”

After Will led them to the reception room, Schenna and Kishana sat down on chairs in front of a table.
The room looked completely normal, adorned with beautiful furniture.

“Before going into the main topic, you’re pretty strong, right Schenna? Most of the adventurers around here try to train a lot, but that punch from earlier was magnificent.”

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“Th…thank you.”

“I really like people with a strong body and mind. As you might know, the number of monsters out there has increased in the last few years, some cities and towns nearby have suffered considerable losses because of them. So to combat that, I’ve erected the Colosseum where adventurers can hone their strength. We do offer gambling services for adventurers here, but that helps to meet the budget required to run the Colosseum.”

The source of the monsters had still not been found, but throughout the entire continent, they had started to appear more frequently.

Schenna had thought Grana might have something to do with that, as he was the Demon King, but he denied it and said it was completely unrelated. Not only that, but Grana had apparently just been a lower god, who long ago ate the offering made to a greater god as a prank. The greater god then got enraged and banished Grana to the surface, where he then gained the title of Demon King in his past life.

Thinking about those legends, Schenna felt they sounded like surprisingly childish stories.
Though if the bishops and priests serving the gods were to hear the truth, they probably would faint.

“I’m sorry. I got a bit excited and ended up deviating from the main topic.”
“I think strengthening the adventurers is a really impressive desire, so I don’t mind.”
“I’m glad you think that way. Anyway, let’s go to the main topic.”

Seeing that Schenna sympathized with his ideas, Will started to speak with a serious tone.


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