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Chapter 5-56: The Higher You Fly, The Farther You Can See

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Author: We Ain’t Fish Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2501 characters
Translator: Myuu English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1381 words
Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

Cornelia shifted her petite body and leaned in towards Lacey. She then started sniffing like a kitten trying to determine if the object before her was food or a toy. She blinked a few times before her eyes shone brightly.

This really, really ugly doll actually smells like Mommy! C-Could this be… a special gift from Mommy? Did she leave it beside Cornelia’s pillow while Cornelia was asleep to give her a surprise?

Cornelia knitted her eyebrows together as she pondered over it.

But… What an ugly gift! Mommy really has a bad taste!

While Cornelia was silently judging her mother, Lacey was excited instead.

So close! She’s so close! This is close enough for me to make a move!

Lacey was secretly rejoicing in his heart. God was still on his side! Since this little brat was being rude, she should be taught a lesson. He would knock her out first, then do whatever he wanted with her!

Although Lacey was not far from the little girl before, he could not use a disposable magic relic without being noticed due to the noise and movement it would create when being thrown. Now that the little girl’s forehead was almost within his reach, he did not have to toss the magic relic!

With calculated precision, Lacey aimed the disposable magic relic, which had a paralyzing effect, at the little girl in front of him. Though Lacey knew that the girl would suffer lingering effects, he, being a villain, could not be bothered to care. It wasn’t like some deity would punish him for harming a child.

Lacey found the thought itself amusing. Unless the brat was related to a deity, no one would care about someone as insignificant as them.

“Twooooy!” Lacey heard a childish and otherworldly voice before he suddenly felt a sharp pain in his mind, as if something had been forcefully taken from him. His vision briefly went black.

When Lacey came to, he was surprised to discover that his disposable magic relic had vanished without any warning. It was easily taken away from him and he could not even react to it.

Which big boss pulled such a stupid prank on him? Lacey searched in all directions, extending his perception to its limit, but failed to detect the presence of that big boss.

“Twooy!” The childish voice rang out again.

Lacey could no longer deceive himself. He stiffly twisted the almost nonexistent neck of the doll’s body and faced the truth that he did not want to acknowledge and refused to accept.

The disposable magic relic glowed as it danced in the air, creating peculiar images. It followed the path that the little girl traced with her finger and occasionally brushed past Lacey. The movements that it was making should have produced noises, but it was now completely noiseless, as if sound was never applicable to the disposable magic relic in the first place.

Lacey almost felt like crying. There was no special aura or energy fluctuation. Cornelia appeared to be just like any other girl, inwardly and outwardly. Yet, she was able to detect Lacey’s spiritual power, seize his magic relic and effortlessly erased its flaws. Lacey had never even seen a peak saint-level expert capable of doing such.

Holy s̲h̲i̲t̲, there’s really a big boss here.

At this point, Lacey did not even care if Lesiah would discover him. His voice was hoarse as he bitterly asked, “Who the hell are you…?”

“Eeeeyah?” The little girl tilted her head to the side as her eyes sparkled again.

This doll can actually talk!

Cornelia was extremely excited. Although the doll was ugly, it came with a peculiar flying toy and could also speak!

As expected of Mommy! Of course, she wouldn’t just give Cornelia a simple, ugly doll as a gift! This doll is anything but ordinary! There must be more to it, and Cornelia can’t wait to unravel its mysteries!

Cornelia stared at Lacey intently. Rather than sending a chill down his back, he felt like he was trapped in ice. The stare of an ancient beast paled in comparison to this. Even facing ten of these intimidating beasts with their large, piercing eyes would not be as frightening as facing these sparkling eyes.

W-What… should I do?

Lacey thought he had found a ripe persimmon that was easy to pick, but it turned out to be an anglerfish using the fruit as a bait!

S̲h̲i̲t̲…! Do big bosses have such a sick hobby nowadays? Can’t they just pretend to be weak instead of disguising themselves as harmless little girls? Are they even aware of the damage to their fierce reputation?

Despite Lacey’s inner turmoil, his fate was already sealed. In just the blink of an eye, Cornelia’s flawless face appeared before him. Her tiny, slightly chubby hand was reaching out to grab the doll up by its face. Lacey attempted to resist, but this only fueled Cornelia’s excitement, as if she had discovered a new land.


To think that this doll can even move on its own! How advanced!

Cornelia quickly sat up from the bed and removed the blanket before gently placing Lacey on the flat surface. She patted on the bedding and babbled, “Gwoo… Gwooo…”

Go? Is she telling me to leave?

Lacey was extremely confused. Although he could not decipher the intentions of this big boss who seemed to enjoy acting like a child, he stood up and took a hesitant step forward. As he did so, he quickly turned his head to glance nervously at Cornelia.

Cornelia clapped her hands excitedly. “Gwoooo… Gwoooo…”

Is she really telling me to leave?

Lacey’s breathing was a bit uneven, but he proceeded cautiously and took a few more steps forward. Seeing that Cornelia had no intention of stopping him, Lacey broke into a sprint.

If he was going to die anyway, he might as well take a gamble!

To Lacey’s surprise, as soon as he stepped into the thick smoke, he suddenly hit a wall and fell to the ground.

Huh? Strange. I don’t remember there’s a wall here before.

Despite being a doll, Lacey could still feel pain. He rubbed his head in an attempt to soothe the pain and glared at the obstacle that dared to block his escape route.

As soon as that “obstacle” entered his view, Lacey felt as though his heart was about to stop, even though he did not have a heart in this body in the first place.

Unbeknownst to him, the little girl had appeared in front of him at some point. No, she had never actually moved. It was impossible for the bed she was sitting on to move around with her. It was him who had somehow managed to run back to the little girl. Lacey wanted to curse the situation, but he wondered if the monster in front of him even had a mother in the first place.

Cornelia clapped her hands even more excitedly. “Run… Qwuick… Run…”

“Hmph.” Lacey snorted as he plopped down on the pink bed. He could not escape, so it was pointless to run.

Don’t even think of making me your toy. I won’t budge, no matter what you say.

Cornelia tilted her head cutely, staring at Lacey who remained still. She leaned towards him and pointed her little finger upwards. “Fly… Flyyy…”


Lacey continued pretending to be dead, or rather, a lifeless doll. He was determined not to give Cornelia any response, no matter how persistent she was.

All of a sudden, Lacey felt a warm embrace enveloping him. He looked down and realized that he was being held by the monster who looked like a little girl.

“Wait, what are you trying to…” Before Lacey could even finish his question, the scene in front of him blurred. Then, there was buzzing in his ears, like countless bees flying past. There was a sharp pain in his back, but Lacey did not have time to register the pain before he regained his vision.

Then… he saw…
An entire city.
Clouds and smoke.
The whole continent beneath the clouds.
And finally… an azure-colored planet floating amidst the endless darkness.


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