Chapter 4-71: Reappearance

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Author: We Ain’t Fish Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2281 characters
Translator: Myuu English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1282 words
Editor(s): Yanga, Deximus_Maximus

Diana gave Lucas an unfriendly look. “This is a ruin, not a tomb. How dangerous can it be? Don’t tell me that you’re scared?”

Lucas shrank a little and moped, “W-Who’s scared? I guess I’ll just entertain you guys since you all have invited me to this special assault team with so much enthusiasm.”

Durance nodded in satisfaction at Lucas’ response, then turned to the others. “In that case, let’s…”

His expression suddenly changed mid-sentence.

Not only him, but everyone else was looking at their surroundings in shock

They were originally in a natural cave, but their surroundings changed suddenly.

They found themselves in front of an ancient castle without any warning.

The castle towered high into the clouds. It was so grand that it didn’t look like it was a man-made structure; more like a black mountain blocking everyone’s way. The black bricks of the castle were covered by strange vines — on the walls and to the entrance. It was almost like they were tentacles.

“W-What’s… going on…?” Diana frowned.

“No idea.” Durance looked up, not at the castle but at the sky.

A black sun hung high in the crimson sky which looked like a canvas that had been dyed red by blood. It was somewhat similar to the sun they saw when they first entered here, but not exactly the same.

This time, the sun was completely black.

The crimson sky turned into the most perfect background to intensify the black sun’s mysterious atmosphere.

Just looking at it made one feel as though their mind was being sucked into it.

As someone with strong willpower, even Durance couldn’t help but feel intimidated.

He took a deep breath. “Regardless of the current circumstances, I’m afraid that there’s a change in our plan.”

The castle’s door slowly opened. A huge bony hand reached out and grabbed on the ground, leaving five several meters deep gullies in the ground.

The owner of the huge hand eventually emerged.

It turned out to be a hundred-meter tall skeleton with a pair of bone wings on its back.

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The giant skeleton let out an angry bellow and charged toward them, carrying a gust of foul-smelling wind. Some of the weaker mages instantly lost their balance and got blown away.

Diana kicked Lucas’ rear with a look of disgust on her face. “You totally jinxed it!”

“In the name of Goddess, this has nothing to do with me!”

“Although I’m unlucky, I’m not as unlucky as our saintess! This is definitely a coincidence!” he moped.

“How could there be so many coincidences?!”

Durance was the first to draw his rapier, Golden Stella, a sacred artifact that was passed down from generation to generation in the Aneva family.

“Someone must have done something to trigger a certain switch in the Ancient Ruins to cause this.”
“You’re saying…”

Diana’s expression remained unchanged, as though she had already figured it all out. “Golden Demon Htilil…”



Uhn? What happened? Where’s Titan 12138 and the rest?

Lilith sat on the ground looking dazed with a half-eaten green fruit in her hand.

She obviously couldn’t react to the turn of events.

She quickly stuffed the remaining half of the fruit into her mouth while scanning her surroundings.

It was then…

Her gaze met with half-naked Lesiah, who had the same dumbfounded look on her face.

Ugh… Well this is awkward.

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Lilith was stunned for a moment. She quickly swallowed the fruit, then crouched down and protected her head.

Sure enough, Lesiah let out a shrill scream then picked up the rocks on the ground and started hurling them at Lilith while ignoring her state of undress.

“It’s an accident! It’s really an accident this time!”
“Do you think I will still believe you? You must be trying to get me to let my guard down then do that kind of thing to me again right?! I definitely won’t fall for it this time!”

Lesiah’s reaction annoyed Lilith.

“Look up first! This really has nothing to do with me!”

She ran up to Lesiah, pinned her to the ground and forced her to look at the sky.

“Black sun… Crimson sky…?”

And… an unfamiliar surrounding…

“Where are we…?”
“How would I know? I’m as puzzled as you.”

Lilith curled her lip.

“Are you sure this is not your work?”
“Of course not. Why would I have amazing power to instantly change the surrounding environment?”

Lesiah’s gaze slightly softened.

It was true. Even if a peak saint-level expert could instantly destroy a region, they were not capable of instantly changing or reshaping an environment.

“Unhand me at once!”

It was only at this moment, Lilith realized that Lesiah’s clothes were disheveled. With her shoulders half exposed, she looked extremely alluring. If someone walked in on them, they would definitely think that they were either going to or were already doing something R-18 with each other.

Lesiah flushed and punched Lilith angrily. But Lilith didn’t feel anything, she was the one who was in pain instead.

Lilith quickly got up and pretended to look at the surroundings to hide her embarrassment. However, she was still stealing glances out of the corner of her eye when Lesiah wasn’t aware.

Lilith only turned around when Lesiah finally tidied herself up.

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“Umm… It was an accident, don’t be mad. Let’s figure out what happened first.”

The contempt on the princess’ face made Lilith’s scalp numb.

“In any case, both of us are in the same boat until we figure out what’s going on. We’re in this together now so let’s start by exploring the surrounding area first?”

Lesiah didn’t answer, but nodded.

Lilith secretly breathed a sigh of relief.

They made a round and Lilith realized that they came to a place that was both unfamiliar yet familiar to her.

It was the grassland she was at when she first entered the ruins, and also the place where the black devils appeared.

It still looked the same, save for the flames burning at the horizon. It replaced the sun in becoming the only light source of this little world.

She looked above her head. The black sun was still hanging in the sky. The crimson sky behind it looked like the devil’s tablecloth.

However, according to Titan 12138, the black devils shouldn’t respawn once they were defeated. This was an indication that the day of darkness was over. She certainly didn’t expect that it would come for the second time.

Why did the black sun appear again?

And more importantly, what was the power that instantly transported Lilith and Lesiah to this grassland which was supposedly thousands of miles away? Neither of them felt any trace of fluctuation in spatial force.

It seemed like it wasn’t them who moved, but the world.

But why only both of them were transported here?

Lilith’s head throbbed painfully. She was never good at thinking. In fact, she was more like those characters who would pin down a murderer on the ground while shouting “You have the right to remain silent, but everything you say will be a good reason for me to beat the s̲h̲i̲t̲ out of you” after someone else figured out the murderer.

Lesiah stroked her chin in deep thought. “Is it possible that only the outsiders were teleported?”

“Outsiders? We’re not the only ones here. Where are the others?”
“Maybe the destination differs for everyone. I would suggest we explore a little further while the situation is still unclear to us.”

Lilith took a step, then the expression on her face instantly stiffened.

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