Chapter 4-68: Hangover

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Author: We Ain’t Fish Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2614 characters
Translator: Myuu English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1594 words
Editor(s): Yanga, Deximus_Maximus

When the first sunlight shone upon this land in the morning, the hardworking titans woke up and started a day of work.

They picked fruits and went hunting. Every house started a fire for cooking. The smoke that came out from the chimneys announced a brand new day.

The day of darkness had passed and the black devils were easily slain by their king. The sun was no longer terrifyingly black and the psychological burden on the titans’ minds was lifted.

The future was no longer an illusion to them, but a bright prospect within their reach.

The titans finally wore genuine smiles on their faces. The sounds of children playing gradually grew louder in the village but soon died down when they were reprimanded by adults.

That was because the king was still resting.

The children nodded ignorantly and gazed at the royal bedchamber in awe.

They didn’t know what was going on, but the adults told them not to disturb the king for now because she had an important business to deal with.

The titans had a lot waiting for them to do too.

For example, burying their dead companions and then holding a simple funeral for them according to the custom passed down by the king a thousand years ago.

Even so, given the death toll, digging the grave alone was a huge project itself.

Even if the day of darkness had passed and the dark cloud looming over the titans’ heads had dispersed, sadness lingered in the air when the titans saw the pale lifeless faces of their family and friends lying in the simple coffins.

All they could do was to only sing the folk song that had been passed down since ancient times to bid their final farewell to their family members.

“You are my little, little apple…”1

Titan 12138 sat before the embers of the bonfire from the night before. She poked the dying charcoal fire while listening to the sad farewell song sung by her tribe, but her eyes were on the royal bedchamber.

A titan child came over and looked at the royal bedchamber curiously. “Grandma Matriarch, what is the king doing right now?”


Titan 12138 was caught off guard by the question. She thought for a moment, then stroked the child’s head lovingly. “I think… the king is searching for her true love.”

“True love? But I heard from daddy that the other person inside is a girl. Does true love exist between two girls?”

The question put a nostalgic smile on the old titan’s face.

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“Silly child. The king once said that any love for the purpose of procreation is impure. I think someone as noble as her majesty will definitely dismiss that kind of filthy love. What she longed for must be true and pure love.”

“Really?” The child’s innocent eyes widened.

“Then I’ll search for pure love like her majesty too when I grow up!”



Lilith cracked open her eyes, only to be greeted by the sight of an unfamiliar ceiling.

“Oh right, I’m in that small world.”

She sat up and stretched. Her jade-like skin glowed in the morning sun. But all of a sudden, she felt a sharp pain in her head.

Ever since Lilith learned the White Jade Style and gave up on the meridians in her body, she had been in this state whereby all the battle qi in her body were continuously fusing into her flesh. By right, one could only stay in this state for a short while. For Elder White, he could only last ten minutes in his White Jade Style state. But for Lilith, she could stay in this state all the time because firstly, her body was already overflowing with magical power and there was no space to accommodate battle qi. Secondly, her powerful body had adapted to being in this state.

However, despite her powerful body, she still couldn’t escape an inevitable hangover.

“Ugh… I never thought I’d experience a hangover.”

Lilith knew it. The titans’ former king really wasn’t someone decent to be burying a jar of wine that was strong enough to make a dragon drunk. She had no idea either what the latter added into the wine. The taste of wine was absent and the beverage tasted as smooth as freshly squeezed fruit juice.

And how dare she name it ‘oolong tea’?!

Lilith was about to pound her fist on the bed in annoyance, but suddenly realized that something felt off.

Something seemed… to be wrapping around her?

And it felt like… a person?

Lilith lifted the quilt which she couldn’t remember how it found its way on her in the first place, and cold sweat instantly rolled down her forehead.

That was because…

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There was a naked silver-haired beauty lying next to her.

What is going on? Is this the so-called drunk sex?

Lilith’s brain was jammed for two seconds before she quickly combed through her memories.

Nope… Nope… Nothing at all…

She totally had no recollection of how this princess named Lesiah ended up in her bed.

She had no recollection of whatever happened after she finished that ‘oolong tea’ left in the jar in one go. Even now, what transpired during those few hours were blank pages in her mind.

Just when she was lost in the chaos of her mind, Lesiah stirred awake with a soft groan.

When she realized that she was holding onto Lilith’s arm tightly, she was stunned for three seconds before her eyes widened like saucers. With the loudest voice she ever used in her entire life, she shrieked.


Lilith looked at Lesiah who was trembling in the corner while clutching onto the quilt in confusion. A few moments later, she cautiously asked, “Do you know what happened between us last night…?”

“Y-You… are acting dumb after doing all those things to me last night?”

“All those things…?” The expression on Lilith’s face gradually stiffened. “You’re saying…”

Lesiah glared daggers at her and nodded.

“That can’t be…”

Lilith only felt this whole thing was as absurd as those cliched plots in tv dramas.

She was a girl now. She didn’t even have the necessary ‘tool’ to commit the crime, so how could she possibly do that to someone?

At most, they were only scissoring each other right?

Was it a crime to scissor another girl?

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She didn’t seem to recall any laws pertaining to that in her previous life and this life.

Therefore, the things she did last night weren’t actually a crime, right?!

Yes, that was definitely it! I didn’t do anything wrong!

“Are you awake, our king?”

Titan 12138’s voice came from outside.

“I’m up, I’m up!”

Lilith quickly got up and got dressed. She glanced at the bed out of the corner of her eyes and breathed a sigh of relief when she didn’t see the stuff that she was most worried about.

After she put on her clothes, she hesitated for a moment before taking out a larger-sized dress that she happened to have and tossed it to Lesiah.

“Ahem, I seem to have done something terrible to you last night. I apologize for that and I’ll make it up to you in the future. Since this is something that will affect our reputations negatively and we’re both girls, whatever happened last night stays here. That would be the best for both of us.”

After throwing out the… classic douchebag line, Lilith ignored Lesiah’s murderous gaze and walked straight out of the royal bedchamber.

As soon as she did, she met Titan 12138’s meaningful glance.

“Our king, how was your sleep?”

“Don’t even mention it…” Lilith waved it off, knowing exactly what Titan 12138 was asking. She could feel her temples throbbing. “Don’t mention anything about last night again.”

“Understood, our king,” Titan 12138 bowed.

“Would you like to have breakfast?”

“Bring it here. I happen to feel a little hungry now,” Lilith replied with a yawn.

Just when the old titan turned around to fetch Lilith her breakfast, Lilith suddenly realized something.

“Hm? Strange. Where are the companions of that self-proclaimed princess?”
“Aren’t they tied up in your royal bedchamber?”
“I recall they were indeed tied up there last night, but…”
“They’re gone this morning. I thought you moved them?” Lilith frowned.

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Titan 12138 shook her head with a serious look on her face. “I wouldn’t do anything without your orders, my king.”

“That means…”

They exchanged looks with each other and came to the same conclusion at the same time. “They escaped.”

The old titan frantically got down on her knees. “It was our incompetence that gave them the opportunity to escape! Please punish us, our king!”

“You guys aren’t to be blamed.” Lilith waved dismissively. “Everyone was drunk last night, it was no surprise that they managed to escape. Besides, it isn’t a problem because their princess is still in my hands. If they have good heads on their shoulders, they won’t dare to act recklessly.”

“But… won’t they expose your identity?”
“Don’t worry.”

Lilith smiled confidently. “I had a deep and friendly conversation with them last night. They should be very well aware of the consequences of divulging my identity.”


  1. TLNote: This is a song, which can be found here: Full translation here:

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