Chapter 4-25: Amnesia

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Author: We Ain’t Fish Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 3259 characters
Translator: Myuu English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1917 words
Editor(s): Yanga, Deximus_Maximus


Lilith struggled to stand up while rubbing her head. Upon feeling the huge bump on her head, she muttered angrily, “Goddammit Mord, can’t you be more gentle?”

“How can I be more gentle when you’re already using me as your special mount?”

Elder Mord’s muffled voice came from outside the window with a lot of anger suppressed in it.

“What mount? How could you put it that way, Mordy? I think of you as my best friend who will always come to my aid when I need it the most.”

“Go away! I’m not your best friend! Leave me alone!”

Elder Mord instantly turned into a ray of golden light and disappeared into the horizon.

Lilith pouted at him and muttered to herself, “Stingy man!”

She dusted herself but soon realized that everyone in the class was looking at her in a strange way.

It wasn’t a surprise. After saying all those things in front of the entire school, it was only normal for everyone to look at her that way.

Speaking of that…

Where was Mr. Miguel?

Lilith looked around the classroom, but the class teacher was nowhere in sight.


She heard his voice just now.

Were her ears playing tricks on her?

In Lilith’s confusion, Thea pointed at her feet and spoke with a trembling voice, “L-Lilith… Under you…”


Lilith looked down.

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“Mr. Miguel?! How did you end up under me?”

Lilith immediately pushed her skirt down vigilantly. “You’re not trying to peep under my skirt, are you? I didn’t expect the legendary Iron Wall to be such a pe̲r̲v̲e̲r̲t̲.”

“How could he peep?! Mr. Miguel is out cold!”

Lilith took a closer look and sure enough, Mr. Miguel had a bump that was several times larger than hers on his head. Not only that, he had lost his consciousness long ago.

Lilith rubbed her chin and pondered out loud, “Oh well, now that the class teacher is already out cold, is the class dismissed?”


However, as soon as Lilith finished speaking, Mr. Miguel groaned in pain and showed signs of waking up.

Lilith quickly jumped back to the seat that Thea had reserved for her.

She sat up straight, making it seem like she was a good student.

“My head hurts…”

Miguel rubbed his forehead and struggled to sit up. “What just happened?”

He didn’t remember?

Lilith’s eyes instantly lit up when she heard him.

“Sir! You just got knocked out by a big bird that flew in!”
“Big bird? What big bird?”
“Sir, it was a gorgeous, enchanting and marvelous-looking bird!”

Upon hearing that, Thea shifted closer toward Brea, trying to pretend as though she didn’t know who Lilith was.

“Oh, I see. So it was a big bird.” Miguel braced himself up against the table. “Where is it?”
“Sir, it flew away.”
“Oh, I see. So it flew away. Young lady, you are kind to answer the questions of a stranger.”

Lilith instantly sensed that something wasn’t right.

Miguel titled his head while rubbing his forehead in deep thought. “But… I have a problem that I just can’t figure out.”

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“What is it…?”
“Who am I?”

Lilith, Thea, and everyone in the class fell silent.

“You lost your memories?! You must be joking, right?!” Lilith exclaimed.

“Oh I see, so I’ve lost my memories!”

Mr. Miguel clapped his hands in realization. “That bird was indeed amazing to be able to knock my memories out just like that. I wonder if that bird is alright. I hope it’s not injured from crashing into me.”

Mr. Miguel clutched his heart and frowned heartachingly. “To think that a little life nearly ended because of me… I’m really a sinful man.”

Everyone in the class petrified upon hearing that.

He didn’t just lose his memories, even his personality changed.

The usual Mr. Miguel would definitely be yelling about tearing apart the guy who crashed into him.

Lilith shook Thea’s shoulder in a panic. “What should I do?! What should I do?! Do I have to support him financially for the rest of my life now?!”

“C-Calm down… I’m dizzy.”

“How can I calm down?! The thought of supporting a middle-aged man for the rest of my life makes me shake in my boots!”

“How can it be that serious? Even if Mr. Miguel has amnesia, he is still healthy and is able to take care of himself so you don’t have to support him financially.”

“Oh, so I don’t have to support him financially?”

Lilith stood up and walked right out of the classroom. “Class is dismissed then. There’s no way Mr. Miguel could conduct a lesson in his current state.”

“Take the responsibility for your actions, you b̲a̲s̲t̲a̲r̲d̲!”

Thea pulled Lilith back. “Aren’t you the one who caused Mr. Miguel to become like this?”

Lilith spread her arms out. “How can you blame me? No matter how you look at it, it’s Elder Mord’s fault for throwing me in like that!”

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“Even if you’re going to stare at me like that…”


“Alright, fine! I got it. I’ll get Mr. Miguel cured.”

Lilith pointed to Miguel who had gone from blaming himself for hurting the big bird to feeling sentimental. “But how can I cure him when he’s like this?!”

Thea thought for a while then suggested, “Let’s try using a healing spell first.”

A few moments later…

“How kind of you two beautiful ladies for willing to use such a valuable magic scroll on a sinful man like me,” said Miguel whose forehead was shining like it was brand new.

“It’s no use. It’s not working at all.”
“What should we do then? Why don’t we try… hitting him again?”

Before Thea could answer, Lilith headbutted Miguel in his forehead without any hesitation.

“Are you trying to get revenge?!”

Lilith rubbed her forehead and acted stupid, “How can it be? This goes both ways. I’m also sustaining the same amount of damage as Mr. Miguel.”

However, the bump on Lilith’s forehead disappeared at a speed visible to the naked eye.


“Come on, let’s not care about trivial things. Most importantly, is Mr. Miguel cured?”

A few minutes later, Miguel once again stirred awake.

“What have I done to make you hate me so much, beautiful lady? I guess I’m really a sinful man.”

Thea felt her head was about to explode when she saw this scene.

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“Not working, totally not working.”
“Then may I suggest that we go back to the dorm and have a long nap?”
“Proposal rejected!”

Thea rubbed her temples, wondering if there was any method to restore memories recorded in the church’s ancient books.


Brea, who never had much of a presence, suddenly raised her hand. “I know something that can restore memories.”

“For real?” Thea’s eyes lit up as she grabbed Brea’s hands emotionally. “You are really my life savior, Brea.”

Thea then suddenly noticed something wasn’t right. “Hold on, why am I getting all worked up? This isn’t my fault, to begin with.”

Lilith made a gesture behind Thea’s back.

“Look at this scapegoat, it’s huge and round…..”


A few minutes later, Lilith clutched the huge bump that never disappeared for the longest time on her head. “So you’re saying we just need to look for a Resurrection Grass in the deep mountains of the western district?”

Brea nodded. “I read it in an ancient book before. Despite being called a Resurrection Grass, its effect doesn’t live up to its name. Even so, it should be more than enough to restore someone’s memories.”


Lilith stood on the podium and cheered.

“Everyone, let’s go and find the Resurrection Grass for the sake of our beloved class teacher!”


“Why should we? You’re the one who hit him. Don’t even think about involving us in this.”
“Right. We’re not obligated to help you.”
“Go find it yourself. You can’t be giving such unreasonable orders even if you’re the vice president of the Disciplinary Committee.”
“You’re really not going?” Hostility began welling up in Lilith’s cold eyes.
Thea held Lilith back. “Don’t always resort to violence! In this academy, it’s illegal to fight outside of the arena without getting the teacher’s approval.”
“No need to worry. I am the vice president of the Disciplinary Committee.”
“That is the exact problem here!”

Thea wrapped her arms around Lilith’s waist tightly, just in case she would suddenly rush out to punch another kid.

These freshmen were still weak and vulnerable. It would definitely become a problem if Lilith really punched them.

“Ohoho, Vice president, what can you possibly do other than resorting to violence to solve a problem?”

An untimely voice came from another corner of the classroom.

Lilith looked up and found a girl sitting by the window in the classroom. She looked like she was a young noble lady.

Although the weather wasn’t hot, the young girl had a small folding fan in her hand and fanned herself from time to time. She smiled behind her sleeve when she noticed Lilith’s gaze on her.

“What’s the matter? Are you going to hit me, Vice President Lilith?”

Lilith narrowed her eyes and spoke calmly, “Of course I have ways other than using violence.”

“Oh? What else have you got then? Let me see.”
“I still have this.”
Lilith took out a bag of gold coins. “Whoever can find the Resurrection Grass will receive a reward of one hundred thousand gold coins.”

As soon as her voice fell, she could hear people drawing sharp breaths in the classroom.

One hundred thousand gold coins. Most people in this world wouldn’t be able to amass this wealth in their entire lives. It was noteworthy that the annual tuition fee of St. Caroline Academy was only ten gold coins.

The one hundred thousand gold coins that Lilith offered were enough to buy a few Resurrection Grass at market price.

Some people were obviously swayed. Half of the students in the classroom were gone in just the blink of an eye.

“Hohohoho, using money? What a low-class method.”

The girl got up and walked to Lilith, opening and closing the folding fan in her hand.

“Unfortunately for I, Reena Valor, the second daughter of the Second Duke, this small amount of money won’t be enough to sway me.”

Reena gently lifted Lilith’s chin and gave her a charming smile. “What would you do then, Vice President Lilith?”

Lilith wasn’t upset at Reena’s rude behavior. She smiled instead.

“What would I do…? How about I increase that by tenfold?”
“Huh? What?”
“Tenfold isn’t enough? How about if I further double that?”
“Huuh? Two million isn’t normal for a student, no matter how you look at it!”
“True… Two million is indeed not normal.”
“How is mere two million enough to get the great Reena Valor, the second daughter of the Second Duke, moving? I’ll increase it by fiftyfold then, that’d be five million gold coins.”

Reena’s beautiful face gradually stiffened. “For real?”

“Of course. You probably know that I can’t possibly lie with the rules in this academy.” Lilith pointed above her head. “How about it, Miss Reena? Are you tempted?”

“I… I am the duke’s daughter. How can I be tempted by money?”

Reena kept opening and closing the folding fan at an increasing speed until the fan snapped.

“Oh well, I suppose this treasure hunt is rather interesting. I guess there’s no harm for me to play along too.”


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