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Chapter 5-83: Same Goes For Me

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Author: We Ain’t Fish Original Source: SFACG
Translator: Myuu English Source: Re:Library
Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

“Am I not sparkly and shiny?”

Little Sparkly Blonde Princess waved her hand, sending colorful glittery confetti flying everywhere in the wind.

“Isn’t my hair blonde?”

Little Sparkly Blonde Princess flipped her long golden hair, causing it to shimmer and shine, almost blinding those who looked at her.

“Am I not a princess?”

Little Sparkly Blonde Princess threw a small book in front of the staff lady. The staff lady picked up the small book shakily and gasped… It was a princess certificate!

A princess certificate? Do princesses really need to sit for an exam to get that? Why is your face also covered on the photo of your princess certificate?!

Little Sparkly Blonde Princess pressed the question again, stressing each word. “Does this not meet the requirements?”

“I guess it does, but…”

It was in line with the regulations without a doubt. The princess even provided her certificate, so what else could the staff lady say?

The staff lady was already drenched in her own sweat. She had recently accepted this job offer with dreams and ambitions of becoming the best service provider in Jeorgetown City, so that she could let her siblings live an easy life. She was confident in her looks and talent, but reality hit her hard.

Who the hell is this Little Sparkly Blonde Princess? What kind of princess certificate is this? Is there an organization that issues such certificates? Can that guy stop it with the glittery confetti? Those are troublesome to clean up!

Although her superiors had told her to turn a blind eye to the important people who would potentially be participating in the event incognito, could anyone really take such a lame alias seriously?

As a professional, the staff lady felt it was her duty to remind these people about the fact that the events would be broadcast live across the continent, and there would be professional commentators.

Unfortunately, the impatient Little Sparkly Blonde Princess was not willing to wait any longer. She had explained herself and even gone to the shady corner of the street to get a princess certificate for a silver coin to prove her identity. Was this staff lady deliberately making things hard for her because she felt that her princess certificate was fake?

Little Sparkly Blonde Princess smacked the surface of the table even harder, her dark eyes filled with displeasure. “Since it complies with the regulations, you should hurry up and let me through. There’s already a line behind me.”

“Fine, fine.” The staff lady tearfully accepted the form filled out by Little Sparkly Blonde Princess, as she mentally prepared herself to be smacked in the face with this form by her superior after she submitted the participant list.

“Also, these are the people I’m participating in the tournament with.”

Little Sparkly Blonde Princess handed over four more forms, and the staff lady accepted them wearily. At this point, she did not care anymore. She felt like she was just going through the motions.

As she glanced at the names on the forms, her temples started aching again.

“Adorable Daughter of the Little Sparkly Blonde Princess.”
“Disgusting Ragdoll of the Adorable Daughter of the Little Sparkly Blonde Princess.”
“White Hair Red Eyes, Female, 165 Centimeters, The Biggest Beauty, If Seen Contact Spectrum Stone With Frequency…”

The staff lady fell silent for a moment before she could no longer contain her anger any longer. The veins in her temples throbbed as her professionalism flew out the window.


“This one.”

Little Sparkly Blonde Princess placed Cornelia on the table, who tilted her head while gazing at the staff lady. She was undeniably adorable.

“And who is Disgusting Ragdoll of the Adorable Daughter of the Little Sparkly Blonde Princess?”

The Little Sparkly Blonde Princess shoved Lacey in Cornelia’s arms.

“This one. Isn’t he ugly?”

The staff lady was rendered momentarily speechless as she stared at the doll in disbelief. After a few moments, she smacked the third application form on the table. “And this, it totally sounds like a missing poster.”

“You are correct. It does.”

The tall man behind the Little Sparkly Blonde Princess scratched the back of his head awkwardly.

“I heard that the Great Celestial Rite would be broadcast live across the continent, so I thought it would be easier to find my daughter that way.”

The staff lady felt even more exhausted. People were here to compete in a tournament, but this guy was here to participate in a family reunion show. Perhaps she should also include a warning for everyone to keep a close eye on their children when they are out and about.

“Then… What about the last one?”

The staff lady looked at the application form with the name “Dog”, feeling that there must be a great mystery behind it.

“The last one? It’s just a dog.”

Little Sparkly Blonde Princess placed a little gray mongrel dog on the table and answered truthfully, “A stray I picked up from the corner of the street.”


The unexpected twist was so overwhelming that the staff lady felt her mind on the verge of blowing.

Little Sparkly Blonde Princess looked at the staff lady who had tears streaming down her face at this point and cautiously asked, “Don’t tell me… this is your dog?”

“No… I just realized that I’m still far from being able to handle the challenges of life. It seems like I still have a long way to go,” the staff lady replied.

She accepted the five application forms with a sigh, then stamped a tiny seal on the invitation letter before returning it to the Little Sparkly Blonde Princess along with a key. “You may proceed. We’ve specially prepared an apartment with five bedrooms for all the participants, and hot water is provided for free. Please have a good rest.”

Little Sparkly Blonde Princess took the key with a smile and said, “You should’ve done so earlier instead of causing so much trouble. I nearly wanted to file a complaint against you.”

The staff lady remained silent as she convinced herself to endure for the sake of her younger siblings.

“Let’s go.” Little Sparkly Blonde Princess led her group away.

“Young people these days, they lack professionalism and efficiency. Look at how long this queue is, and they’re still taking their sweet time without any regard for others’ feelings,” she muttered. Her voice was soft, but it was still audible.

“I agree. In my hometown, people with such an attitude would be pushed into the lava as punishment for their negligence,” the tall man remarked.

“Haha, what a coincidence. It’s the same in my hometown too.”

As soon as Lilith entered the specially prepared apartment for the participants, she threw away the black veil covering her face and let out a long exhale.

“It wasn’t easy to conceal our true identities.”

“Yeah, it was pretty tough. Given a choice, I would prefer to participate in a more transparent manner. That would be more meaningful.”

A hint of nostalgia flickered in Skarst’s eyes as he reminisced about the time he first ventured into the human world, relishing in the fear he instilled in humans.

Even now, the wound inflicted by the Dragon Queen was still throbbing. For the sake of his daughter, he had no other option but to sneak in like this.

“No one knows me better than my sworn brother.” Lilith agreed as she excitedly patted Skarst on his back. “Same goes for me.”


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