Chapter 61: Rumor

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Author: Kiriya Kadzuki Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 1336 characters
Translator: Nomad English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 849 words
Proofreader: Silva Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

After leaving the residential district, the two moved up stone steps leading to a viewing platform that let them see the whole city with one glance.

“This place and scenery are really nice, but there’s also a certain rumor about it.”
“What kind of rumor?”
“That if a couple confesses here, their love will be fulfilled and they’ll be together.”
“…That sounds really romantic, but that kind of story sounds like something girls would love to pass around.”

In their past life, there were many stories like that that would get a lot of attention, but there was no proof it was actually true.
Schenna thought it was stories like those that would make a sightseeing place popular, but with time they would be forgotten and left abandoned.

“That’s what you think? There are actually people who have experienced that.”
“For real?”
“Really. A hundred years ago, Reesha confessed to her husband here, and they’ve been together since then.”
“Huh?! Seriously?!”

Schenna was not that shocked because the rumor might be true, but to find out that Reesha was married.
Reesha had never behaved that way, or mentioned it, so Schenna had simply assumed she was single.

“Really though?… I was pretty shocked when she told me about Grana, but I didn’t know she was hiding something like that as well.”
“Her husband is currently living in the elf district in Priden.”

Reesha had always seemed knowledgeable and mysterious, so Schenna slowly started to get curious as to what kind of person she would confess to.
When the two of them arrived at the top, a slight breeze received the two.
Probably because of the rumor, there were already many couples there using it as a dating spot.
Kishana took hold of Schenna’s hand and led her to a place where they could see the entire city.

“You know, before I met you I would come here countless times and gaze at the scenery alone, wondering if I would ever find a suitable person for me. But then you appeared out of nowhere, and then Luthors and Grana too, and now my surroundings are really lively.”
“God probably heard your prayers. And thanks to that, I also managed to find some awesome companions, so I’m grateful too.”

“Sometimes you say unexpectedly romantic things.”
“After I heard yours and Reesha’s story, sometimes I feel like it’s better to just go with the flow and not worry about every little thing.”
“So… Like this?”

Kishana moved closer to Schenna, and taking her hands she began to dance with her as if in a ballroom.
Schenna had experience wearing dresses and dancing in parties organized by nobles, but her dancing sense was really off.

“You’re really bad dancing even though you used to be from the nobility.”
“Because swinging a sword was always easier for me. But if you want to dance like in a lantern festival, I’ll gladly accompany you.”
“I swear… You’re quite a handful for a knight.”

Kishana skillfully took the lead and spread the ground her dance covered, soon the couples around them started to clap at them and they became the center of attention.
And with that, not too long later, a new rumor spread that if a couple danced skillfully on that platform, they would succeed in love.1


  1. Silva loves yuri

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