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Chapter 5-11: Assassin

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Author: We Ain’t Fish Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2838 characters
Translator: Myuu English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1577 words
Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

After making the three-year deal with Lesiah, all the focus was now placed on the preparations for Leniah’s ascension.

Ascension had never been a simple matter. All the past emperors spent a few months preparing for it, and the public was informed in advance that a new ruler would take over the throne.

However, Leniah’s ascension was so sudden that not only the preparations had to be rushed, there was not enough time to properly inform the public either. All they did was post an announcement on the ascension, but the princess was not named. This had never happened before in history.

Fortunately, information spreads extremely slowly in this world. After all, spectrum stones were something that only a minority could afford. By the time news of this had spread throughout the entire empire, Leniah’s position would already be long secured.

Even so, they still had to deal with those hundred thousand people who came to witness the ceremony. If this was not done right, then it would not be long before those with ill intentions would round up insurgents and demand power to be returned to the rightful owner. This would definitely cause disorder in the entire empire.

Therefore, whether or not Leniah’s ascension to the throne would be deemed a rightful one and accepted by the people all hinged on this.


The sound of a bell echoed throughout the capital city, signifying that Leniah’s ascension ceremony was about to officially begin.

Lilith withdrew her gaze from the bell that tolled, then turned around to look behind her. “Not bad. Looks like I was worried for nothing,” she said in relief.

Leniah stood there, already dressed in a gorgeous robe, which was hand-sewn by the royal tailor of the dragon clan, with the help of a group of maids.

There were no unexpected accidents that Lilith had been wary of. Gulch did not come empty-handed after three days of work, and claimed that what he had made was actually the empress’ new clothes. Leniah’s robe was perfect.

The pure black background signified archaic magnificence. A huge beast, that was the symbol of the royal family, was embroidered on the robe with golden threads. It was so vivid, as if it would jump out of the robe at any time.

Her crown was merely the size of a baby fist, and was not adorned with many precious jewels. As if imbued with magic, it was a dazzling sight to behold. Anyone who laid eyes upon it would involuntarily avert their gaze, as if afraid to taint the crown with their gaze.

Although it was not adorn with plentiful jewels, no one doubted if the crown could represent the noble status of the empress. It was almost like its very existence was synonymous with the symbol of nobility.

“How beautiful…”

Even Lesiah was stunned at the sight of it.

Leniah’s adorable face was currently covered by light makeup that enhanced her features even more. Even the best dollmaker in the world would probably sigh at her perfect face.

“Where’s Gulch?”
“It seems like Akarin has given him some other work,” Green Emperor replied.
“Is that so? I’ll have to give them their rewards later.”

Lilith nodded, feeling very pleased.

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She initially invited those guys here with expectation that they would screw up along the way. Not only did they prove her wrong, they even did an outstanding job. How could the Dragon Princess bear to go on without rewarding them?

After all, appropriate incentives were the way of the royal family.

“Your Highness, the sweet soup for Little Princess is here.” A maid appeared at the door, holding an exquisite small porcelain bowl.
“Bring it over.”

The maid walked past the other maids who were huddled around Leniah to put the final touches on her. She kept her head lowered and seemed distracted.

As she passed Leniah, she stumbled over something even though everyone had moved out of her way, and spilled the sweet soup on Leniah.

“Ah! Sorry, I’m sorry! I am too careless! I will clean it up right now!”

Sweat beaded the maid’s forehead. She hurriedly took out a handkerchief and scrambled to clean Leniah’s robe, but her hands stopped in midair.

The robe that Gulch sewed seemed to have the ability of self-purification. The sweet soup that was spilled on it immediately vanished.

The maid stared at it blankly for a moment, before her eyes suddenly glowed coldly. She clenched her teeth. Before anyone had the time to react, she tossed her handkerchief, revealing a sharp dagger in her hand and lunged it at Leniah.

Everything happened in just the blink of an eye. Even if the other maids had detected the maid’s malicious intention, they were too late to stop it. They could only watch helplessly as the gleaming dagger came closer and closer to Leniah.

Lilith had a weird look on her face.

“An assassin?”
“Looks like it,” Green Emperor replied, but he had already vanished.

A piercing rang out. It was not Leniah’s, but the maid who was armed with a dagger.

Green Emperor appeared behind her. His shadow loomed over her like a giant.

The assassin looked at her arm in disbelief. It was all twisted up, from her wrist to her elbow. White broken bones protrude from her flesh. Blood soaked her entire arm.

The other maids snapped to their senses, and rushed forward to shield Leniah behind them. Two maids covered the little princess’ eyes and ears, as they stared at their former colleague warily.

Green Emperor gripped the assassin’s head.


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Lilith glanced at Lesiah, who looked furious. “Find out the mastermind.”


Green Emperor applied a little force to his grip. The force that could almost crush her skull gave the maid excruciating pain.

“Say it, who is commanding you?”
“Dream on!”

The maid’s face contorted hideously. The pain in her arm and head almost made her lose consciousness, but the warmth that came from the large hand which was gripping her head kept her conscious.

“That’s a pity.”

Green Emperor suddenly released the maid.

Before the maid could even relish in the feeling of going from hell to heaven, Green Emperor made a small cut on his index finger with his nail. A drop of faint golden blood immediately oozed out of his fingertip.

He then dripped that drop of blood into the maid’s mouth.

“What… are you trying to do…?”
“My blood is highly poisonous.”

The maid retched, trying her best to spit out that blood of unknown effect. But it was too late. The blood had directly entered her body.

“It’s not only deadly, but it will also let you die an excruciating death.”

Black spots suddenly appeared all over the maid’s arm. They started to expand and emit a pungent stench.

“Your flesh will start decaying now, but the vitality in my blood will protect your internal organs. This means you will slowly rot away into a pile of internal organs. By then, you will still remain conscious.”

The maid’s face first turned horrified, then contorted in extreme pain.

“The pain of your flesh slowly decaying is real,” Green Emperor commented indifferently, as if he had just dissected a frog in a science class.

“Judging from the toughness of your flesh, I’d say this will last about three hours.”

Only half a minute of such an ordeal was enough to drain color from the maid’s face, let alone three hours. She writhed in pain, like fish out of water.

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The other maids watched on with a pale face. Having to watch such a scene was like a harsh punishment itself.

“I… I’ll say it!. It’s… Lord Augustus. He ordered me to do this…” The maid finally gave in and spilled the beans.

“You are my servant, why did you listen to Lord Augustus?” Lesiah questioned.

“He has my family… I-If I don’t listen to him, my family will be dead…”

Blood streamed down the maid’s face. She did not seem to be lying.

“Let her go for now,” Lilith said with a sigh.


Green Emperor tapped between the maid’s brow, and the decaying of her body immediately halted.

He then instructed the other maids on the side, “Get a doctor to scrape the rotten flesh off her body. It will grow back in no time.”

The maids acknowledged, all feeling their hair standing on end.

“As expected of my poison dragon who has a soft spot for animals. Your way of doing things is simply exemplary,” Lilith praised.

“You’re flattering me, Your Highness.”

Although that was what he said, Lilith could kind of see an invisible huge tail wagging behind Greenie.

“Well then, perhaps Greenie can go and exterminate that Augustus guy now.”
“Understood, I will…”
“Wait,” Lesiah suddenly interrupted, “Never mind about that.”
“Hm? Are you sure you really want to let the culprit off the hook?”
“It’s fine.”

Fury burned in Lesiah’s eyes as she clenched her fists tightly.

“Since we’ve already got the evidence, giving Augustus his just punishment is only a matter of time. I would love to dispose of that old man by my hands too, but…”

Lesiah glanced at the maid who had lost her consciousness and said, “That old man still has her family. We should proceed cautiously and leave this until a later time. For now, our priority is still Leniah’s ascension ceremony.”


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