Chapter 4-26: Sudden Change

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Author: We Ain’t Fish Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2502 characters
Translator: Myuu English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 2184 words
Editor(s): Yanga, Deximus_Maximus

-Mountain forest in the western district…

Lilith, Thea and Brea trudged through the dense forest, searching for the legendary Resurrection Grass that could restore Mr. Miguel’s memories.

“This forest is too huge!”

Lilith cut her way through the dense primitive forest with her dazzling bejeweled gold sword while grumbling.

The forest that made up nearly 90% of the entire St. Caroline Academy was undoubtedly vast. In fact, most of it remained unexplored since the founding of the academy. It was no wonder why the place was overgrown with weeds, thorns and thistles everywhere, making it difficult to traverse.

“I really have no idea how long it will take us to find that Resurrection Grass.”
“Do you think you’re in the position to say that, Lilith? Aren’t you the root cause of why we are in this situation?”
“Not me! I didn’t do anything! Don’t talk nonsense. No matter how you look at it, it’s Elder Mord’s fault.”
“Don’t try to blame someone else!”

Thea followed behind Lilith and sighed, “Don’t you feel the slightest guilt now that class is canceled and the entire class is helping you to find it?”

“Nope.” There wasn’t even a single trace of doubt in her reply.


“Besides, didn’t I offer a reward of five million to whoever can find the Resurrection Grass? Can you stop harping on this and move on already? People who always dwell in the past tend to lose direction in their life.”

Lilith suddenly stopped in her tracks while giving her life lesson.

“What’s the matter?” The others stopped too. Thea couldn’t help but ask in concern when she noticed the serious look on Lilith’s face.

The latter looked around their surroundings and spoke gravely, “I think I’m lost.”


Thea pinched Lilith’s cheeks and pulled them. “Don’t talk about life when you’ve already lost your way! Can’t you just be useful for once?!” Thea wailed.

“How wud I knoooo? I’be been here beporee but por zome reason I got lost.”

“Really?” Thea asked skeptically.

Lilith turned her face to escape Thea’s evil clutches.

“Of course! Although I often blame others, I never lie!”
“Stop saying such things while looking smug!!”

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Thea massaged her temples and looked around the unfamiliar surroundings. “If Lilith’s memories didn’t fail her, how come we’re lost? Although this is indeed a vast forest, it shouldn’t be vast enough for us to get lost in it.”

“That’s right.” Lilith nodded solemnly. “I’ve never lost my way.”
“Says the person who got lost the first time she was here!”

“Umm…” Brea, who had been silent up until now, suddenly spoke up. “A-Actually… I sensed something was wrong from the very beginning.”

“Wrong? What do you mean?”

Brea pointed around. “Haven’t you two notice that it’s been too quiet since just now?”

“Quiet? Isn’t that expected in an uninhabited ancient forest like this?”

“No, wait.” The smile on Lilith’s face suddenly faded and she continued solemnly, “I think what Brea meant is that… there’s not even a single living creature here.”

“No living creature? For real?”

“Of course.” Lilith looked back at Thea. There were still traces of gold in the depth of her pupils.

“This place isn’t only devoid of living creatures, it is also boundless. There are no changes in the scenery no matter how far you look.”

“That’s a problem then.” The expression on Thea’s face turned grave. “Looks like we might have walked into someone’s trap.”

“But we are only a bunch of new students. Would anyone go through all these troubles for us?”
“Huh? Hold it right there! Why are you two looking at me?”
“Wow, don’t tell me you guys think it’s my fault again. I have tolerated you all pointing your fingers at me about Mr. Miguel’s incident, but I’ll be pissed no matter how well-tempered I am if you all keep pushing every responsibility to me.”
“After that offensive speech you delivered during the opening ceremony, it wouldn’t be a surprise if someone bore grudges against you.”
“Is it my fault if someone bore grudges against me? If that’s the case, then the apocalypse is the veggies’ fault!”
“Hey, veggies are innocent okay? Just how much do you hate eating veggies?!”
“Hmph, in any case, this has nothing to do with me. Right, Brea?”
“Um… Actually, I also want to believe that Lilith is innocent, but…”

Brea pointed to an old crooked tree that was blocking their way. Its trunk was thick enough that it would take a few people to completely wrap their arms around it.

A few prominent wordings were engraved on the old tree’s thick waist.

“Get ready to pay the price for your arrogant speech, you arrogant flat-chested b̲i̲t̲c̲h̲!”

Thea looked at a certain body part on the three of them, then nodded. “Hm, it’s obvious who is flat-chested here.”


“If I found out which b̲a̲s̲t̲a̲r̲d̲ is behind this, I’ll definitely strangle him to death!”

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Lilith kicked the old crooked tree furiously, wishing so badly to tear apart the guy who was behind this dirty trick.

However, Lilith’s kick didn’t connect.

The old crooked tree rippled like water. It was as though Lilith’s foot went into a lake, causing her to lose her balance.


However, both Thea and Brea reacted too late.

Lilith couldn’t even recover in time before an unexpected burst of powerful suction came from the old crooked tree. As a result, she was sucked in before she even had the time to put up any resistance.

Thea and Brea looked at each other. They hesitated for two seconds before Thea clenched her teeth, grabbed Brea’s hand and ran toward the old crooked tree.

However, when Thea kicked on the tree trunk, her kick connected even though it wasn’t supposed to.

It was a real tree!

The expression on her face contorted. She didn’t expect to fall into the enemy’s deadly trap of separating them before they even found out who he was.

“Be careful, Brea! The enemy is probably trying to separate us before attacking us.”
“Oh, you are quite smart, little girl.”

A voice that sounded totally different than Brea came behind her.

Thea turned her head back stiffly, only to realize that it wasn’t Brea’s hand that she was grabbing.

It was an alluring woman who was a total stranger to her.

The woman licked her lips like she’d just seen a piece of delectable treat.

“You’re such a smart little girl, I bet your brain must be delicious.”


At the edge of the forest in the western district…

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After completing a whole set of warm-up exercises, Mr. Miguel, the class teacher of Class 9 of first-year, looked at the sun and mumbled to himself, “The little bunnies should have fallen into the trap by now.”

An extremely cruel smile crept across his lips. The amnesiac-looking Miguel was long gone.

“Well then, the wolf should also get into position.

“I wonder how long these little bunnies could survive under the hunt of this big bad wolf, especially the one named Lilith who added two more bumps on my head. I’m really looking forward to finding out.”


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