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Chapter 4-98: You Wanna Die?

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Author: We Ain’t Fish Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2045 characters
Translator: Myuu English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1301 words
Editor(s): Yanga, Deximus_Maximus

“Shiloah, go get those two good-for-nothings here.”

Shiloah nearly stopped breathing upon registering Cornelia’s instruction. This human-shaped mosaic actually forced a prideful person like Lady Cornelia to seek help?!

This was no doubt a great humiliation to Lady Cornelia!

However, as soon as he got a clear view of the figure who remained standing after the burst of magic power faded away, he perished the thought of persuading Lady Cornelia to reconsider her decision.

Fatal wounds that were deep enough to show bone covered almost every inch of Lilith’s body. Every single one was enough to kill a warrior in his best condition. But Lilith was still alive and grinning sinisterly while sporting dozens of such wounds on her.

Half of her amber-colored flesh sizzled as white steam rose around her. Her remaining skin was red, like it had been cooked to perfection. Her feet, which were closest to the flow of magic, were charred black. If there was wind, they would probably turn into black ashes and be blown away.

Her clothes were ragged and could barely serve their original purpose. Lilith’s young and beautiful body was laid bare before everyone, but no one had the mood to enjoy the view. After all, none of them was sick enough to appreciate the ‘beautiful sight’ of granulated tissue squirming in the wounds.

Flesh squirmed as the tissues regenerated. Dying flesh fell off, revealing soft, tender skin like that of a newborn baby beneath it.

Even her burnt blond hair was growing at a jaw-dropping speed, until it swept the ground.

A distinct line formed at her waist — the lower part looked like hay in autumn while the upper part was dazzlingly blonde. Taking the waist as the dividing line, the lower part is like dead grass in autumn, and the upper part is soft and dazzlingly beautiful.

And while Shiloah was stunned, ninety percent of those horrifying wounds had healed.

It was almost as if Cornelia’s flow of magic power that could kill a saint-level enemy had only removed a layer of her enemy’s skin.

On top of that, her enemy fully recovered from that in just an instant.

The sight left Shiloah’s black and white cheeks twitching. For the very first time, a strange emotion known as fear arose within him.

Who exactly was the monster here?

He dared not tarry a second longer and quickly took out two specks of light from his chest pocket. The two specks of lights automatically flew outside of the room from his open palm.

With another wave of Cornelia’s small hand, an invisible wave swept toward Lilith once again.

Her opponent didn’t even bother to dodge this time. Instead, she grabbed the invisible wave with her right hand.

The wave was unable to get any closer to Lilith, but it quickly corroded the flesh on its captor’s palm like acid.

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In just a short while, only the pale golden bones of her hand were left.

But Lilith didn’t seem to realize that.


Her molten gold dragon eyes were locked on Cornelia. Even without doing anything, they made Cornelia feel as though she had fallen into a dark abyss.

“That… hurt a lot…”

Lilith raised her left fist and swung toward Cornelia.

The air was compressed by the fist and a loud noise like the sound of a balloon bursting was heard by everyone.

Cornelia’s eyes widened slightly before her figure instantly shifted tens of meters to the side. At the same time, a barrier appeared next to her.

The gust of powerful wind pressure swept through everything. The barrier was instantly shattered, causing Cornelia to stagger a few steps back before she managed to stabilize her footing.

Not only that, but it also left a huge circular dent on the wall behind the spot where she stood.

Cold sweat broke out on Cornelia’s back as she looked at the regretful expression on Lilith’s face in horror.

Monsters weren’t terrifying

But those with a long HP bar, and could learn and think…

Those were terrifying!


Lilith’s regret only lasted for a moment. Like an innocent child filled with wild thoughts, new ideas had started popping up in her mind again.

She charged forward, but her target wasn’t Cornelia this time.

It was the wall.

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Pressing her bony palm tightly against the wall, she then started sprinting.

Sparks were flying everywhere.

As soon as the flesh which was corroded away earlier got regenerated, it was worn away by the friction and the tips of her fingers were gradually sharpened.

This looney is trying to make sharp claws out of her hand!

Cornelia’s cheek twitched. She finally understood why the dragons were so formidable back in the days.

If every single one of them was like Lilith, she wouldn’t be surprised that they would rule over the world.

After making almost one full circle around the room and feeling that her claws were sharp enough, Lilith planted a foot on the wall and propelled herself toward Cornelia once again.


Cornelia pressed her palms together hard. The air in front of her suddenly solidified. However…

“Hee… You can’t do that…”

Lilith’s five sharpened claws thrust into the solidified air like sharp knives.

Inch by inch, they drew closer to Cornelia’s head.

Cornelia’s eyes darkened. Naturally, she wasn’t going to sit idly by and wait for her death. She freed one of her hands and pointed it at Lilith’s feet.

The air around Lilith’s left foot solidified, turning into a strong shackle that restrained Lilith’s movement.

The sharp claw stopped just a few centimeters away from her forehead, and Cornelia could finally breathe a sigh of relief.

Just when she was about to draw back…

“Hee, you can’t just restrain one foot~”

The expression on Cornelia’s face changed slightly as she suddenly remembered something.

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However, it was too late.

Lilith’s trapped foot returned to its original color.

The White Jade Style was partially deactivated.

Then, with her trapped foot as the axis, Lilith started a graceful dance.

The dance of death!


Amidst the horrible sound of bone fracturing, Lilith delivered a 360 kick at Cornelia.

The distance that she previously couldn’t overcome with her hand was now made possible by her foot.

And Cornelia was only able to put up a shabby barrier on such short notice.

Unsurprisingly, the barrier shattered in an instant. Although it absorbed some of the force, Lilith’s kick still connected with Cornelia’s delicate body.

Like a sandbag, Cornelia was sent flying into the wall so hard that she coughed up a mouthful of blood.

She wiped the blood away, looking slightly dazed.

This was her first time getting injured in nearly ten million years.

As Cornelia’s loyal subordinate, Shiloah knew that he couldn’t keep watching from the sidelines. However, going up against an enemy that Lady Cornelia couldn’t even handle was no doubt a suicide.

Hence, he must think of another way.

Shiloah’s gaze fell on Lesiah, who was also a little shaken up by the sight in front of her.

As he recalled… They were companions, right?

Shiloah’s eyes lit up as he tried to reach out and grab Lesiah.

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However, before he could even reach her…


A sharp pain bloomed in Shiloah’s chest, as though he was stabbed by something.


He clutched his chest and knelt on the ground somewhat weakly.

He raised his head and looked at the object that had nailed itself to the wall after passing through him.

And when he did, his body shook involuntarily.

It turned out to be a sharpened pale golden finger bone!

He looked back stiffly…

Only to meet Lilith’s wide molten golden dragon eyes that were locked on him.

“Hee… You wanna die, stick man…?”


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