Chapter 4-61: Moving The Mountains

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Author: We Ain’t Fish Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2054 characters
Translator: Myuu English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1239 words
Editor(s): Yanga, Deximus_Maximus

There was a series of explosions going on in Lilith’s body. Battle qi, magic power and other forms of energies accumulated in her body quickly expanded under her conscious control until they broke the meridians and flowed into all parts of her body.

Lilith couldn’t stop a mouthful of blood from escaping her mouth. Her internal organs were quickly damaged in the current of these energies, but they were also instantly healed due to her powerful recovery ability.

The pain from the damaged meridians in Lilith’s body made her feel like every part of her body was being pricked by countless tiny needles. Even so, this wasn’t enough to faze Lilith who had been ‘killed’ god knew how many times.

Her internal organs gradually stabilized along with the energies that were running around in her body like headless chickens.

The two energies that were originally incompatible like immiscible liquids slowly separated from each other, creating a clear boundary between them. Lilith took a deep breath. She was still extremely anxious right now.

She gave up her meridians and used her whole body to store battle qi and magic power. The increase in capacity was undoubtedly massive — akin to a lake transforming into an ocean. She had actually avoided self-detonation by a stroke of luck. However, this was still an extremely dangerous method.

Battle qi and magic power were incompatible with each other. Normally the gifted ones who cultivated both martial arts and magic only segregated battle qi and magic power into a yin and yang cyclones in their dantian, which complimented each other without coming into contact with each other.

In Lilith’s case whereby all the energies were mixed in her body, if her magic power and battle qi happen to come into contact with each other, it’d trigger a chain reaction that’d blow up like a gunpowder barrel. Of course, Lilith wouldn’t want to blow herself up right after averting a crisis.

Besides, the battle qi in her body would inevitably come into contact with other internal organs. Considering the fact that it couldn’t easily fuse with any physical object, Lilith wouldn’t want to spit out one of her lung lobes while talking to people.

She might be fine, but the other person might die of fright.

“In that case, I’ll seize this opportunity to learn White Jade Style in one breath.”

She’d completely segregate her battle qi and magic power through this method.

If Elder White was here, he would definitely be fuming at her attempt of learning White Jade Style in one breath, and scold her for biting off more than she could chew and for being ignorant.

However, it wasn’t an impossible feat for Lilith.

Just because it was impossible for humans didn’t mean the same was true for dragons.

She could do whatever she wanted thanks to her innate talent. Lilith stretched her arm out.

Well, let’s start from here first.

She focused her thoughts and channeled battle qi there. And then…


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Her arm exploded.

Pale golden bone could be seen among the bloody and mangled flesh.

Lilith blinked. Ignoring her arm that blew up, the pale golden bone that was exposed in the air and the intense pain, she had found something amazing after getting rid of her meridians.

The primary function of meridians was transportation. Storage was a secondary function that would only be used when the dantian was full.

After Lilith had gotten rid of her meridians, every part of her body was filled with battle qi or magic power. Now that the pipes had been turned into a bucket, nothing needed to be transported. With just a thought, she could release those energies like dumping a bucket.

Simply put, it was like her entire body had become a dantian.

Although convenient, it was incredibly difficult to control the amount of energy to be released.

After all, the difficulty of controlling the amount of water through pipe and bucket was not on the same level.

On top of that, Lilith never really learned any techniques.

If an ordinary person could control the amount of battle qi they used between the scale of one to ten, then the Lilith was at one hundred every time she used her battle qi.

She was using full power in every technique.

While her opponent roared and performed a powerful attack during a fight while looking super cool, there might be a possibility that she would roar and end up splattering her enemy with her own blood.

Unfortunately, Lilith couldn’t afford to take her sweet time and improve her control right now. If she didn’t hurry up, then those people would really escape.

Although there was no longer a need to release the pent-up energy to keep herself from blowing up, she still had to pay those people hush money since she put on her mask on an impulse earlier.

Well, in that case…

“I’ll have to do it with my whole body…”

The plan was to spread out the damage caused by the uncontrollable amount of energy across her entire body.

Without any hesitation, she sealed every ounce of battle qi in her body into her flesh in one go.

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She fell on one of her knees as her body shook violently against her will. Even for Lilith, the pain this time was quite intolerable.

The uncontrollable battle qi blew her body parts into mangled flesh. They were instantly regenerated to suppress the battle qi that was running out of control.

The cycle repeated itself again and again.

According to the White Jade Style’s training scroll that Elder White gave, the training was supposed to progress in a step-by-step manner along with the use of a large number of rare treasures. Otherwise, it would be agonizingly slow training that might cause irreversible damage to the body.

However, this wasn’t a problem for Lilith.

She could even quickly regenerate her heart if it blew up. What damage could possibly be irreversible for her?

And so…

“Come on…” Lilith growled softly.

The frequency of her body parts blowing up started to reduce, signifying that battle qi had started fusing with them.

As the battle qi in her body slowly melded into her flesh, Lilith’s skin started turning translucent like white jade.

And when her entire body finally glowed with the luster of a white jade, she straightened her body up and breathed out a long sigh of relief.

She pumped her fist in the air.

That felt great!

After the two perfectly melded into one another, the intense pain from before was completely replaced by an indescribable euphoria.

Everything felt so delicate to her.

It was like gravity no longer existed and she had freed herself from the shackles of the world.

It was truly an orgasmic feeling that almost made her scream.

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She turned her gaze in the direction where those people had escaped and was slightly taken aback. Those figures were just black specks in her vision earlier and now they remained the same.

Naturally, it was impossible that they would stop and wait for Lilith during their escape. So there was only one possibility left.

“My vision improved again huh?”

An evil smile graced her lips. “I feel like I can catch up very quickly. That’s no fun. Maybe I should increase the challenge.”

Lilith looked left and right before her gaze fell on the ground beneath her feet.

She crouched and thrust all her fingers into the ground.



Lilith forcibly lifted a ‘little hill’ out of the ground.

She then raised this little hill that was a thousand times her size over her head and weighted it.

“Hmm, a little too light. Not good enough.”

She curled her lips. “But there’s no other heavy stuff here, so this will have to do.”

After saying that, she started running after Lesiah and her companions with that huge thing over her head.


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