Chapter 4-154: So-Called Bestie

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Author: We Ain’t Fish Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2080 characters
Translator: Myuu English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1194 words
Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

“Here, ahhh~”

The woman carefully brought a piece of appetizing braised meat to Lilith’s mouth, whose cheeks puffed up in satisfaction.

“Sooo yummehhh…”

It went without saying that Cornelia was not feeling very pleased over the fact that she had to lean her body back a little to allow Lilith some space.

“Mommy, Cornelia wants to be fed too~” the white haired girl whined with a pout.

“Be a good girl, Cornelia. Mommy will feed you next time. Let Little Lilith enjoy this special treatment today…” The woman patted Cornelia’s head. “I feel really sorry for Little Lilith.”

“But she… Ouchhh, that hurts…!” Just when Cornelia was about to expose the true face of that wretched girl who stole her mother’s attention, Lilith suddenly spread her arms open. Cornelia was not sure if it was on purpose, but when Lilith did that, her left hand smacked Cornelia’s mouth.

“Cornelia’s mommy, I want a hug…!”
“Alright, alright…”

The woman spread open her arms and embraced Lilith, not even bothered about the oil stain that Lilith’s mouth left on her clothes.

With pity in her eyes and voice, she wiped Lilith’s oily lips with her handkerchief and said, “Oh look at you. It must have been a very long time since you last had meat, Little Lilith.”

“That’s not true.” Lilith shook her head and said innocently, “Three months ago on my birthday, my mommy cooked me some delicious meat. Although it tasted kind of weird, I still think it was the best meat I’ve ever tasted. Not only that, mommy let me have all of it. I was so stuffed that I ended up having a stomachache!”

“Oh, this child…”

The woman never felt herself tearing up this easily before as she pulled Lilith into a tight embrace. With a trembling voice, she said, “Little Lilith, this is your home from now on. Come over any time, no, you should live here. We have a huge house, and having another person living here is nothing more than adding another plate during meal times. Can we please, darling?”

“Of course.” The middle aged man turned his head around and discreetly wiped his tears. “Forget about living here, I can even consider her my daughter.”
“It’s a deal then, Little Lilith will be living here then.”
“But… If I stay here, no one will cook for mommy and daddy. They will be upset.”
“Do not mention those cruel parents of yours again! Just live here and don’t worry. If both of them come here for you, I’ll talk to them for you!” the woman huffed angrily.

“Alright then…” Lilith lowered her head and twiddled her fingers. “If mommy and daddy come, I’ll have to return with them…”

“It’s a promise then. You’re not allowed to go back on your words, Little Lilith. Here, pinky swear with me.” The woman finally smiled and offered her pinky finger, which Lilith promptly locked with hers.

“Okay. Pinky promise, whoever lies…”
“Becomes a puppy…”
“and swallows a hundred needles!”
“Oh my, how cruel of you to make me swear such a vicious oath.” The woman tapped Lilith’s nose dotingly and chuckled.

Lilith pouted and grumbled, “That’s how it should be.” While saying that, her eyes brimmed with tears. “I don’t want you to swallow needles either…”

“Fine, fine. It was only a joke, don’t be sad.” The woman lifted Lilith and spun around. “Come on, don’t cry, Little Lilith. Auntie will lift you high up in the sky…”

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“Hehehe, this is so fun! Faster, Auntie, faster…!” Lilith’s tears turned into joy.

The heart-warming scene made them seem like mother and daughter.

While Lilith was getting spun in midair, her shoe flew off from her foot and coincidentally smacked Cornelia right on her face.

“Owww, that hurts!”

Cornelia grasped the shoe that might look like it was thrown out by centrifugal force but slapped her face with force that could kill an elephant. Her eyes burned with anger. Just when she was about to get angry…

“Oh no, I’m sorry Cornelia, how did my little shoe fly off and hit you on the face?”

Lilith hurriedly held Cornelia’s hands. Although she was apologizing, there was not even a shred of remorse and she even chuckled. “I’m sure you aren’t angry, right? After all, we are the bestest best~ies~”

The relieved smile on the woman’s face forced Cornelia to swallow back the vulgarity that had reached her lips.

“Uh-huh, of course Cornelia won’t be angry. We are bestest best~ies~” Cornelia squeezed the last two words through the gap between her teeth trying to maintain the ‘sincere’ smile on her face.

“Pfft…” The sudden snicker attracted everyone’s attention on the table.

Realizing that he was now the main focus, Lucas quickly replaced the amusement on his face with a serious look.

“Sorry, I choked. Please don’t mind me and carry on…”
“B̲a̲s̲t̲a̲r̲d̲… Are you enjoying the show?” Cornelia secretly gnashed her teeth and muttered under her breath. All of a sudden, she turned to the woman and smiled cutely. “Mommy, Cornelia wants some juice…”

“Oh dear, how careless of me. I forgot about your juice. Wait here, I’ll go get it now.”

“No need, Cornelia can take it herself.” Cornelia clasped her hands behind her, making herself appear like a sensible and obedient child.

“Mommy is really proud of you for being such a sensible child, Cornelia. But… the juice is stored in the fridge in the storage room. It’s kind of dark there… I thought Cornelia is terrified of the darkness, no?”

“I’ll be fine…”

Cornelia shot a glance at Lilith, who was still acting cute beside her, then smiled. “I’m sure Cornelia’s best~ie~ will accompany me. Right, Lilith~?”

Lilith raised an eyebrow then smiled back at her. “Of course, since it is you who invited me, Cornelia~”

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“Lilith’s the best!” Cornelia grabbed Lilith by her arm like a best friend would, then dragged her out of the room until both of them disappeared in everyone’s sight…

“What do you want?!”

Lilith suddenly found herself pinned to the wall by an invisible force. Cornelia clenched her fists, staring at her with murderous intention and fury.

At the same time, a faint circle of light formed around Cornelia, isolating all the fluctuations in this space.

“I’ve already spared you just now, why do you still choose to seek death?”
“Oh my, Cornelia~ How could you bring yourself to hurt your bestest best friend?”

With a sarcastic smile on her face, Lilith took out her black holy sword imitation from the storage ring. Her azure blue eyes instantly turned into majestic golden, befitting of a royal dragon.

That petite body of hers contained a massive amount of explosive energy and amber lava flowed under her jade-like skin.

Lilith did not seem to be affected by the invisible force. She kicked the wall with her little feet powerfully, creating a dent with a diameter of a few meters. With the force of an erupting volcano, she swung her holy sword imitation at Cornelia hard.

“Don’t you know that friends should be affectionate with each other?”


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