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Chapter 4-160: A Weird Situation

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Author: We Ain’t Fish Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2300 characters
Translator: Myuu English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1088 words
Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus


Lilith let out a loud sneeze, startling Lesiah who was beside her.

“Are you alright Lilith?” Lesiah pulled Lilith in closer and touched her forehead with hers. She was worried when she noticed Lilith’s high body temperature, “Did you catch a cold?”

Lilith blushed slightly, “I’m a Dragon alright? Have you heard of a Dragon catching a cold? Our temperature is higher than that of a human’s. There’s nothing to worry about. As for why I sneezed…”

Lilith looked up at the sky and grinned, “Perhaps someone was charmed by my beauty and is thinking of me.”

Lesiah let out a sigh of relief and stood up. She brushed her silvery hair aside and rolled her eyes at Lilith, “Yeah, right.”

“What? That’s the truth! Or are you saying that you found someone prettier and cuter than me?” said Lilith, puffing out her rather flat chest.

A mischievous grin lit up Lesiah’s face, “Cornelia’s quite cute.”

“What? Since when is that old loli cuter than me!” Lilith was not pleased, “She’s way past her age. What’s she’s got that’s better than me other than the two lumps of useless fat on her chest?”

“Isn’t this what people like? Legal loli… Busty loli.. It’s all points of appeal. Compared to them, Lilith… The only thing you have going for you is your cuteness.”


Lilith clutched at her chest as she took a few steps back, as if she was hurt.

A smug smile appeared on Lesiah’s lips. I finally got back at her. But her smile froze the next moment.

Lilith glanced at Lesiah’s face, and understanding dawned on hers. A predatory grin appeared on her lips as she approached the princess with a speed that no normal person can match.

“Lesiah… You seem to know a lot~”

“W-what are you talking about…”

“Let’s see if you truly are as knowledgeable as you sound… Hehe…”

And with that, Lilith pounced on Lesiah like a hungry wolf. She cupped the princess’s breasts and began groping her chest.

“Kyaah~ No… Not there…”

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There was nothing the little lamb could do once it was in the clutches of the big bad wolf.


“Ah! The king and queen have returned!”

Lilith and Lesiah returned to the titan village once Durance and her men left to rejoin their main force. They were spotted by children playing at the entrance, and their excited exclamation drew the attention of the entire village.

“It seems that the queen has succeeded.” Titan12138 emerged from the crowd, which parted ways for their chieftain. A smile of relief was on her face when she saw Lilith unharmed.

“Welcome back, Your Majesty.” Titan12138 bowed, and the rest of her tribe followed suit.

“Welcome back, Your Majesty.”

Lilith had long since given up hopes of stopping such a gesture.


Just when the titans began to rise, Lilith felt the icy touch of a little hand on her wrist.

It belonged to a young titan who was eyeing her with curiosity, “The king’s hand is so warm.” The young titan smiled.

“Really?” Lilith returned the smile. But before she could pull a prank on the child, a roar erupted from within the crowd.

“You brat! How dare you speak to the king in such a manner!”

A man who looked just like the child walked up to him and gave him a slap.

“You little brat! How dare you sully the royals with your dirty hand!”

“Uwahh… I’m sorry… I’ll not do it again…” The child began crying out loud.

“Apologise to his majesty at once!” The man was angry, but his rage did not hide the fear and worry beneath his facade.

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Lilith frowned slightly. She could feel that something was wrong.

“There’s no need for…”

“Nonsense, we must apologise for sullying Your Majesty with our filthy presence, or…” the man pressed the head of the child down and forced him to prostrate himself before Lilith.

Once the child kowtowed at Lilith, the man pulled his child back into the crowd with their heads lowered.

The other titans felt nothing wrong about the situation unfolding before them. In fact, many of them were even nodding their heads.

Lilith shared a look with Lesiah, and the duo could see the doubts in each others’ eyes.


It did not take long for the sky to darken.

As per their customs, the titans sat around a few large bonfires at night.

The men were boasting among one another, recounting their exploits in the day, of how many monsters they have slain while the women gathered around in small groups to gossip about things happening in the village.

The children chased each other around the campfires. To them, playing the roles of their imaginary characters was one of the few forms of entertainment they had in their boring world.

Lilith’s plate was filled with freshly cooked meat, but to her, the portion was nothing. Her eyes were scanning the entire village as she chewed her meal slowly like a well-mannered lady.

This was the first time Lilith was not wolfing down her food during a meal. Her attention was somewhere else.

Something was off about the titans.

The way they distanced themselves from her, and how they’d steal glances at her but hurriedly looking away when they were discovered… It all didn’t feel right.

They were literally worshipping her.

She had felt awe from her own race before ascending as the king of the titans. But this felt different. The respect one shows towards a hero, a leader, and a God is different. Lilith had a feeling that the titans were treating her like a god.

It was not the deification of a hero, but one born out of blind faith. This was just like how the followers of Light would not allow themselves to sully the glory of the Goddess of Light.

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Lilith stole a glance at the person sitting by her side, and was displeasured by what she saw.

Lesiah was having a conversation with creatures of gossip. Their overly invasive questions were making her blush. Even as a eldest princess of an empire who had attended banquets of many sorts, Lesiah still found herself overwhelmed by the onslaughts of these creatures.

No! I shouldn’t pity her! She should’ve kept me company instead! I’ll teach her a lesson!

Lilith puffed her cheeks out. After wolfing down her food, she began thinking of ways to teach a certain person a lesson.


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