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Chapter 5-21: Candied Fruit Skewer

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Author: We Ain’t Fish Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2576 characters
Translator: Myuu English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1569 words
Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

The cane which was as sharp as a blade came down straight at Lesiah with lightning speed. Lesiah’s delicate body would surely stand no chance against the cane that was made of unknown material.

Color drained from Lesiah’s face. The difference between their strengths did not allow her to evade, so she could only watch as death drew closer and closer to her.


The bloody and gruesome scene that everyone expected did not happen. Instead, the ear-splitting sound of metals clashing pierced everyone’s eardrums.

A wide hand blocked the cane just in time. Sparks flew everywhere at the point of contact, and neither party could inch forward.

Looking at the tall figure in front of her, Lesiah realized that she had just made a trip to hell and came back again. Her gorgeous gown was already drenched in her cold sweat at this point.

“Well done, Greenie! You’re going to get an extra drumstick for dinner tonight!”

Lilith let out a sigh of relief after Green Emperor managed to block Nine’s attack in time.

“Thank you for the reward, Your Highness.”

Green Emperor pushed his palm slightly, and the sharp cane was easily repelled like a twig. Nine was pushed back a few steps. His arm was so sore and numb that he could barely keep the cane in his grip.

“Tsk, what a nuisance,” Nine cursed angrily in a low voice.

Naturally, he did not dare to take Green Emperor head on. The golden pattern on his cane flashed, and his figure disappeared again.

“You think I will give up so easily? There’s another hostage I can take here.” Nine’s sinister laughter echoed in the air.
“Another one…?”

Lesiah was the first to react. She did not have time to feel relieved before her heart started palpitating again as she anxiously shouted to Green Emperor, “His next target is Leniah!”


Green Emperor’s body blurred slightly before he reappeared beside Leniah. At the same time, Nine appeared too.

“WHAT?!” Nine exclaimed in shock.

He made the first move, but this guy beat him to it?

“You can’t be truly powerful if you keep relying on external objects,” Green Emperor commented emotionlessly as he grabbed Nine’s neck like he was a helpless chicken.

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There were no fancy moves, he captured Nine with a simple and brutal method. Since the distance between the two was small, Nine did not even have time to react before Green Emperor’s big hand tightened around his slender neck.

“D-Damn it…”
“You were too arrogant. You should have banished me in the first place.”

Due to the difference between their physical size and strength, Nine was practically dangling in the air. He clawed at the hand that was wrapped around his neck, trying to free himself. Unfortunately for him, Green Emperor had his neck in a vice-like grip.

Nine thrashed his hairy legs around wildly, giving the audience sneak peeks of what was under the princess dress that no one asked for, and making a clown out of himself.

In just a short time, Nine’s face turned completely blue-purple. If this continued just a bit longer, he would probably be strangled to death by Green Emperor.

Green Emperor frowned slightly in confusion.

Given his strength, mortals like Nine would usually be as good as dead the moment he had his grip on his neck. As long as he applied a little more force, Nine’s fragile neck and head would be crushed like a soft banana in his hand.

The fact that Nine could still struggle until now was extremely abnormal.

Even so, Green Emperor would not make simple mistakes like deliberately giving his enemy an opportunity to turn the table against him. Instead of searching for another sharp tool to finish up the job, he turned the skewer, which he had yet to give to Leniah, into his simplest but deadliest weapon.

“Don’t… get all cocky now… B̲a̲s̲t̲a̲r̲d̲!” Nine squeezed the insult through his throat with much difficulty.

“Well, I’ll have you know that dancing beside our enemies’ graves is one of the great traditions that has been passed down the dragon clan,” Green Emperor said lightly.

Without wasting another breath, he thrust the sharp end of the skewer directly into Nine’s forehead.

Although capturing Nine alive would provide more value, his ability was simply too bizarre. Failure to seize this opportunity would lead to an unpredictable outcome or even endanger the princess’ life.

Therefore, it was imperative to finish him off with a single blow. In the next moment, blood flew everywhere. Everyone’s eyes widened like saucers at the gruesome scene.

Green Emperor’s emotionless face suddenly contorted as he looked at his hand that was flying toward Nine’s forehead in shock and disbelief.

It got cut off.

“Hehe, this is… what you get for being too cocky.”

Nine took a deep breath, then mocked Green Emperor with what little air was left in his lungs.

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“Have a good time regretting this.”

Before Green Emperor and the crowd could even come back to their senses, Nine reactivated his cane. Golden array bloomed like giant roses in the void, then Green Emperor’s body turned into a blur and vanished.

His severed arm fell to the ground, with the candied fruit skewer still in its grip and golden blood flowing out of its severed end.

Nine slumped down on the ground, gasping for air while laughing sinisterly.

“Ha…ha, I won! With the blessing that the great existence bestowed upon me, you sinners will never be able to harm me!”

Nine swept his gaze over the crowd and laughed.

“Now that the three most troublesome guys have been banished from here, the rest of this will be easy. I’ll kill that damn dragon princess first, then everyone in the audience until not a single one is left!”

His crazy killing intent filled the air. Some mentally weaker people in the crowd started whimpering under extreme fear. Their most dependable Princess Lesiah seemed to be powerless against this madman. Some pessimistic people had already given up and were just waiting for their death in despair.

Most of the people chose to shove their way out of here while screaming. They wanted to get away from this unpredictable madman as soon as possible, only to be stopped by that barrier. Before the massacre that Nine spoke of had begun, a stampede was already happening. The ground that had been stained red with fish blood earlier was now stained by human blood.

True despair began to spread.

“Dream on!”

Lilith arrived with a powerful strike that could destroy everything that stood in her way. Unsurprisingly, Nine easily dodged it.

“Don’t be in such a hurry, Your Highness. We’ll do this one by one. I haven’t even recovered my strength. I don’t want to take you head on,” Nine said with a smile and appeared in front of Lesiah.

Since Green Emperor had already been banished, Nine no longer had the reason to waste his time by targeting Leniah.

“Your Highness, are you willing to make a small sacrifice for that child?”

He placed his hand tenderly on top of Lesiah’s head, who was unable to move, while he rested his gaze on Lilith who was livid.

“Eat this, and I’ll let this girl go.”

Nine threw out a black pill, which slowly floated to Lilith under Nine’s control.

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“Don’t worry. This pill will only temporarily incapacitate you. It won’t kill you. After all, the ultimate sinner should be punished with a grand ritual.”

After throwing out the pill, Nine waited for Lilith to make a choice. Looking at the seemingly ordinary pill, Lilith clenched her fists and gritted her teeth. For the first time, she felt so powerless.

The most important person to her was right in front of her, yet she could not even protect her. She was just…

“I … will eat it…”

Lilith made her choice, then reached for the black pill with her trembling hand. Lesiah shook her head frantically with tears in her eyes. Due to Nine’s suppression, she could not even make any sound.

“Do not bully my sister!”

An unexpected voice suddenly appeared.

Leniah had stood in front of Lesiah at some point. Her petite and frail body was trembling in fear. Big drops of tears were rolling down her cheeks, but she bravely stood in front of Lesiah to protect her.

“What are you doing, Leniah?! Get over here quickly!” Lilith shouted anxiously.

Leniah shook her head, then looked up at Nine.

“Please don’t bully my sister, all right?” she asked in her baby voice tearfully.

She probably thought that her plea was not sincere enough, so she offered up the only treasure she had on her.

“I’ll give you a candied fruit skewer, so please, don’t bully my sister.”

She looked so pitiful. However, Nine suddenly burst out laughing while looking up to the sky.

“Haha! How touching! I almost feel a little bad to do this after seeing your sisterly love, but…”

Nine suddenly snatched the candied fruit skewer from Leniah. He slightly lifted up the white paper in front of his face, revealing a stubbled chin. He finished the candied fruit skewer with two or three bites, then threw the bamboo skewer away with a hand.

Licking his lips, he viciously said, “One candied fruit skewer can hardly satisfy me.”


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