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Chapter 4-159: Off With Your Head.

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Author: We Ain’t Fish Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 3406 characters
Translator: Myuu English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1533 words
Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

Just a few moments earlier.

A few silhouettes lurked in the forest around the titan’s village. They were careful to mask their aura as they eyed the skies without so much as letting out a breath. They were waiting for a signal.

They were the members of Team Two involved in the princess’s rescue operation. Their mission was to sneak into the enemy’s camp and rescue Princess Lesiah while the special assault team engaged Golden Demon Htilil in combat.

But the special assault team had been silent thus far much to their confusion.

The leader of Team Two, a woman with beautiful features, frowned at the delay.

Coleman was supposed to be the leader of Team Two. He was a capable fighter, and knew the enemy’s base inside out. But due to the inhumane treatment he had to suffer in the titan’s village, Coleman was too traumatized to ever set foot in the place. Hence, another female warrior who traveled with Diana became the temporary leader.

The woman’s name was Reza. She was an elite among the 7th grade students of St. Caroline Academy who was ranked among the top 10 in terms of combat prowess in the entire school.

While she was also a sword user, she still lost to Durance during a duel by the closest of margin, and was known as the Uncrowned Queen in the sword school of the academy. But this did not mean that she was an incompetent fighter.

Without talent, and without any sponsors to rely on, she worked hard to become who she was.

Her strength was not the only reason she was selected to be the leader of the group. She was also fast. Very fast. With a quick motion too fast for the eyes of the others to see, Reza nailed a rainbow colored insect that laid prowling near her feet.

Green liquid oozed from the carapace of the dead bug, accompanied by a pungent smell.

A scowl appeared on Reza’s face as she flicked her sword to remove the green liquid. The signal to move was not given. There was nothing her team could do but to wait.

What’s going on? Was there some sort of trouble?

Just then, an explosion rocked the forest, as if hundreds of magical scrolls were detonated at the same time.

Reza projected her sword energy, which negated the force of the explosion that rocked the trees around her. Excitement was written all over the faces of her squad members. Has the special assault squad managed to draw out Htilil?

But they were stopped before they could spring into action.

“Let’s go back.”

She continued as the members of her team shared confused looks, “The special assault team… Has failed.”


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They’re the elites among the elites! How the hell… What could’ve happened… And they’re so far away… How can she tell?

“The explosion just now was huge,” Reza explained, perhaps anticipating the questions in their mind. “It’s not something caused by a duel between fighters. It’s more like a… magical trap. Since a trap has been triggered, things do not look great for Durance and his team.”


“But that might not be the case?” Reza gave the person a look of disdain and spoke, “Listen.”

But there was no other sound.

“If it’s a fight between both sides, why is there no more additional sounds? Silence could only mean two things.”

“The first.” Reza held up a finger. “It’s an enemy trap, and the special assault team was totally incapacitated, or they would’ve sent a signal for us to retreat. The Golden Demon would’ve moved once she heard the explosion. The explosion would’ve rendered them incapable of fighting against her. They’re not idiots. Of course they’ll choose to flee.”

“As for the second reason…” Reza held up a second finger. “The special group was ambushed by Htilil and has been obliterated.”

Gasp… That… Sounds like a reasonable explanation! It means that the elites in the special assault group have been wiped out! As expected of the most notorious criminal in human history! Golden Demon Htilil sure is a force to be reckoned with!

Reza sheathed her sword, there was no hesitation in her movement as she turned away, “Let’s go. Since the mission has failed, let’s go back and draw up a new plan.”

She sighed and looked at a few trees around her. “Let’s chop down a few of them. They’ll make fine coffins for the dead. Hm… since we’ve thought about their coffins, then why don’t we come up with a few words of remembrance.”

Reza scratched her head.

“Hmm… We can find a good spot for their graves as well. We can do it while we chop down the trees.”

She suddenly stopped, and cast a backwards glance at her confused teammates. “Hmmm… We might as well prepare some funeral music for them. Don’t forget to act very sad. It’ll save time for when we get back.”

“I’m really impressed by myself.” Reza looked up into the sky, the deaths of her comrades completely forgotten, “Such efficiency. Is there anyone faster than me?”


The team began cutting down trees and making them into coffins. They then buried the coffins, and began recounting tales of the glorious sacrifice of Aneva’s group.

Two more explosions resounded in the forest when they left. But there was nobody there to listen to them.

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“Is it finally over?”

Professor Marlin stared at the Great Formation of Heaven and Earth on the Dragon God Lake with astonishment.

The vice dean said with a satisfied smile as he caressed his mustache, “Our hard work finally paid off. Good job, Professor Marlin.”

“No price is too great to pay for the betterment of humankind.”

Despite his words, Professor Marlin’s bloodshot eyes and the stubble on his handsome face said otherwise… His face was filled with fatigue, as if he had aged ten years. While he was already at saint level, creating a formation powerful enough to kill a full-fledged saint was still no doubt a taxing challenge to him.

“Now what we need… is one last thing.”

“One last thing?” the vice dean’s hand trembled, plucking off a few strands of his mustache along with that motion.

“I was the one who proposed using that, but I still do not wish to see it used unless it’s as a last resort.”

“Anyone else would’ve shared your hesitation.” Marlin grimaced and shook his head, “How the hell did the first dean create something like that?”

“A mere mortal like me will never understand his thoughts,” the vice dean replied. “We can’t even figure out the thinking of our current dean, not to mention something that’s already existed for thousands of years.”

“By the way.” A sudden thought crossed the vice dean’s mind. “Professor Marlin, can we unlock the sealed passage now?”

“Of course. The formation is completed. We don’t have to worry about magical energy draining anymore.” Professor Marlin nodded. With the formation completed, opening and sealing the entrance to the site was simple.

“That’s great. Please hurry up and open the passage. Not being able to know what’s going on in the ruins puts me ill at ease.”

“Haha… As expected of the vice dean. You’re worried about the students. I really should take you as my role model.”

“You flatter me…” the vice dean responded. His thoughts were on the students trapped in the ruins.

Professor Marlin shook his head with a smile. Such a kindhearted vice dean was a boon to the academy.

He figured he should grant his wish soon, since he was also itching to find out what was happening in there.

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Professor Marlin prepared a complex spell, and the formation above where the Dragon God Lake used to be located began its activation. A huge rumble could be heard from above them, as if a multitude of giant cogwheels were turning.

A large amount of magical energy began surging forward from the center of the golden door. The sheer pressure of magical energy caused the mages around them to stagger around. Their faces were red as if they were drunk.

The warriors on the other hand, felt as if they were stuck in mud.

The Great Formation of Heaven and Earth was able to contain the surge of magical energy as the golden doors opened, much to their astonishment.

When it came to magical formations, Marlin was as adept as his other talent: Strategizing. It was something that no one could hope to match.

The vice dean stroked his mustache when the doors of the ruins swung open and a smile opened his face.

He immediately produced a spectrum stone to communicate with the students in the ruins.

His body trembled after a short while.

“What happened?” asked Professor Marlin.

The vice dean took two steps back and the man who had almost reached the peak of the saint realm slumped onto the ground.

Professor Marlin quickly supported the vice dean and asked in concern, “What the hell happened?”

The vice dean howled up into the sky.

“Golden Demon Htilil! I swear upon the name of the academy, no, the entire human race, that I will lop off your head. I will avenge my students!!!”


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