Chapter 4-60: Escape

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Author: We Ain’t Fish Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2051 characters
Translator: Myuu English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1225 words
Editor(s): Yanga, Deximus_Maximus

“Hey, you over there! Did you see any monsters?”
“Monsters? I don’t think so.”

Lilith smiled at them. These people really came at a great time.

“Is that so?”

Lesiah looked at the old man beside her in dissatisfaction. “Where are the monsters, Coleman?”

The old man broke out in cold sweat as he frantically looked in their surroundings.

“T-This can’t be… My spell can’t go wrong. This place was definitely crawling with monsters earlier!”

“Then where are they? Don’t tell me someone killed all of them before we came.”

Lesiah shifted her gaze on the petite titans and her eyes instantly lit up. “Indigenous people? Did they slay those monsters?”

“Impossible. Even a saint-level expert would take a long time to slay that army. These indigenous people are only on the rank five at most. Given their small number, it’s even more unlikely that they could finish off that many monsters in such a short period of time!”
“Then how…?”

Lesiah frowned in confusion. “Is this the work of a demon?”

“Hm, what a smart devil you are. That is indeed the case.”

“No way! What do you mean…”

Lesiah’s eyes widened and her body trembled involuntarily.

All because Lilith took out a sinister-looking demon mask with a smile.

As one of the conference attendees, that mask had undoubtedly left an extremely deep impression on Lesiah.

Golden Demon, Htilil!

The nemesis of mankind!!

She didn’t expect to run into the ultimate boss right after entering the ruins!


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Coleman tugged the princess’ arm.

Sensing her companions’ panic, Lesiah took a deep breath and forced herself to calm down.

This wasn’t the time to think about those.

Showing even a hint of weakness before an enemy like the Golden Demon was no different than consigning yourself to eternal damnation.

“I didn’t expect to run into our biggest target as soon as we entered here. It seems like lady luck is on my side.”
“Oh, then why are your legs shaking?”

Lesiah slapped her thigh hard.


It would’ve been fine if she didn’t participate in the square table conference. Now that she already knew how terrifying the Golden Demon was, how could she possibly remain calm in this situation?

Not long ago, she secretly swore that she would personally slay the Golden Demon. Now that she was in her presence, she felt crushed under the weight of her terrifying aura.

“Drop that arrogance, Golden Demon. Do you know how many people have entered the ruins to take your life?”
“That’s… not important.”

Lilith’s entire body started shaking, not because of the changes in her emotions. Her physical body was starting to shake involuntarily because it could no longer hold the massive amount of energy inside her body.

“The important thing is… you guys came at a great time… I would really love to express my gratitude to your family… I wonder… what kind of parents it takes to bring up such sensible kids like you…?”

Lilith put a foot forward lightly, the ground instantly shattered before her figure vanished.

Lesiah stared at the figure that suddenly reappeared in front of her in shock.

She wasn’t shocked because of Lilith’s speed…

But because of the cracks that appeared on Lilith’s legs, like they were made of porcelain. Blood seeped through the cracks and instantly dyed the ground crimson.

“Isn’t… that painful?”

Lilith leaned her head to the side and looked like she just noticed the awful wounds on her legs.

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“Oh, this? I just had too much energy pent up in my body so my legs exploded since I moved. It’s no big deal… I’ll recover soon…”

After saying that, Lilith stretched her leg to show Lesiah the flesh that was regenerating at the site of injury.

Her action however immediately alarmed Lesiah.


She’s a monster!! Damn, who was spreading false information that Golden Demon Htilil is a human being?! I must strangle him to death when I get back!!

Lesiah turned her head and ran. While doing that, she took out a round pill from her waist pouch and threw it on the ground. The pill instantly transformed into a large blue eagle.

She stepped on the huge eagle which flew toward the distance at a speed far exceeding that of an ordinary rank nine warrior.

Lesiah’s other subordinates also fled for their lives using all sorts of abilities without any hesitation.

Left behind alone on the airship, Lilith watched the others escape in different directions. But she wasn’t in a hurry to chase after them. A sinister smile appeared on her face instead.

“Don’t be such scaredy cats. I just wanna… hehehe… I won’t do anything to you guys!”
“That sounded even more terrifying!!”


Being an avid reader of countless banned books, Lesiah instantly understood the hidden meaning behind these words.

Could it be Golden Demon Htilil has that kind of sick fetish? Is the plot in those books about to happen?

The thought of that left Lesiah drenched in cold sweat. She sped up even more, leaving all her subordinates far behind her.

Meanwhile on the other side…

Lilith waited until everyone turned into little black specks in her dragon vision, then slightly bent her knees.

“Well… That’s far enough…”

She deliberately revealed her identity just for the sake of venting her power. If she could catch her prey easily, how else would she be able to release her pent-up energy?

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Lilith shot out like a cannon, but went down during mid flight in a very strange posture.

She pulled her head out from the ground and was dazed for a moment before finally understanding the crux of the matter.

“S̲h̲i̲t̲… My damned meridians.”

The battle qi accumulated at the acupoints along her meridians had yet to dissolve. Hence, the invasion of this external energy left Lilith’s body in a mess.

Her body was already weak due to the accumulated battle qi. And now, this uncontrollable burst of external energy was about to explode.

It made Lilith feel like she was no longer the owner of her body. She was losing control.

And to put it plainly, the reason for all of this was…

“My meridians are too narrow…”

So how should she resolve this issue…?

It was then a bolt of inspiration suddenly struck her.

To put it bluntly, the functions of meridians were transportation and storage. If she could control the transportation part well, then she could do without meridians. As for storage…

The essence of White Jade Style was to suppress battle qi and fuse it into the body. However, this action itself wasn’t sustainable as the battle qi would cause continuous damage to the body. However…

Her body had an extremely powerful recovery ability.

So in other words…

“There’s no issue even without meridians right?”
“If it’s having a vessel for storage, isn’t my entire body a vessel?”
“Humans need stuff like dantian and meridians because their bodies are fragile and cannot hold a massive amount of energy. Hence once their meridians or dantian are damaged, they won’t be able to prevent the loss of battle qi or magic power. But… I’m different.”
“I’ve got thick skin…”
“Battle qi and magic power won’t be lost.”
“If that’s the case… why do I still need those meridians…?”


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