Chapter 4-153: The Birth of an Actress

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Author: We Ain’t Fish Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2082 characters
Translator: Myuu English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1175 words
Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

On the two joined dining tables, the candle flame swayed like dancing elves, adding a touch of warm light in the inviting room. In the illuminated room, the confusion on several faces could be seen even more clearly.

Lesiah and the rest, who should have already left just now, were now all seated at the dining table.

She was seated to the right of Lilith. To her right was Rosdell, Durance, Choobchoob and Lucas, who finally managed to put on a pair of bright red pants. With this, the dining table was fully seated.

Beside Lilith, was their formidable enemy, Cornelia. Across from both of them sat a neat-looking and middle-aged man who was reading a newspaper. Sitting beside Cornelia was that gentle-looking woman.

Cornelia bore some resemblance to both the middle-aged man and woman.

The dining table was filled with delicious homemade dishes with appetizing aroma. Aside from Lucas who was wolfing down the food, the rest did not seem to have any appetite for it.

The scene before them was simply too strange that none of them could process it.

In the end, it was Rosdell who finally could no longer sit still. He turned to the side and poked Lesiah on her arm. “Your royal highness… do you know… what happened between both of them?” he whispered.

“Don’t ask me, I’m just as clueless.”

Lesiah rubbed her forehead, also finding the scene before her unbelievable.

Even with her intellect, Lesiah could not understand why they got called back by Lilith shortly after they left. Moreover, she simply could not fathom what happened between these two who were fighting with each other every time they met…

“Mommy, Cornelia wants some fruuuuit…” the white haired girl said cutely.
“Cornelia’s Mommy, I want some fruuuit toooo…” Lilith said in an even cuter voice.
“Alright, alright, there’s enough for both of you…”

The woman moved a plate of red fruit in the middle of the dining table closer to Cornelia and Lilith.

“Mommy’s the best!”

Cornelia smiled sweetly, then picked up a silver fork like how she would pick up a stick. She then tried to stab at a piece of the fruit and send it to her mouth. Unfortunately, the red fruit was too round. Cornelia attempted a few times, but it just skillfully ‘rolled away’ her fork…

“Aww… this fruit doesn’t wanna be eaten by me…” Tears welled up in Cornelia’s eyes as she pouted. With such an expression on her lovely face, anyone would feel the urge to spoil her.

The woman instantly looked like her heart melted as she hurriedly consoled her daughter. “Don’t cry, baby girl. Mommy will help you…”

The woman skillfully picked up her fork, moved it on the red fruit before applying a little pressure. The prongs of her fork immediately sunk into the flesh of the fruit.

“Wow, that’s impressive, mommy!” Cornelia clapped in excitement.
“Here~ Ahhh~”
“Ahhh~” Cornelia opened her mouth obediently and ate the fruit that the woman fed to her. She held her cheeks as a blissful expression bloomed on her face. “Mommy’s fwood ish de best…” she praised with her mouth full.
“I’m glad mommy’s little girl loves it.” The woman stroked Cornelia’s head, her eyes overflowing with affections and tenderness.

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Looking at their interaction, a cunning smile crept across Lilith’s face.

She suddenly leaned toward Cornelia, pushing the latter out of the way when she was still enjoying the woman’s head pat. Lilith then showed a pitiful expression on her face to the woman. “Cornelia’s Mommy, I want some too~”


The woman hesitated for a litte, but Lilith quickly burst into tears. “…No one ever fed me anything… Daddy’s an alcoholic who either indulges in wine or hits me. Mommy’s always busy earning money and bringing strange uncles home. Although the door is shut, I know those uncles are always bullying mommy. Mommy always cries and sounds like she’s in a lot of pain. Even so, the money she earns is still not enough for daddy to spend on his wine. Ohh woe is me…” Lilith sobbed.

“R-Really?” The woman clamped a hand over her mouth and gasped in shock.

“Of course.” Lilith rolled her sleeve up and showed her arm to the woman. Her jade-like skin was clearly different from normal people.

“My skin became like this after getting beaten so many times by daddy. Though fair and smooth, I don’t feel any pain when I get hit now.”

While saying that, Lilith picked up a fork and was going to stab her arm to prove that she was immune to pain.


The woman’s eyes were brimming with tears as she held Lilith’s hands. “Don’t do such a thing, you’ve been through a lot already, Lilith.”


The middle-aged man threw the newspaper that he was reading on the table and said angrily, “Despicable! Simply despicable! How could he do that to such a young child? Your name is Lilith, right? Where do you live? Tell me your address, I’ll go talk to your parents!”

“No!” Lilith immediately shook her head vehemently. “I won’t allow it!”
“Why not?” The middle-aged man asked in puzzlement.
“Because you’ll definitely fight with daddy if you go.”

“Don’t worry, little girl.” The middle-aged man patted his chest. “I may look weak, but I’m actually a good fighter. If I wasn’t, Cornelia’s mommy wouldn’t have fallen for me when I saved her from a bunch of thugs. If your dad were going to start a fight, he’d be the one begging for mercy in the end!”

“I know you’re amazing, uncle. But… that is the exact reason…” Lilith clenched her little fists and sobbed. “I don’t want daddy to get hurt! Although he’s mean to me, he’s still my daddy!”


The room suddenly fell silent.


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But the silence was broken by a loud noise.

Lucas quickly picked up his silver fork that he accidentally dropped onto his plate, then scratched his head in embarrassment. “Haha, my hand slipped. Carry on, don’t mind me…”


Both the middle-aged man’s and woman’s bodies could not help but tremble slightly. The woman was the first to make a move. She leaned over Cornelia and pulled Lilith into her embrace.

“What… What a good child you are…”

The woman choked with a sympathetic look on her face. “Why does such a pitiful angel exist? You shouldn’t be subjected to such abuse…”


The middle-aged man slammed his fist on the table so hard that the plates on the table clattered. “As a man, I can’t believe I can’t do anything about this situation! I’m such a failure!”

“Don’t cry…” Lilith raised her head from the mounds that were suffocating her. She wiped the tears away from the corner of the woman’s eyes, then gave her an angelic smile.

“When I was three, my late grandmother told me that if I keep smiling, I’ll always be happy. You’re already happy enough, so keep smiling. Don’t let happiness slip away…”


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