Chapter 60: Plans for the future

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Author: Kiriya Kadzuki Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 1336 characters
Translator: Nomad English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 950 words
Proofreader: Silva Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

The next morning Luthors was heading out together with Grana to hunt monsters and gather Dark Cores.

“Will you be okay with the two of you?”
Schenna was seeing them off, worried after what had happened the day before.

“I’m sorry you have to worry so much. Nothing of what you’re thinking is going to happen.”
“Then it’s okay… But take this for lunch at least.”
“Did you cook this?”
“No, Grana woke up early to prepare it.”

As Schenna handed over a bag with rice balls and bamboo rods filled with water, Luthors thanked Grana.

Grana had asked Schenna if there was anything he could prepare for lunch, and that’s when she remembered the rice balls she had taught Luthors to make before, so she taught Grana the same. And while they had awkward shapes from lack of experience, they still carried over his honest feelings.

Luthors fastened her greatsword on her back and waited for Grana to chant the teleporting magic.
This time the teleporting radius was limited to Priden’s territory, and they had promised they would return by the sunset.

“We’re going now. Tell Caro and Mauro to live happily.”
“Same from me. Luthors, don’t let go now.”

The teleporting magic activated then, and Luthors and Grana could not be seen anymore.
“They are somewhat similar, you know.”

Kishana had been on the second floor, having arranged new clothes for Caro and Mauro to change to.
She had bought those clothes the day before, when they were on their way back from the hot springs.

“Sis Schenna! Good morning.”
“Morning. Don’t run around too much or you might trip.”

The two of them gave their lively greeting to Schenna as they came down running from the second floor.
Kishana had told them about the orphanage while they were at the hot springs.

At first, they had been against it, but the orphanage would be an opportunity for them to be around other children of the same age, and a place where they could learn a lot of things. Schenna could only hope they would grow up well, and while she had no idea what they would do later in life, she honestly wished a happy future was waiting for them.

“Well, should we get going then?”

Kishana took their hands and they went to the orphanage as Schenna followed them from behind.
The orphanage Reesha had told them about was in a corner in the residential district, it was adorned with flower beds and a playground where children were happily playing in.

“Welcome, thanks for coming. I’m the director of this institution. I assume you’re Schenna-san and those are Caro-kun and Mauro-kun, right? Reesha already informed me about you.”

The director had come out from the building and greeted them.

She had the appearance of a nun, and used to be an ascetic at Rinsr’s church, but left the Holy Kingdom to propagate the reach of their religion and was now the director of the orphanage. There she received orphans left by the wars, and whenever a couple wanted to adopt a son or some noble was looking for an heir, they would have an interview with Reesha and the director. Afterward, if they were deemed suitable parents, they would be able to adopt a child. The funds to keep the orphanage running were supplied entirely by Reesha, and a part of the merchants’ guild would support those children who wanted to live independently by training them to become merchants or adventurers, or if the children also happened to wish so, they also had the chance to become priests or holy knights for Rinsr’s church.

Luthors and Grana had also wanted to go to the orphanage, but they decided it was better to avoid contact with people from Rinsr.

“I’m Schenna. And the one leading them is Kishana.”
“I’m sorry for the confusion. We’ll get tired talking while standing here, so follow me inside…”
“No need, we’re only passing by quickly. Please take good care of the two of them.”

Schenna bowed deeply to her, then kneeled in front of Caro and Mauro to say goodbye.

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“This will be the home for the two of you from now on. Here you can learn things and play with friends.”
“Don’t look so afraid. There might be both happy and sad things, but I’m sure you can get over everything if you stay together. Have I ever lied to you?”
“…You haven’t! Thank you, sis Schenna and sis Kishana.”

The two of them expressed their gratitude, then ran off to meet the other children in the orphanage.
The director greeted Schenna shortly, then went to introduce Caro and Mauro to the other children.

“I really have to put my act together so I can meet them without hiding anything in the future.”
“I really liked your ‘big sis’ act though.”

Schenna had only recently noticed that when a dark elf’s notorious large ears swung up and down as they spoke, they were telling their honest feelings. And when they were excited about something, their ears would stand upright. It was a really easy way to tell what they thought.
When Schenna told Kishana what she had noticed, Kishana blushed and tried to hide her ears with her hands.

“Did…did you figure those things out about me only with my ears?!”
“They also wouldn’t stop moving while you were taking care of Caro and Mauro you know.”
“…I’m not Sareenea, but I really would like to see you act like a prideful female knight for once.”

Kishana’s ears were standing upright again as she ran around Schenna while they left the orphanage.


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