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Chapter 5-128: Going All Out

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Author: We Ain’t Fish Original Source: SFACG
Translator: Myuu English Source: Re:Library
Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

Dowd turned his head stiffly to the other side, only to discover that the guest of honor, Miss Fenice, who had been napping all this while, was now beaming with enthusiasm.

She did not seem like someone who had just woken up from a nap. Her face flushed with excitement as she gripped the participant list in her hands tightly.

Dowd suddenly had a really bad feeling.

“Um… Miss Fenice, we’re still on-air… Could you please return those to me?”


Fenice completely ignored him. Her gaze was fixed on the live broadcast screen, and her hands were trembling with excitement.

“Finally, the moment I’ve been waiting for—Her Highness’ match!”


“Her… Highness?”

Is she one of Princess Luna’s crazy fans?
Princess Luna has maintained a low profile for quite some time now, and outsiders these days have barely heard of her name. How could she have crazy fans?
To maintain unwavering admiration for Princess Luna after three years had passed—that’s what a crazy fan is!

In that instant, various thoughts ran through Dowd’s mind and he immediately caught onto something ominous.

It was clearly written there on the participant list that Princess Luna’s nickname was “Dog”, which was an extremely humiliating name.

If Miss Fenice sees that, will she be upset about it and cause a scene in the studio?
What will happen to my career then…?

Dowd’s eyes revealed a hint of despair…

Fortunately, Dowd’s fear was unfounded. Fenice simply pulled out a bandana with “The Princess Will Win” written on it and a cheer stick from somewhere.

She boldly stepped onto the table with one foot and shouted with unparalleled fervor, “GO FOR IT, YOUR HIGHNESS! DEFEAT THE OPPONENTS!”

Dowd still was not relieved even though Fenice was merely cheering for the princess. He felt something chilly behind him that made his scalp tingle.

He reckoned that Fenice was indeed a die-hard fan to be able to accept everything about Princess Luna, including her nickname—”Dog”.

If she were to witness Princess Luna’s defeat, would she do something drastic such as shouting “since my favorite idol has lost, none of you are getting out here alive so let’s go down together!” and pulling out an explosive scroll for a suicide attack?

No. I don’t want to die yet. I still have 155 gold coins, 366 silver coins, and 52 copper coins hidden under my bed at home!

“Young lady, you should maintain your composure. Getting too excited can easily age you,” Elder Grez commented with a smile as he stroked his beard.

Dowd let out a long sigh of relief, feeling as if he had found someone to rely on.

Yes, Elder Grez is here. I have no reason to fear a suicidal attack.
It seems like I have experienced too many nervous breakdowns during this period, and I am on edge about every little thing.

On the screen, the members from the two teams had begun their initial contact. Almost everyone’s attention was about to shift to the showdown between Princess Luna and Princess Estelle, so no one really bothered about the pause in Dowd’s commentary.

Dowd had already foreseen that his commentary career would be rough after this event. His superior remained silent on the headset. It felt like the calm before a storm, and he might be terminated from his job at any moment. He knew he needed to find an alternative solution.

Dowd secretly took out a spectrum stone and input a specific frequency.

The spectrum stone projected a clean-looking interface, save for two strings of numbers—one red and one green—that were rapidly changing.

The red numbers were changing rapidly, while the green ones remained relatively still.

Dowd’s eyes were bloodshot as he kept tapping on the red numbers, muttering to himself as if he was chanting a spell, “Princess Estelle will definitely win this match. There will be no unexpected surprises. Although everyone has the same idea as me, any earning is still an earning!”

After placing a bet of fifty gold coins, Dowd exhaled with satisfaction.

This move would earn him roughly two gold coins, and combined with the earlier bets he placed with his insider information, Dowd had already netted more than thirty gold coins in just one morning.

This was nearly equivalent to his annual salary!

“Who would still be willing to work if they could earn money this quickly?”
“What are you doing?”

The sudden voice startled Dowd, and he hurriedly covered the spectrum stone in response.

However, the person beside him had clearly seen the content. She pointed at him with her slender finger and exclaimed with an exaggerated expression, “You’re gambling!”

Dowd covered the sound amplifier device and hissed, “Keep your voice down!”

Staff members of the tournament were strictly forbidden from participating in such activities. If discovered, not only would they lose their jobs, but they would also be thrown into a prison.

He cast a glance at Elder Grez on the other side. Fortunately, he was too engrossed in the match to notice.

Dowd let out a sigh of relief. He looked at Fenice with puppy-like eyes, giving her a pleading look.

“Why do I have to keep my voice down?”

Fenice frowned in confusion, her eyes scanning Dowd up and down before realization dawned on her.

“Oh! You don’t want me to be part of it! You want to make money on your own!”
“Of course not…”

Dowd was ready to counter whatever Fenice might say but stumbled over his words. He gazed at Fenice with a mix of disbelief and suppressed excitement.

“You mean… you want in too?”
“Of course, who doesn’t like shiny gold, silver, and copper coins?” Fenice gave him a strange look.
“Fine, I’ll share with you the spectrum stone frequency!”

With that, Fenice quickly transformed into Dowd’s ally. Not only that, being a crazy fan of Princess Luna, Fenice did not hesitate to frantically tap on the column with green numbers upon entering the betting interface.

Her hand moved so swiftly quickly that it generated wind! The green numbers continued to rise and soon surpassed the red column.

Moreover, after Fenice sent a message to someone, the green column rose like crazy. In just a few seconds, it became several times greater than the red numbers!

Dowd gasped the moment he realized how wealthy Princess Luna’s crazy fans must be!

At the same time, Dowd felt a sudden rush of blood to his head. He stared intently at the string of numbers in his hand, and his fingers began to tremble…

This was his opportunity to turn things around… The chance to get rich overnight… The chance to bid farewell to his naggy superior…—everything was within his reach…

After careful consideration and confirming Princess Luna’s slim chances against Princess Estelle, Dowd slowly moved his finger toward the screen.

He was prepared to wager his entire fortune!

A total of 155 gold coins, 360 silver coins, and 52 copper coins!

No… Not enough! The earning won’t be enough!

Dowd’s eyes turned bloodshot as he decided to go all in. Alongside his entire fortune, he added his property—a two-story high-end real estate situated in the third section of Center Street, an inheritance from his grandfather.

His great-grandfather was rumored to be a humble commoner before eventually becoming a prime minister, wielding significant influence within the government. However, he mysteriously passed away in the end.

Though only this property remained, its value was immeasurable! By rebranding the property as the residence of the ex-ex-ex-ex-ex-prime minister, it could be sold for at least five thousand gold coins!

After completing all these transactions, Dowd let out a long sigh of relief and sank into his chair.

The decisive match between Princess Luna and Princess Estelle had just begun, but the decisive match of his own life… had just ended.

Commentary? What’s that? I QUIT!


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