Chapter 4-152: Two Women One Show

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Author: We Ain’t Fish Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 3319 characters
Translator: Myuu English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1814 words
Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

“Cornelia, is that you?”

A gentle and motherly voice rang out from the end of the corridor. Perhaps Lilith was too focused earlier during the fight, she failed to notice the woman’s footsteps until they were really close.

The same must have been true for Cornelia. Otherwise, Cornelia would not use that trick that moved the battlefield. But clearly, it was already too late.

A middle-aged woman emerged from the darkness and looked at the two girls in surprise. Her gentle gaze fell on Cornelia first. Just when she was about to say something, she suddenly noticed Lilith, who was looking at her curiously.

The woman was taken aback for a moment, before her beautiful eyes glinted like that of a starving wolf’s, which sent chills down Lilith’s spine. She took a few steps forward then started pinching and kneading Lilith’s adorable face.

“Oh my, what a lovely little girl! How soft your cheeks are, they’re as soft as a baby’s! What’s your name? Where’s your mommy and daddy? How old are you? Why are you here? Are you lost? Do you want me to help you find mommy?”

The longer the woman pinched Lilith’s cheeks, the more she fell in love with her. In the next second, she grabbed and pulled Lilith right into her bosom. With her other free warm hand, she rubbed Lilith’s slim waist before skillfully moving under her clothes…

“Ummmpphff…” Getting her cheeks kneaded like dough upset Lilith, but being touched at her sensitive area by a stranger pissed her off even more. She wanted to retaliate, but realized that the woman did not have any unusual power in her.

An ordinary person?

But… Why would an ordinary person appear in such an extremely unusual place like this out of the blue? This itself was a highly unusual occurrence.

Lilith was about to struggle and free herself, she suddenly stopped. Her body was currently at its full power and she always sucked at controlling her strength. There was a possibility that this woman might end up with more than a dozen bones if Lilith was not careful enough.

And Lilith was never the type of person who would hurt the innocent. Without much choice, she could only allow the woman to do as she pleased.

It was definitely not because she was enjoying the sensation of having her face buried in those soft mounds, hehe…

What Lilith did not notice was the moment she restrained her power, the hidden killing intent deep in Cornelia’s eyes instantly dissipated too.

“Oh, I’m so sorry. I can’t control myself whenever I see something adorable.” The woman finally realized that she had lost her composure, so she released Lilith and bowed apologetically.

What a gentle person she was…

“It’s okay.” Lilith rubbed her nose. She could still smell the fragrance on the woman. With an unsatis… understanding look on her face, she nodded. “I understand, everyone has things that they fancy.”

As soon as she lifted her head, she noticed her surroundings had changed. She looked around and realized that the mess caused by their battle earlier had disappeared. When did that happen?

Lilith raised an eyebrow as her keen senses picked an abnormal fluctuation in space.

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Was this… an illusion?

However, it was an extremely low level illusory spell that could easily be broken. Aside from those who were not martial practitioners, no one would fall for such a petty trick. What was Cornelia thinking when she used such a low level spell like this?

Wait… Ordinary person?

“Ah, I’m so glad you are not upset, little girl!”

The woman patted Lilith’s head with rosy cheeks, then clapped. “Are you Cornelia’s friend?”


Just when Lilith was about to reply, a petite figure brushed past her and threw herself into the woman’s arms.

Lilith’s eyes nearly popped out of their sockets.

The person who threw herself into the woman’s arms was none other than Cornelia, the enemy whom Lilith had fought countless times.

Cornelia looked almost like another person. She wore an innocent childish smile on her face, clinging to the woman like a sloth and rubbing her pretty face in her chest. With a sweet and doll-like voice, she asked, “Why are you here, mommy?”

“I heard some strange noises and got worried about our dear little Cornelia, of course.”

The gentle-looking woman ran her fingers through Cornelia’s long white hair. There was concern in her eyes as she asked, “I heard a loud noise coming from here just now. Did something happen?”

“Nothing~ Nothing happened here.”


“Of course!” Cornelia seemed upset by the question. She jumped off from the woman then placed her hands on hips. “I can’t believe you don’t trust me, mommy! Cornelia’s getting mad,” she huffed.

“Of course mommy believes you…!”

The woman hurriedly bent down and gathered Cornelia into her arms. She rubbed her face against Cornelia’s body. “Our Cornelia is the most honest girl. Why would she lie to mommy? Mommy only asked because she is worried. Forgive me, please? My mooooost adorable Cornelia~”

“No way. I wasn’t the first one you hugged when you came here. You hugged a stranger instead. I’m not forgiving you, mommy!” Cornelia pouted and turned her head to the side, like a child throwing a tantrum. Since the woman knew all her weak spots, it did not take long for her to give in. “PFFFT… HAHA… Stop…! Don’t rub me there… Mommy! I’m ticklish there…! HAHA…!”

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“Is that so? But my Cornelia refuses to forgive mommy. So mommy can only resort to this method to make you forgive me.”

“Ughhh… HAHA… I forgive you, mommy! …D-Don’t touch me there… Cornelia won’t be able to stand it…”

“Are you still angry then?”

“I’m noooot, let me gooooo… HAHA…”

Cornelia was nearly out of breath as she struggled weakly. Her cheeks were flushed and she could not even speak clearly. It was only then the woman removed her demonic claws from Cornelia’s body in satisfaction.

At this moment, Lilith was watching from the sideline with nothing but a dumbfounded look on her face… She was even starting to doubt reality.

Wait… Was this girl who was acting all child-like in her mother’s arms the same monster girl who kept calling everyone worm?

This was a totally different person!

Could it be that Cornelia did not cast an illusory spell, but a powerful mental illusory spell that could trap her in an illusion without realizing it?

Just when Lilith was on the verge of calling out to her ancestor, another voice rang out in her mind.

[ I’ll let you guys go this time. You may leave now. ] 


Lilith tilted her head, looking at the girl who was babbling and crying out adorably like a harmless kitten. But Lilith did not miss the look Cornelia gave her the moment she pounced on her mother.

[ What? I’m letting you guys go out of kindness. You wish to stay behind and get killed? Let me warn you, this is your last chance. Go and enjoy your remaining days. The next time we meet will be the end of your life. ] 

“Ermmm…” Lilith rubbed her chin thoughtfully, before her lips curled into a crazy smile.

[ What are you standing around for? You think I can’t kill you right now, eehhhhhh?? ] 

Cornelia’s voice in Lilith’s mind suddenly faltered because Lilith actually ignored her warning. Instead, the latter’s eyes lit up as she approached them with a shameless smile.

She stopped right in front of the woman, then pumped her hands and asked in an equally adorable loli voice, “Are you Cornelia’s mommy?”

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“Hm?” The woman was slightly taken aback by Lilith’s initiative to talk to her, but a smile immediately bloomed across her face right after that. “That’s right, I’m Cornelia’s mommy.”

“Amazing! Cornelia always told me she has a kind, beautiful and gentle mommy! It’s a pleasure to finally meet you.”

Cornelia: ?????

“Really?” The woman grabbed Lilith’s hand with sparkly eyes. “Did Cornelia really say that?”

“Uh-huh! Cornelia always mentioned about you to me… Oh right…”

Lilith smacked her forehead and chided herself. “I forgot to introduce myself. How rude of me.”

She held her skirt and curtsied to the woman like a noble lady. “My name is Lilith. I am Cornelia’s… best~ friend~”

Cornelia: !!!!

“So you’re really her friend! I’m so happy! This is the first time Cornelia brought a friend home!” The woman covered her mouth as her eyes reddened slightly with tears. “She has never brought a friend home before, I was so worried that she actually didn’t have any.”

“Don’t worry, auntie…”

Lilith stuck her chest out, then hooked an arm around Cornelia who had a dumbfounded look on her face. Like best friends, they bumped the side of their heads together.

“Cornelia’s a nice person! There’s no way she doesn’t have any friends.” Lilith slapped her chest, then stretched a hand out to the woman. “There’s actually five of us, not including me, who are visiting Cornelia today!” she announced seriously.

“Really? Oh my, why didn’t you say so earlier? I must go make preparations!”

“Don’t worry about it. I hope our unannounced visit won’t cause you too much trouble, ma’am.”

“Of course not.” The woman placed her hands on hips and pretended to be serious. “Why are Cornelia’s friends being so formal with me? I’m gonna be angry.”

“Wow, as expected of Cornelia’s mommy, you’re really a great mommy!”

Lilith threw herself into the woman’s arms and started rubbing her face on the woman’s ample bosom. “Will Cornelia’s great mommy give me a hug, pweaaase?”

“Of course! It is a pleasure to get such a request from a cute child.”

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“Yay, mommy’s the best!”

Lilith sank herself right into the rough sea and swam in those blue waves without any restraints.

Cornelia had a rather unpleasant look on her face.

This b̲a̲s̲t̲a̲r̲d̲… sure knows how to put on an act.

The anger in her heart made Cornelia want to so badly burn Lilith into ashes. Unfortunately, her hands were tied. When she was in her mother’s presence, she had no choice but to maintain her adorable image.


It was at this time, Lilith suddenly returned to shore from her surfing. She grabbed the woman’s hands then announced proudly, “Listen to me, ma’am. Among all Cornelia’s friends, I’m her bestest friend!”

“Ah, is that so?” The woman pretended to be surprised and chuckled.

“Of course! I am closest with Cornelia. She is always so clingy to me!”

Lilith then suddenly turned around and hugged Cornelia.

“Look ma’am, we are close to the point that we can fondle each other’s boo~bies!”

Cornelia: ??!!

After saying that with an innocent face, Lilith made a grab at Cornelia’s ample bosom without any hesitation. There was no question that the size of Cornelia’s bosom was inherited from her mother’s.


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