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Chapter 5-20: Crisis

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Author: We Ain’t Fish Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2400 characters
Translator: Myuu English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1455 words
Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

“It seems like I have no choice but to kill everyone…”

Nine dropped his arms to his sides and finally gave up his meaningless act. As his sanity crumbled, despair and violence filled his voice.

He still could not accept the reality and kept muttering something to deceive himself.

“As long as all the witnesses disappear, I can pretend that this never happened, hehe…”

“No. Even if you kill everyone here, you still won’t be able to take off that dress.” Lilith smiled at him then added, “Anyway, that pink princess dress fits you quite nicely. Such a perfect combination of a rugged man in a pink dress could basically be considered Big Ivan, the king of bombs in the history of arts. Why do you insist on taking it off?”


Nine trembled with anger and humiliation. “I’ll start with you then. As long as I have the dragon princess as a hostage, making them tell me the way to take off this ridiculous dress will be no difficult task.”

Lilith sneered. “You’re welcome to try it.”

Lilith clenched her fist and punched the open space to her side. The air shook, and a figure that should not appear in that spot gradually appeared.

It was Nine, who was frustrated at his own incompetence in the middle of the square earlier. He was now standing just less than two steps away from Lilith.

He blocked Lilith’s attack with his cane that had a golden pattern on it. The paper on his face fluttered lightly.

“How did you find out?” Surprise filled his voice.

“Take a guess.”

Lilith smiled cunningly. Her golden eyes shone brightly and in the next moment, her limbs glowed with the luster of jade. She had activated the White Jade Style and the dragon blood in her was boiling.

She was almost at her peak condition.

Facing a saint-level enemy like Nine, Lilith did not dare to push her luck too far. She started off with the strongest punch she could manage in her strongest state.

The wind that her fist generated scattered and like a storm, it swept everything up. Though not even a direct hit, a huge crater of about a hundred meters was formed in the ground before her.

Lilith squinted as her eyes darted about the rising dust and smoke.

Not here.

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Nine had vanished in just a flash. Even with Lilith’s superior eyesight, she could not see how he moved.

That meant…

“It seems like that toy in your hand can do more than just amplifying effects, right?”
“As expected of the dragon princess. It’s hard to imagine how terrifying you’ll be in a few years’ time when you’re already this surprisingly powerful at your age.”

Nine’s admiring voice came from the right side.

Lilith spun to the left instead, and mercilessly whipped her leg toward Nine, who had just appeared.


The huge impact shook the ground around them, but the golden barrier that suddenly appeared in front of Lilith remained perfectly still.

This was simply not the capability that a saint-level expert should have.

Lilith’s eyes rested on the cane in Nine’s hand. The golden pattern on it almost seemed alive. It glowed and faded along with Nine’s breathing, like a sleeping baby.

“Tsk.” Lilith clicked her tongue in annoyance.

The ability to amplify Nine’s ability to the extent of being able to banish everything away, forming an incredibly powerful barrier instantaneously and teleporting its user anywhere was nothing an ordinary sacred artifact could do.

“That’s a fine treasure.”
“Thanks for the compliment. This is a sacred artifact bestowed upon me by a great existence. It’s not something that can be compared to those broken toys in this world.”
“A great… existence…?”

Lilith’s gaze dimmed slightly. It seemed like the mastermind behind all this was even more terrifying than she had imagined. It was even likely that it might be an existence that was far beyond the level of this world.

Although she had no idea why that existence would target such an innocent, lovely, pure, harmless, beautiful and kind person like herself, she was certain that she was not qualified to make enemies with that kind of terrifying existence yet.

That was why… she must at least be able to protect those around her. Lilith took a deep breath and tried to regain her focus. This was not the time to think about all this.

She got into her fighting stance. Fueled by the boiling dragon blood in her, the will to fight burned inside her.

“Come on, let’s continue. I’m going to find out how many punches that turtle shell of yours could take.”
“I’ve suddenly changed my mind.”

Nine, however, suddenly pulled away from Lilith.

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“I’ve no desire to continue this fight.”

Lilith stared at Nine in disbelief, unable to understand his intentions.

“I see. You’re trying to deceive me with words so that you can find an opportunity to sneak an attack and finish me with one hit, right?”

Lilith did not dare to let her guard down. Nine could appear anywhere at any time with that weird cane of his. The moment she let her guard down, she would be doomed.

“I truly have no desire to fight with you.”

Nine really seemed like he did not have any intention of attacking her.

“Or maybe I should say fighting with you is not worth it.”
“You think I’m going to believe your b̲u̲l̲l̲s̲h̲i̲t̲?” Lilith snorted. “I don’t think a madman will return to normal this soon.”

The killing intent that escaped Nine, who nearly lost his mind earlier, and his words about killing everyone here were no doubt real. There was no way an act would be this convincing.

“No, I think you’ve misinterpreted my intentions. I said I don’t have the desire to fight with you because I realized that you’re more troublesome than I expected, but…”

Nine smiled sinisterly. “I never said anything about not killing you, I’m just changing my approach.”

“What?!” Lilith finally understood the intention behind Nine’s words.

If he did not want to fight with her but still wanted to kill her… Then the only way to do that was…

Lilith snapped her head around and shouted at Lesiah, “WATCH OUT, THIS GUY’S TARGET IS…”

“Hey, that’s not nice of you to tell her.”

Nine suddenly vanished from the spot where he was standing. Lesiah’s eyes widened as her heart missed a beat. As a martial practitioner, her honed instinct was telling her that an immense danger was approaching her.

“Don‘t worry, I won’t kill you right away.” A cold voice appeared in her ears, like the whispers of a demon. The terrifying aura Lesiah sensed caused her to tense up.

Unsurprisingly, Nine was targeting Lesiah directly.

“I’m not a weakling!”

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Lesiah clenched her teeth and immediately unsheathed her silver longsword. She spun her sword behind her, creating the illusion of a rising moon behind her before it turned into countless ripples of cold light as she lunged her sword at Nine.

Nine gently swatted in front of him, easily slapping away Lesiah’s silver sword from her grip.

Nine sneered disdainfully. “Fancy moves, but they’re completely useless.”

While saying that, Nine was already just a step away from Lesiah. He reached out and gently lifted Lesiah’s chin with a finger.

“You’re very beautiful. Unfortunately, I have to destroy you because you’re involved with that sinner. I guess I could spare you, but that will come with a few conditions.”

Lesiah sneered disdainfully back at him and spat, “Do you think a cross-dressing pervert like yourself is qualified to negotiate with me?”

Nine laughed angrily upon hearing her insult. “Fine. If punishment is what you want, then so be it.”

He channeled more magic power into his cane, turning it into an extremely sharp blade. Just a stab to this beautiful woman’s vital spot and she would wilt like a flower.

However, Nine was not going to do that yet. He had to keep this girl alive to deal with that troublesome dragon princess, but it was inevitable for her to lose one or two important body parts in the process.

“Stop it or I’ll let you have a taste of something worse than death!”

When Lilith saw Nine was about to bring his cane down, her heart was in her throat.

Her golden pupils reddened as if dyed with blood as she stared at Nine. The violent aura that was emanating from her could almost freeze the air.

Nine did not heed her warning. He brought the cane in his hand down quickly while chuckling.

“Haha, sure. I have never experienced something that is worse than death.”


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