Chapter 4-185: Gift

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Author: We Ain’t Fish Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2374 characters
Translator: Myuu English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1477 words
Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

Darkness invaded the sky. Like a thick iron curtain, it blanketed the world. There was not even a sliver of light at the horizon. For the very first time, the boundary between the sky and the land blurred.

The sky was a dark canvas that swallowed the sun, moon and stars. Not even a single ray of light could escape from it. Ashes fluttered down from the sky like gray snow. The world plunged into silence, like calm before the storm.

No one knew how long had passed, before a speck of light finally appeared on the land out of the blue. Then there were two, and three, until the lights shone brightly like stars.

No one knew who started the light or signal first. They rose to the dark sky, like a meteor shower in a reverse direction. However, nothing happened to the sky. The star shone brightly before fading out. They rose like a meteor and fell down like one too.

“Looks a lot like a fool’s errand, no?”

A familiar voice rang out. Lilith turned her head, only to see an even more familiar and petite figure taking a seat next to her.

The Dragon Eater rested her head on one hand, her gaze affixed on the short-lived stars. There was some kind of mysterious light shining in her eyes.

“Those poor vermin.” The Dragon Eater sighed, but there was not even a trace of sympathy found in her eyes.

“You think so?” Lilith did not seem to be surprised by the Dragon Eater’s appearance. She shifted her gaze and murmured, “I would like to think that I’m witnessing something great.”

It was not hard to tell that she was witnessing the great power of the weaker races at the most critical moment of their world.

Although it did nothing to the darkness, the light they emitted was dazzling enough.

She could even faintly see countless mortals without any power clasping their hands together in the darkness, praying for the heroes that were fighting for them.

Those glowing lights floated out from them and rushed toward the sky, joining the sea of stars until they finally converged into a white moon that illuminated the land.

Unfortunately, the moon only shone for a few seconds before its light was extinguished by the darkness.

Lilith fell into a trance. The dream that she had been seeing repetitively flashed before her eyes.

The darkness and despair that those mysterious “extraterrestrial visitors,” who preyed on the Dragon race, brought to the world was no different than what she was witnessing right now.

“Hehe.” The Dragon Eater’s chuckle brought Lilith’s mind back to reality.

“Great?” The Dragon Eater snorted. “That’s because you’ve never seen how nasty they could be. Their heroic appearance now was only their last desperate struggle before their death. Those low and dirty creatures never deserved to be associated with great.”

Golden runes on the Dragon Eater briefly flashed, perhaps because she nearly said something forbidden. A look of pain suddenly appeared on her face as well.

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Yet she seemed to be in a very good mood and was unfazed by the pain.

“Let’s not talk about that, it’s all in the past now. There’s no point talking about it.” With a wave of her delicate hand, their surroundings changed.

Lilith once again found herself standing before the “mirror” inside of her.

And there, the Dragon Eater was on the other side of the mirror. The drop of blood above them seemed to be glowing a lot brightly now.

“Alright, I’ve solved your problem. Not only that, I left you an amazing gift, my dearest neighbor.”

“Gift?” Lilith was suddenly alerted. No matter how she thought about it, the Dragon Eater’s words sounded like a huge trap designed for her.

“Don’t worry so much. Didn’t I say this many times before? I am the only one in this world who will never harm you. After all…” The strange smile returned to the Dragon Eater’s face. “We share the same body…”

“Who’s sharing the same body?” Lilith shook her head. It did not matter whether the Dragon Eater was pulling her leg or not, she had decided not to take her words seriously.

Besides, the name “Dragon Eater” and the strange dream she saw had proven from all aspects that this person in front of her was most likely a threat to her.

There must be a profound reason behind the fact that the Dragon Eater lived inside her, just like some Demon King who got sealed in the body of a young girl in one of the stories she had read before.

Given that the whole thing was still shrouded in mystery, Lilith dared not jump to any conclusions right now.

“Well, since the problem has been solved, I’ll be taking my leave now.” Lilith closed her eyes and started searching for the feeling she felt when she left this place previously.

However, she was interrupted by the Dragon Eater. “Oh right, since I’ve done so much up to this point, I might as well go all the way. Let me share with you an important piece of information.”

“Important information?”

“Yep.” The Dragon Eater narrowed her eyes, wearing a cryptic expression on her face as the corners of her mouth lifted into a familiar smile.

“A certain real person probably knows everything that you want to know about this incident.”

“Real… person?” Lilith mumbled to herself, but failed to decipher what the Dragon Eater meant by that.

Just when she was about to ask the Dragon Eater, her surroundings suddenly changed.

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Lilih shot up from the ground like she was startled awake from a dream. She took in a deep breath, but nearly choked by the dry air around her.

She turned her head and looked around, realizing that she was on the half continent that survived Cornelia’s attack previously. It was also the place where Cornelia once slumbered.

The continent was still floating in the void. Perhaps Lilith’s presence was no longer concealed by Cornelia’s presence, the strange creatures that were passing by quickly noticed her. They roared at Lilith, who appeared to be a juicy slab of meat to them, and tried to pounce on her. Fortunately, all of them were repelled by an invisible barrier around the continent.

Hence, they could only keep banging their heads against the barrier in vain, smearing green saliva all over the barrier while doing so. Seeing that made Lilith feel sick.

“I can’t believe she just left me here. The hell did she mean by going all the way? How’s this poor little girl supposed to find her way back?” Lilith snorted angrily.

No matter how Lilith tried reaching out to the ancestor and Sae, both of them gave no response like they were dead. There was no way for Lilith to leave this endless void by herself.

And for some reason, she was starving.

Lilith rubbed her deflated belly as she pondered about what to fill it with. Just when she was about to retrieve some leftovers from her storage ring. She suddenly noticed something strange out of the corner of her eye.

“Huh, that’s…”

Something she had never seen before immediately piqued her curiosity so much that she even temporarily forgot about her hunger. She jogged over to a multi-colored, spherical object that was half buried in the ground and started knocking on it while carefully studying it.

“A rock? Doesn’t look like it though…”

Although it was half buried in the ground, the exposed part actually reached up to Lilith’s knee. Not only that, it was perfectly round. A rock would never be so perfectly shaped. Besides, the smoothness and the sound it made when Lilith knocked on it… Rather than a rock, it was more like…

An egg?

Thinking back on what the Dragon Eater told her, it was obvious that this thing was the so-called gift that she had left for Lilith.

Lilith stroked her chin. She was undoubtedly an expert when it came to eggs. After all, she was born out of an egg. So naturally, she felt a close affinity with the huge egg in front of her.

Moreover, this egg was probably not an ordinary egg, since it was given to her by the Dragon Eater.

The Dragon Eaters were known for killing deities like harvesting crops. It should at least be a divine beast or something like that inside this egg, right?

A terrifying divine beast that was unique in the world. The kind that looked sweet and adorable when it was born but exuded a dangerous aura when it grew up.

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Yup, a divine beast egg. More precisely, a divine beast egg gifted by the Dragon Eater… Lilith stood up, made up her mind, and then… Turned around to leave.


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