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Chapter 5-141: The Significance of the Queen’s Blood

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Author: We Ain’t Fish Original Source: SFACG
Translator: Myuu English Source: Re:Library
Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

“Fear, yet unyielding; pain, yet undeterred. For us, fear and pain are the essence of our spiritual sustenance that we crave, the very source of our pleasure!”

Luna wrapped her arm around herself with such intensity that Princess Estelle could hear the ribs shifting inside her.

Yet, Luna showed no sign of pain. Instead, her face took on an eerie scarlet hue, a physical manifestation of her extreme exhilaration.

“The longing for pain, the drive for strength, combined with the powerful bloodline of the dragon, leads us to become stronger through frustration. The more we are crushed by superior strength, the more we yearn for a higher level of power. Even if we are shattered to pieces, we can still be reborn from the remnants. Our flesh, blood, and soul will transcend to higher planes. Dragons don’t see it as pain, no. They endure pain, they seek it relentlessly, as true masochists! This… is the real source of a dragon’s might!”

Princess Estelle stared at Luna, her lips parting slightly in astonishment. This was a side of Luna she had never witnessed. From a young age, Estelle had been groomed by her mother to defeat Luna, viewing her as her ultimate adversary.

Estelle had dedicated herself to studying Luna—her habits, preferences, training routines. She even knew what time she woke up or slept, and how many hours she would spend reading books or daydreaming every day.

Not only that, she knew that she had guqin lessons every Wednesday, and would go to her favorite dim sum on West Street to buy freshly baked pastries every Saturday.

These details were once pieces of a puzzle for Estelle. She thought that as long she could piece them all together, she would discover a strategy to defeat Luna. Of course, this was all before Estelle met Tylor.

The Luna of the past was arrogant and self-centered. She was dismissive of everything around her. Her innate talents and strength seemed to fuel these traits.

When Luna defeated Estelle back then, she would leave without a word, not even a sarcasm. She merely cast a fleeting glance at her bruised opponent and then nonchalantly walked away, as if nothing in the world could capture her interest.

But now, in just half a year, Luna had changed. She… became a real… pervert?

Luna was still lost in her own world. Princess Estelle could clearly hear the sound of her bones breaking, but Luna seemed oblivious and merely let a soft moan of pleasure escape her instead.

Despite acknowledging Luna’s newfound strength, Princess Estelle remained skeptical of her views on the Heart of Dragons. Reflecting on the imposing figure of her master, Estelle found Luna’s claim implausible.

After all, Luna’s explanation would suggest that her esteemed master was also a *********. That seemed unlikely.

“I have a question,” Princess Estelle interjected.

“What is it?” Luna opened her eyes. The flush on her face receded as she rolled her head, realigning her spine with movements reminiscent of a dragon.

The crunching of her bones resettling was audible, but Luna could not help but close her eyes and hum softly in pleasure.

“You’re suggesting that dragons, as masochists, seek out beings stronger than themselves for self-abuse to gain strength, right?” Estelle asked.

“Exactly,” Luna confirmed.

“That does explain why the dragons are powerful, but…” Estelle paused for effect before continuing, “The dragons already stand at the apex of this world’s hierarchy. Where would they find a more powerful being to torture them?”

The dragons’ renowned power, nobility, and rarity, were acknowledged by all beings, be they humans, elves, orcs, or demons.

Even an ordinary dragon like Taylor the Aurora Dragon, had proudly guarded the Holy Dragon Empire for ten thousand years, asserting dominance over the continent and the human nations. This alone demonstrated the immense power of the dragon clan.

And given their immense strength, who could possibly torture them?

“Ah, you’re more perceptive than I thought,” Luna said, seemingly prepared for this line of questioning.

“It’s true that dragons make the most powerful clan in this world, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t someone stronger.”

Princess Estelle frowned. “Who are you referring to as ‘stronger’?”

“The queen’s blood… The dragon queen’s blood!” Luna exclaimed, spreading her arms and tilting her head back as if embracing the sky, a look of rapture on her face.

“This desire to be tortured is indeed the Heart of Dragons, that’s not the case for everyone. The queen, who reigns over the dragon clan and stands atop their hierarchy, possesses a different kind of heart… Her Heart of Dragons is… The desire to torment!”

“Nonsense!” Princess Estelle exclaimed in disbelief, her voice tinged with shock.

Abuse? Torment? Was she suggesting the dragon clan was a group of masochists being led by a sadistic leader? If such a theory were to become public, Luna would face a barrage of criticism from dragon scholars across the continent!

Unperturbed by Estelle’s reaction, Luna continued with her theory, “Indeed, there’s a limit to how much one can be tortured though. That limit is defined by the power of the tormentor. If every dragon is a *********, the clan would soon hit a developmental ceiling. But what if the dragon clan could rely on themself to metaphorically reach the sky? What if the queen’s blood ruling them were the ultimate *********?”

“The queen’s blood has limitless potential. This ultimate desire to be tortured would fuel their thirst for power. After all, only with power can one torment the others, and this power, in turn, would further drive the other dragons, who are inclined toward being tortured. Imagine a clan driven by such dynamics. Isn’t it a terrifying thought?”

If Lilith were present, she would likely be astounded by Luna’s insights, as Luna had correctly deduced the current state of the entire dragon clan. She was right. The dragon clan was currently a group of masochists seeking self-destruction, led by a supreme ****** queen.

While Lilith might not admit it herself, there was a possibility that her innate desire had begun to manifest quietly.

Princess Estelle, however, remained skeptical. How could the noble and exalted dragons in legends be a bunch of perverts? Anyone would think Luna was fabricating stories.

“Forget it, I don’t expect you to believe me anyway,” Luna said, dismissing the matter. She then playfully lifted Princess Estelle’s chin, licking her scarlet lips with a teasing look in her eyes. “Since you too possess dragon blood, perhaps we can conduct an experiment.”

“What kind of experiment?” A bad feeling suddenly washed over Princess Estelle.


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