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Chapter 5-70: Misunderstanding

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Author: We Ain’t Fish Original Source: SFACG
Translator: Myuu English Source: Re:Library
Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

As Uncle Skar calmly drank the blood of a demon beast that seemed too intense for ordinary people, Lilith, who prided herself on being knowledgeable, could not help but feel curious about his origins. She had previously speculated that he might be part of a noble family that had fallen from grace, but now that possibility seemed less likely.

Lilith had gained some understanding of the customs of the Holy Dragon Empire during her time at Saint Caroline Academy, but she was unaware of any borderlands that still practiced the tradition of drinking blood.

“Umm… Where is your hometown, Uncle Skar? I would love to visit sometime.”

Skarst appeared to be upset and patted Lilith’s shoulder, harder than before, showing his slight displeasure. “Call me Big Brother, not Uncle Skar! You are being rude to me by acting like a stranger.”

“No, I dare not…” Lilith waved her hands, took a moment to gather her thoughts, and finally stammered out the word she had never used before in her two lives. “Big… brother.”

“That’s right, Little Sister.” Skarst stroked his messy beard happily.

“You haven’t replied to my question, Big Brother…”

“Well…” Skarst’s hand, which was stroking his beard, suddenly stiffened as his eyes darted around, avoiding Lilith’s gaze. The little voices in his head began fighting each other as he considered whether or not to reveal his true identity to Lilith.

Although they were not blood siblings, Skarst understood that their current relationship was like that of blood siblings. He knew that he should not hide the truth from Lilith, but…

When he considered the divide between them due to their different bloodlines, Skarst had to swallow the truth that he was about to share.

He believed that Lilith was not the kind of person to be concerned about race, but what about her family and friends? Skarst did not want her to be caught in a dilemma. The contrast between their identities was vast, like comparing heaven and earth.

Skarst’s status towered over Lilith, making it impossible for her to even look up at the bottom of his shoes. Even if Lilith was most likely an imperial princess of this empire, that would make her merely a princess of a human nation, a status that paled in comparison to his immense presence.

“My hometown is quite remote and not really worth mentioning. There’s nothing interesting there that would warrant a personal visit from my little sister.” Skarst forced himself to smile as he tried to downplay any interest in it.

“Remote? Not worth mentioning?” Intrigued by his words, Lilith blurted out, “So you’re really a fallen nobleman from the borderlands?”

“Borderlands? Fallen nobleman?” Skarst froze for a moment, but quickly reacted and nodded.

“That’s right. I’m indeed a fallen nobleman from the borderlands.” Although he did not understand how his little sister came to have that idea, he was willing to go along with it.

“I can’t believe I guessed correctly.” Lilith let out a soft sigh.

If Uncle Skar… Big Brother truly is a fallen noble, then his situation is… truly pitiful. From a young age, he was treated as the family’s last hope for revival. He was forced to devote all his time to training, with no room for any nonsense.

He was no different from those children from Lilith’s previous life who were trapped by their parents’ demands to attend all sorts of cram schools. They had no freedom, only the so-called “hope” that they were forced to carry on their tiny shoulders.

Big Brother Skar’s situation was even worse after he grew up, he was a man with a daughter complex… but his daughter was unfortunately abducted.

It was a truly tragic situation that would bring tears to anyone’s eyes.

“Don’t worry, Big Brother Skar. After the Great Celestial Rite ends, I’ll definitely help you find your daughter,” Lilith said firmly, grabbing Skarst’s rough hand. “With my status, it shouldn’t be a difficult task.”

“Thank you for your offer, Little Sister, but… this is really not something you should be involved in.” The image of a fiery red figure flashed before Skarst’s eyes, causing a dull ache in his chest. He knew that even the entire human race would not be worthy to stand before that being, let alone a mere human princess.

“You underestimate me, Big Brother,” Lilith said sternly, displeased. “Haven’t I told you this? I have a very impressive background!”

The little voices in Lilith’s head began fighting each other as she considered whether or not to reveal her true identity to Big Brother Skar.

Although Big Brother Skar was not the kind of person to be concerned about social status… she was of an entirely different race from him!

Moreover, in the eyes of ordinary people, the dragon was a mythical creature that had a very special place in their heart. Would telling the truth… shock him?

Lilith ultimately decided to keep her identity hidden for now. Haste would not do good in such a situation, so she planned to “slowly reveal her true self” to Big Brother Skar over time, allowing him to come to his own conclusions first before revealing the truth to him. That way, he would be able to accept her without feeling overwhelmed.

“Do you really refuse to accept my offer, Big Brother Skar? Although I can’t directly reveal my identity, I am someone really impressive. Finding someone is a breeze for me.”

I know, you’re the princess of the Holy Dragon Empire. Unfortunately, that doesn’t change anything.

“We’ll talk about this next time.” Skarst sighed heavily, clearly not wanting to continue the conversation. Instead, he asked, “What’s next for you, Little Sister? Are you going to stay here and wait for the Security Enforcement Team to return?”

“Of course not. As I mentioned earlier, I plan to participate in the Great Celestial Rite. The registration starts tomorrow, so I can’t afford to waste time here.”


Skarst could not understand why his little sister, a noble princess, had been brought here as a witness, but if those guys from the Security Enforcement Team came back, then…

Hmm, wait. Something is strange.

Skarst furrowed his brow, realizing that the situation was not as simple as he had assumed. Given Lilith’s status as a princess, why would she be brought to such a place even if she was a witness.

Based on the current situation, they are clearly under arrest. Could the Security Enforcement Team have the audacity to detain an imperial princess?

The longer Skarst pondered on it, the more he felt that something was amiss. As someone who had been in a similar position for a long time, his intuition told him that…

This could be a legendary drama within the imperial family.

In an instant, his mind conjured up numerous love-hate dramas set against the backdrop of the golden palace walls, each one more captivating than the last. He could picture the legendary enemy of the human race, Golden Demon Htilil, and her arch-nemesis engaged in a deadly duel of love and hate.

“Big Brother will help you out.”

“Huh?” Lilith looked at Skarst, who was suddenly comforting her, with a dumbfounded look on her face. “Help me out with what?”

“Don’t worry. Big Brother will ensure that you emerge victorious, no matter what,” Skarst reassured Lilith as he gave her a pat on the shoulder. “Just do whatever you need to, Little Sister.”

“Victorious?” Lilith blinked. Did he mean winning the Great Celestial Rite?

“Ah, and no need to worry about that, Big Brother Skar. I’m very confident when it comes to that.”

Lilith patted her chest, knowing that she was invincible among her peers of the same age. One could even test this by comparing her to a three or four year old child, but the outcome would surely result in the child crying and screaming for their mother after just a few hits.

Upon seeing the confident look on Lilith’s face, Skarst gave her a quiet nod of approval.

As expected of his sworn sister. It was impressive that at such a young age, she already had her sights set on the Holy Dragon Empire’s throne. Most people could only dream of having such a level of ambition.


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