Chapter 51: Saint Core

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Author: Kiriya Kadzuki Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 1336 characters
Translator: Nomad English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 673 words
Proofreader: Silva Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus, Silva

They remained hugging each other for a while until Luthors entered the room, dispelling the subspace magic.
Schenna let go of Grana flusteredly as Luthors drew closer to Grana.

“What are you doing to Schenna you *******!”
“Now now, you found out I was the Demon King quite easily.”
“You might look the same as her, but you can’t hide that darkness in your eyes.”
“It really shows you used to be a dark knight in Gafenna. You’re used to dealing with darkness. I’m sure your late older sister is also happy seeing you mature from up there.”

Grana tried to mock Luthors, but she ignored it and ran to Schenna.

“Schenna, are you okay? Did he do anything to you?”
“I’m okay, but thanks for worrying. I was only receiving some life counseling from him.”

Schenna awkwardly explained what happened and Grana left the room while shaking his head.

“…I’m sorry this happened even while I was this close. If he ever tries to do anything weird with you again please call me.”

Luthors then followed after Grana, almost chasing him. Her angered voice then rang from downstairs, and Kishana who had just returned from the hot springs had to mediate between them to calm things down. Then the voices were cut off, probably because Grana had used that subspace magic again and was repeating the same process on Kishana and Luthors, or so Schenna thought.

Schenna sat again at her desk and resumed her calculations of the earnings of the day. Then it was silent for the rest of the night.
The next day, Schenna went out in front of the restaurant to follow her daily routine of swinging her sword.
Maybe she was just imagining it, but she felt lighter, her body was easier to move, almost as if wings had sprouted on her back.

“Good morning. Training your swordsmanship?”
“Oh, Grana. Ever since I got here I’ve had fewer opportunities to practice some swings you see. I still do this to forge my body and mind every now and then.”

Grana’s head, still taking Schenna’s appearance, had peeked out from a window on the second floor as he greeted her.
After that, his relationship with Kishana had become closer, but Luthors was still constantly wary of him.

“I bet you noticed your body was easier to move? I know it isn’t much, but as thanks for employing me I decided to increase the abilities of you all.”

He had probably done that while they were inside the subspace.
That also reminded Schenna that when they were hugging, she felt some sort of strength running into her, but she did not pay much attention to it back then.
As Schenna kept swinging her sword, she felt something deep inside her heart.

“So you’ve started to be able to use a Saint Core I see. Humans have a form of life energy called a Saint Core in them. It was by the skillful use of it that Reesha and Luthors went through battlefields and earned their recognition.”

That also meant that back when Schenna met Luthors for the first time and crossed swords with her, even when Luthors was poisoned she manifested more strength than Schenna, and that was because of the advantage given by the Saint Core. When Reesha came to stop her, a strange aura had emanated from her as well, and the way Reesha found Schenna when she was captured by Karyu was also an application of the Saint Core.

“I’ll accompany you on true battles as well, so swing that sword as freely as you want.”

Grana jumped down from the second floor and landed on the ground as if it was nothing, then he watched Schenna.
Schenna followed his order and swung her sword. She thought she saw something like a shockwave coming out from its tip, and an instant later something hit a tree that was ahead of her, splitting it in two. 1


  1. Silva: Schenna got a powa up!

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