Chapter 4-176: Run!

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Author: We Ain’t Fish Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 3349 characters
Translator: Myuu English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1890 words
Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

“You’ve really gone and done that.”

A familiar sigh appeared in Lilith’s ear. “As expected of my descendant. Your destructive ways are no different than mine, no, it is even more outstanding. I can even see you becoming a street rat that gets chased down wherever you go in the future.”

Lilith rolled her eyes in annoyance. “You didn’t even bother to come help me during the ascension, gramps. And now, you finally showed up just to spite me? What a competent ancestor you are.”

“Heh, you can’t blame me. My hands were really tied. The power of faith is one of the root forces of this world, and one of the few that can cause irreversible phenomena here too. For the situation just now, I could only come up with two ways to interrupt the process⁠—to kill you or that dwarf.”


Lilith fell silent. Her mood was sour and she was going to end the conversation, but changed her mind when she looked at her surroundings. “So what’s up with the situation now?”

She was on an average-sized barren continent that was floating in the dark gray void. Lilith could not even detect any signs of life on it.

The continent floated through the void. Strange looking creatures occasionally zoomed past above the continent, but they did not seem to notice the continent.

“This… must be where the deity sleeps,” the ancestors said. “A void and a barrier that could completely conceal presence… If you hadn’t intruded into her dream world by mistake, this place would remain undiscovered for millions of years to come.”

“A slumbering place…”

Lilith swept her gaze over the barren place, feeling emotions rising in her heart.

So Cornelia had been here, dreaming away for nine million years?

As expected of a deity… what a magnificent slumber that was.

At the same time, Lilith could only imagine how extremely terrible her mood would be after waking up from a nine million years sleep!

Cornelia looked at the black flame like it was her father’s murderer. The resentment she exuded during that moment made Lilith feel like she was in an ice cellar. Lilith simply could not imagine how meeting the real Cornelia would be. One thing for sure, she was definitely not going to speak to her like they were friends.

“In a moment, I shall use all my strength to protect you. Run for your life in the direction I give you and don’t even look back.” Lilith was alarmed by the ancestor’s grave voice that suddenly rang out.

“Why not run now while the enemy has not yet discovered me?” Lilith was puzzled. Only idiots would wait around and only start running after they were discovered by the enemy.

“Hoho, who told you we have not been discovered?”

“What?!” Lilith’s eyes widened as she instantly felt the chills down her spine.

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Unbeknownst to her, a white-haired lady was already standing less than ten meters away from her.

She was tall, and wore a black dress that reached the floor. The twin peaks in front of her chest made a spectacular view and gave one the desire to explore them. Going a little lower, was her slim waist that looked like it would break if one held it a little too tight.

The young lady had a beautiful face and looked like she was about eighteen years old. Even so, Lilith could sense a trace of familiarity in the budding beauty.

Cornelia, no, the grown-up Cornelia was standing in front of her silently. Yet Lilith failed to notice her presence.

Her limbs went cold. Beads of cold sweat rolled down her forehead. If it was not for the warm current from the ancestor’s blood coursing through her body, she probably would not remain standing still now.

“Uhh…” In such a critical moment, Lilith felt obliged to say something. Countless thoughts flashed through her mind, before she finally managed to squeeze something from between her teeth. “Your ***** seem bigger now… Can I fondle them?”


There was only silence around them, but Lilith thought she heard her ancestor cursing under his breath.

Cornelia remained silent and still. She just stared at Lilith with her calm, deep eyes.

It was like calm before the storm. The contrast between her reaction now and the madness Cornelia displayed before made Lilith even more nervous and kept her guard up.

The qi in her body was already boiling in her body. Just an order from the ancestor and like a violent dragon… Lilith would turn around and run for her life.

“Dragon Eater,” Cornelia suddenly spoke up.

“I did not expect there are still Dragon Eaters around in this world, let alone appearing before me. Should I consider myself lucky or unlucky, I wonder.”

“What are you talking about? What’s a Dragon Eater?” Lilith asked.

“Still acting dumb?” Cornelia tilted her head and frowned. “The black flame you used before is the status symbol of a Dragon Eater. Only a Dragon Eater can use it.”

Black flame, Dragon Eater…

Lilith fell into a deep thought. If what Cornelia said was true, then the other person in her was the “Dragon Eater” that Cornelia spoke of.

The name itself made it obvious that a “Dragon Eater” was the dragons’ archnemesis. Why would it be in her, the dragon princess’ body? Why would that Dragon Eater take up Lilith’s appearance and lend her the black flame on their first meeting? With such a kickass title, the Dragon Eater should not be someone who had to do things like coaxing Lilith like a big sister offering a lolly to a young girl.

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Lilith grew even more puzzled. At the same time, she realized that she was carrying more mysteries than she thought she was.

“That thing isn’t mine, it’s just something I borrowed,” Lilith explained. Since there seemed to be bad blood between Cornelia and Dragon Eater, it was only wise for Lilith to clear things up as soon as possible. Maybe that way, unnecessary bloodshed could be avoided.

“Borrowed?” Cornelia suddenly sounded like she was intrigued. “You mean to say that you’re not a Dragon Eater, and you borrowed that black flame from a Dragon Eater?”

“Yup, that’s right.” Lilith hurriedly nodded. “That’s why I said at most, my mistake is only waking you up by mistake. It’s hardly a grave mistake. The Dragon Eatern might have done something unforgivable to you, but I have nothing to do with it. I don’t even know her well. I’m sure a great deity like yourself isn’t that petty, right? How about letting me off the hook? I promise I’ll remember your kindness after this. I’ll even hire the best painter to paint a portrait of you, then hang it up and offer you incense every day until the day I die.”

“That sounds really wonderful.”

“Indeed, indeed! So, it’s a deal then?” Lilith asked cautiously.

“Of course…” Cornelia gave Lilith the gentle smile that she had inherited from her mother. “Not.”

Without any warning, tears of blood slowly streamed down Cornelia’s face. She was still wearing the same smile. “If you have nothing to do with the Dragon Eater, why would she lend you such an important thing? You think years of sleep have made me stupid?”

As soon as Cornelia finished speaking, Lilith sensed an unprecedented threat.

“Run!” The ancestor’s voice rang in Lilith’s ears like a thunderclap. It instantly pulled Lilith out of her fear.

Before Lilith even had time to catch her breath, a burst of gold light exploded around her body. Like a bolt of lightning, she sprinted past Cornelia, in the direction that the ancestor had indicated.

Cornelia did not even turn her head. She merely waved her hand.

Lilith felt her vision blurring, then found herself in front of Cornelia again. The smile on Cornelia’s face was still as pretty as a flower, but the tears of blood streaming down her face were terrifying.

Just when Lilith was about to escape in a different direction…

“Keep running straight!!”

Lilith clenched her teeth, but chose to trust her ancestor’s words in this moment of life and death. She ran past Cornelia again, but the white-haired lady acted this time.

She stretched out her hand then made a push motion in Lilith’s direction.

Half of the continent next to Lilith immediately turned to dust and vanished in the void.

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A golden dragon phantom appeared above Lilith. It roared and clashed against Cornelia’s seemingly weak palm.

Invisible ripples spread out. A few strange creatures nearby that could not dodge in time were crushed into pulp before they could even howl in pain.

The smile on Cornelia’s face faded. She looked at the phantom and remarked with a mocking tone, “The mouse is in cahoots with the cat. How ridiculous.”

Cornelia summoned a giant palm again. Once again, it was blocked by the dragon but the phantom started fading a little after that.

“Tsk.” Cornelia clicked her tongue in dissatisfaction. A pair of black wings spread from her back. As soon as it did, the continent suddenly stirred like a meteorite had just crash landed.

Even with her ancestor’s protection, Lilith still found it difficult to breathe. She felt almost like she was being crushed under the weight of a lofty mountain.

“Do you think I can’t deal with a phantom in my full strength?”

Lilith was swept 10,000 meters away in an instant. But this distance was nothing to Cornelia in her current state.

Cornelia pointed to Lilith. The wings on her back suddenly spread out, casting a huge shadow.

The dragon phantom instantly shattered by the black shadow.

The murmur of a young girl then echoed through the endless void and in Lilith’s ears. “Zero Hour Feather Realm, True Feather.”

An ordinary-looking black feather appeared before Lilith, but in Lilith’s eyes, it was like a real world.

There were mountains and rivers, blue sky and blue ocean, flying birds and beasts, and even signs of inhabitants.

Lilith unconsciously slowed down.

“Child, did I tell you to stop?” The reminder hit Lilith like a club on her head.

She clenched her teeth and charged into the realm, not caring if it was real or not.

At the same time, Lilith’s throat, tongue, and lips moved uncontrollably on their own.

[ Shatter ] 

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Lilith’s eyes shone with unprecedented light, like two golden copper lamps that were about to burst into flames.

Ancient and complex words escaped from her lips like a king’s decree and the realm made of feathers instantly shattered.

Lilith went right through it, and a complex-looking, golden magical array appeared in her line of sight.

“That’s a teleportation array I just secretly set up. It only allows one person to pass through and will auto-self-destruct after that. So once you pass through it, you’ll be safe for the time being.”

Lilith was overjoyed and sped up more, like she was on steroids.

However, when Lilith’s face was about to touch the golden array, a slim and delicate arm suddenly shot out from the other side of the array.

The delicate arm stirred and the array was immediately destroyed.

The golden light faded, and Cornelia’s smug face appeared.

“Crawling with the speed of a turtle. You really kept me waiting for so long.”


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