Chapter 4-151: Changes

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Author: We Ain’t Fish Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2365 characters
Translator: Myuu English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1439 words
Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

Now that the farce is over… It was time for the real show.

Durance, Diana, Rosdell and Choobchoob had turned to leave. Although they seemed reluctant to do it, none dared to tarry a second longer. They feared that the battle between the two god-like creatures would be devastating, perishing innocent mortal bystanders like themselves.

Although Lesiah had a worried look on her face and wanted to stay, Lilith forced her to leave.

Otherwise, not only would she not be able to do her job, Lesiah might even get involved in the battle and become a bargaining chip for Cornelia to manipulate Lilith.

Lesiah was fully aware of this possible scenario, so she did not fight Lilith. Though worried, she left without looking back so that she would not drag Lilith down.

Before she left, she whispered a prayer for Lilith’s safety.

Lilith crossed her arms and nodded proudly at Lesiah’s departure.

Hm, as expected of a woman that was worthy of her attention. Neither delicate nor pretentious. A total opposite of some female protagonists from romance stories who would insist on staying in dangerous situations just to prove that love could overcome every obstacle but ended up being useless.

This of course only ended up with her dragging the male protagonist down. He probably had a chance of winning but had to be forced to go down along with his enemy. When the battle was over, both of the male and female protagonists would embrace, staring into each other’s eyes as the ashes of their enemy floated in the air. Ah, this must be love.

How romantic and touching that it got countless innocent and sentimental little girls ugly sobbing at the tragic ending.

Had the female protagonist left decisively, none of this would have happened. The male protagonist would have been able to finish off the enemy with a few rounds of close quarter combats and insults.

“Why, you’re gonna just watch them leave?” Lilith tilted her head, perplexed. She looked at Shiloah, who remained standing still at the side and showing no signs of going after Lesiah and the others who had left.

Was it Cornelia’s style to let her prey go so easily?

“It doesn’t matter how many others leave.”

The expression on Cornelia’s face remained unchanged. “As long as I can defeat you, catching them would be no more difficult than little chicks.”

“What a harsh way to put it, you should pull some punches… If they were here, your words would’ve hurt them.”

“Do you care if the worms on the ground are sad?”

“Well, not really. But… you kept calling them worms. Have you ever thought of the day you would become a worm in the eyes of others?”

“Become a worm in the eyes of others?”

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There was brief confusion in Cornelia’s eyes, before it turned into pain. It almost felt like Lilith had stabbed her right in the place where it hurt. Her face contorted in anger. “SHUT UP!”

As soon as the words left her mouth, Cornelia instantly became aware of her own outburst. She quickly recomposed herself and caught herself.

What a weird reaction…

Lilith playfully tapped the ground with her imitation holy sword, creating rhythmic beats in the narrow corridor.

The rhythmic noise caused Cornelia’s gaze to fall on the black imitation holy sword. She frowned at the sight of it.

How come this lame-looking crowbar… looked so familiar?

Fragmented images flashed through her mind. In the distant past, there seemed to be an extremely annoying person standing across from her, with this crowbar in hand. On her face, she wore a familiar yet disgusting smile.

Cornelia wanted to try recalling more, but she had an enemy in front of her right now that was worthy of her to battle with full strength. Hence, she must not allow herself to be too distracted.

Lilith’s gaze rested on Cornelia, who held her gaze with a serious expression.

Both of them were fully focused and ready to lash out at any moment, just like carnivorous predators locking their eyes on their prey. The moment their enemy showed an opening, they would immediately pounce on it and tear its windpipe viciously.

With a clear objective in mind, both of them were naturally taking this battle seriously. With this in mind, none of them dared to act recklessly. This was because the next move they made would need to count!

“Before we fight… Can I ask you a question first?” Lilith suddenly asked out of the blue, breaking the intense silence.

“What is it?” Cornelia questioned back emotionlessly.

“Why didn’t you want us on this floor? You said you have things to protect, but…what are they?”


Cornelia’s cold expression suddenly thawed, like splashing a large bucket of boiling paint onto an iceberg. Emotions flashed through her face.

The mention of the things she wanted to protect suddenly reminded her that… she should not fight on this floor… Otherwise…

This was the exact reason why she desperately tried to prevent Lilith and her group from reaching here.

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“Heh, that’s an opening.”

Lilith’s eyes shone. She did not expect her casual question would hit a nail on Cornelia’s head. Her jade-like skin instantly turned amber, like the boiling lava rushing through her veins. Her blond hair fluttered though there was not any wind. The large amount of heat generated by her high speed metabolism began to evaporate the water content in her body, causing a layer of thin white mist to surround her.

Her golden eyes lit up brightly. The sound of her heart beats were like rhythmic beating of war drums that echoed in the narrow space. The smile on Lilith’s face turned sinister, before she disappeared.


By the time Cornelia snapped back to her senses, the imitation holy sword was already rapidly enlarging in her view. The violent aura on it was almost condensed and solidified, significantly slowing down Cornelia’s reaction speed.

Only a split second of distraction was enough to cause Cornelia to lose the opportunity to dodge, turning her into a victim of Lilith’s sword.

However, as expected of an ancient monster who had lived for god knew how many years, a seal inside her body activated instinctively. Before her senses even returned, her body had moved on its own.

Cornelia raised her right hand and grasped at the air before tugging it to the side violently.

She remained standing at the same position, but everything in space shifted at her hand motion. The corridor and Lilith, who was in midair, were both pushed to the right for a distance.

Unsurprisingly, this caused Lilith’s attack to miss.


Lilith pulled the imitation holy sword out from the deep ground, then swung it a few times. Feeling frustrated as she did not expect Cornelia to have such a strange trick hidden up her sleeve. This Cornelia girl was indeed not an easy opponent to defeat.

Probably even with Lilith’s White Jade Style, boiling dragon blood and the imitation holy sword in her hand, she only had forty percent chance of defeating Cornelia. Furthermore, this was the case where actually took the lead to initiate an attack.

“Huh, strange. There’s no follow up?”

Lilith blinked at Cornelia, who had remained still after dodging her attack. She could not help but feel a little strange.

Based on Lilith’s previous experience of fighting with her, Cornelia usually moved like a storm as soon as she made a move. Her attacks were always seamlessly connected, not allowing her enemies to have any room to breathe.

When Lilith used too much strength, resulting with her imitation holy sword completely stuck in the floor, that was obviously an opening that lasted for more than a moment. Any idiot would have seized this opportunity to attack, yet Cornelia did not. Lilith simply could not wrap her head around her strange behavior.

Not only that, Shiloah, who was standing around, did not intervene. No one noticed when he had vanished from the scene.

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Could it be that… he was hiding in a corner, waiting for his chance to launch an ambush and Cornelia’s abnormal behavior was just to distract Lilith?

Lilith immediately looked left and right vigilantly, searching for Shiloah who might sneak an attack at any time.

However, Cornelia just stood rooted to the same spot. seemingly to have completely lost the will to fight. Upon closer look, Lilith could see that her body was slightly trembling.

Her attention was no longer on Lilith, but a figure that was slowly coming toward them from the darkness at the end of the corridor.

“Cornelia, is that you?”


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