Chapter 4-97: Humiliation

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Author: We Ain’t Fish Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2152 characters
Translator: Myuu English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1231 words
Editor(s): Yanga, Deximus_Maximus

“A dragon?”

Cornelia finally identified those piercing golden pupils and the terrifying aura that shrouded the entire place. She subconsciously took a step back in disbelief.

“How could that be? Didn’t the dragons go extinct nine million years ago?”

The terrifying race from nine million years ago appeared in her mind. All creatures who heard their roars trembled and cowered before this race.

Powerful bodies, terrifying talent for growth and the innate ability to use dragon language magic spells with the power of law…

Despite their extremely small population, their collective strength ranked top five among all races.

Back in that era, the other races that were equally favored by the heavens could be counted on one hand.

But didn’t that terrifying race vanish nine million years ago because of that one incident?

Cornelia frowned in deep thought.

When the dragons stopped showing themselves for a few million years, everyone thought that the ‘dragon’ race had truly gone extinct. Those who had no choice but to live like fugitives after falling out with the dragon race all came out from their hiding, celebrating their extinction.

Those who were covered in scales and had wings on their back started parading themselves as dragons, even though they could only breathe marsh gas and even needed a lighter to make fire.

Even so, those arrogant creatures never showed up again to ‘smash’ those guys who dared to sully the dragon’s good name.

But why… Why has a legendary dragon shown up here?

“Hehe… Extinct?”

The melodious child-like laugh chilled everyone to their bones. Rather than laughter, it sounded more like the roar of an ancient ferocious beast who just awakened to deter the invasion of their territory.

“Have you been living in a dream all this while?”

Lilith slowly pulled out the dozens of long white hair strands which nailed her to the wall. The friction between her bone and the metallic hair made screeching noises that sounded no different than scratching on a piece of glass with the tip of a knife.

However, the intense pain didn’t even make Lilith wince. To her, this amount of pain was nothing more than an insect bite right now.

Cornelia watched Lilith with an even more serious expression on her face.

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She no longer had the luxury of being imprudent around Lilith, as she could sense the menacing aura her opponent was exuding.

After all, she was a dragon.

Although she looked like an immature brat, she could put such heavy pressure on her at this level. This was something she had never experienced ever since she stepped foot into this level.

Experience and the right understanding of strength weren’t something that could be gained by solely relying on talent. However, this rule didn’t seem to apply to the dragon girl who was grinning in front of her.

Even if this was the case, she would never give in. She also had things that she must protect!


Cornelia took the lead to attack first.

Her long white hair flowed, more than hundred of them rained down on Lilith who had just freed herself. She wasn’t giving her opponent any chance to dodge.

But Lilith had no intention of dodging either.

The hair strands pierced through Lilith’s flesh and nailed themselves to the wall behind her. On the fine hairs was a trace of golden blood.

Lilith didn’t even sway.

She stood there, grinning at Cornelia. Blood that was seeping out of the tiny holes everywhere on her body stopped almost instantly. The residual battle qi that had been keeping Lilith’s recovery ability sealed was rendered ineffective by Lilith’s enhanced recovery rate!

“Hehe… My turn now…”

Licking her wickedly rosy lips, Lilith charged toward Cornelia so quickly that her figure turned into a blur.

So fast!

Cornelia’s eyes widened. She floated then backed away. At the same time, she raised her right hand and an invisible barrier appeared in front of Lilith.

However, Lilith showed no signs of slowing down as though she didn’t notice the barrier and collided right into it.


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A dull noise was heard. The barrier instantly shattered. And Lilith appeared in front of Cornelia.

Enhanced by both the White Jade Style and her intensely agitated dragon blood, her entire body turned from the color of jade to amber, which made it look as though hot magma was flowing under her skin!

She threw a punch and an explosion was heard. The space in front of her first was momentarily compressed into a vacuum.

The expression on Cornelia’s face contorted.

She mustn’t take this head-on!

This was what both her rich experience and intuition told her. That petite fist contained monstrous power in it!

Taking a deep breath, Cornelia put both of her hands in front of her. The distance between her and Lilith instantly stretched.

This strange turn of events caused Lilith’s highly accurate fist to connect with nothing but air.

With a loud bang, a huge crater with a diameter of several meters was created in the ground which was unscathed by Lilith’s earlier attack.

There was no way Cornelia would claim her head was harder than the ground after witnessing the might of Lilith’s fist.

Retracting her fist, Lilith tilted her head in confusion.

But her gaze immediately returned to Cornelia. Rather than trying to comprehend the incomprehensible things, she preferred to tear the prey in front of her to pieces right now.


Lilith took the offensive again. It was another simple attack, with her charging straight at her opponent.


In Cornelia’s eyes, Lilith’s crude attack, which was making this fight look like one between two children, was nothing but a silent mockery to her.

She lifted her hand, the space in front of her turned into a huge rolling wave and crashed into Lilith. Instead of getting slapped onto the wall like a mosquito, Lilith’s feet landed firmly on the wall this time. With a push, she propelled herself toward Cornelia at an even faster speed.

“Hee… you’re dead meat…”

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Lilith aimed a punch at Cornelia, leaving no room for her to evade or even react.

It seemed like in the next moment, Cornelia’s head would be smashed into pieces, turning her into a pile of mangled flesh.


“No, you’re the one who’s gonna die.”

The corners of Cornelia’s lip lifted upward before she suddenly vanished.

In the same instant, a mysterious rune formation emerged on the spot where she stood.

A powerful burst of magic power rushed forth and swallowed Lilith who couldn’t dodge in time.

Cornelia reappeared next to Shiloah, with a smile on her face.

It would appear that she was still the stronger opponent. This exchange had proven that the positions of a hunter and her prey couldn’t be switched so easily.

Although her opponent was of the legendary dragon race, she would have lived her life in vain if she couldn’t even handle a single blonde immature brat.


The bone-chilling chuckle rang out once again.

As the flow of magic gradually faded, the smile on Cornelia gradually stiffened too.

The sight of a certain figure that remained standing after undergoing the baptism of her magic left Cornelia gritting her teeth in frustration.

“Shiloah, go get those two good-for-nothings here.”

For the first time, she had to make such a humiliating decision.


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