Chapter 4-162: An Attack

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Author: We Ain’t Fish Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2174 characters
Translator: Myuu English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 965 words
Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

As night fell, the light of one of the small mud huts was still on. The figure that was sleeping against the small table woke up with a sudden jerk, and rose up slowly, knocking down a tiny wooden item, sending it rolling on the ground.

With the figure’s vision still blurry, it was unable to tell between reality and dream.

Moments later, the hut was finally plunged into full darkness when the last candle burned itself out. The sudden darkness returned Titan 12138’s attention to reality. She wiped her face, forcing herself awake.

‘Ahh… I’ve fallen asleep. Looks like I’m getting old.’

A certain object on the table caught her attention and immediately dispelled her fatigue. Her old body reacted like a cheetah as she shot forward to grab that object with surprising precision despite the darkness.

Relief washed over her when she felt that the object remained undamaged with her hand covered with calluses.

‘I must never lose this. There’s no replacement for it.’

Titan 12138 lit up another candle wick, and the object was finally illuminated. It was a small wooden statue. A wooden statue of a young girl. While her face was not completed, a strong spiritual energy emanated from the statue. The statue was not even 10cm tall. Its hand was holding something that was not there, as it was taking a swing. The small statue looked like it was alive.

Titan 12138 let out a long sigh, clearing her thoughts that were filled with trouble. Her old eyes could still see well enough in the dim light. She picked up her carving knife and continued her work on the most important part of the statue.


Lesiah sat on the big pink bed in the palace. Light filtered into the room through the hide door. There was a frown on her face as she looked out into the night.

Something’s… Not right.

As the eldest princess, Lesiah had an accurate biological clock drilled into her by the head maid Miss Sheila. She would always wake up without fail at dawn. But on this day, the sky remained dark even an hour after she woke up.

Is this because of the time difference?

Lesiah shook her head, ‘This can’t be it. I’ve calculated the time difference between this dimension and the world outside.’

She was quite shocked when she discovered that the dimension shared the same time as the outside world.

‘Since there’s no time difference, there’s no way my biological clock is wrong… Why is the night extra long?’

Lesiah stole a glance at Lilith who was sleeping beside her.

As a legendary dragon princess, Lilith had a very unsightly look when she slept. She held a pillow as she slept, while her blanket was already nowhere to be found. The strap to her nightgown had gotten loose, revealing half her breast.

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Lilith was just like a baby. Her golden hair was spread across the entire bed. Her eyebrows were creased together. There was no telling if she was having a good or bad dream from the twitching of her eyelid. She was mumbling through her tiny mouth. The dragon princess was even slightly drooling.

So cute…

Lesiah could not resist the urge to pinch such an unguarded Lilith.

But before she could act, memories of the previous night flooded her mind. Lesiah blushed at that thought and gritted her teeth.

‘No, I’ll not fall for that again!’

“Dong! Dong!”

A rhythmic sound roused the titans from their sleep. The village was immediately illuminated by countless torches. Silhouettes could be seen moving about the village. The exterior of the palace was bustling with activity.

Lesiah immediately sat up to have a look. She knew what the noise meant. The titans had also prepared for such an eventuality.

But… aren’t they a little too fast?

“Mmmm? What happened?”

Lilith who was roused from her sleep was still feeling groggy. She rubbed her unfocused eyes and asked, “Is it time for breakfast?”

“What breakfast? It’s the black devils!”

Lesiah immediately picked up Lilith’s discarded clothing while preparing herself for battle as well.

“Hurry, we don’t have much time.”
“The black devils?!” Lilith was shocked awake, “That’s too soon!”
“I have no idea what’s going on. But the situation is more dangerous than what we’ve expected.” Lesiah put on her armor and tied her hair into her ponytail. She gave off the aura of a valkyrie heading into battle.

Lilith slowly took down the panties that Lesiah had thrown on her head and noticed the activity outside. Her expression turned serious immediately, “It seems that I’ll have to meet them with my full strength. This ends today.”


Lesiah finally understood why the sky was dark. Because the sky itself had completely changed. A dark sun hung in a red sky. It was a sight that Lilith and Lesiah were familiar with. The red sky that we saw at Cornelia… Why is it here?


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An ear splitting roar of a dragon snapped them out of their thoughts. Lilith and Lesiah’s face paled when they saw a dozen skeletal dragons appearing in the sky.

Beneath them were a large wave of skeleton army. Unlike the simple skeletons taken out by Lilith, these skeletons appeared in different shapes and sizes. There were even five of them that were hundreds of meters tall. With a ghastly glow in their eyes, they caused tremors with their advancing strides.

Lesiah finally realized that she had been too naive. The traps she had set up against the black devils were like fireworks to the gigantic skeletal lifeforms.

No wonder the village was in chaos.

Its population of a few hundred was being besieged by hundreds of thousands of enemies.


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