Chapter 4-130: Forgetting Is The Best Way To Heal

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Author: We Ain’t Fish Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 3157 characters
Translator: Myuu English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1819 words
Editor(s): Yanga, Deximus_Maximus

“The best way to get rid of perverts is to cut them off for eternity. No matter what grade of pervert or how obscene they are, they will all become obedient children when their tools of crime are confiscated,” Lesiah snipped the scissors in her hand, while holding her cheek with the other hand. Her eyes glistened dangerously, like a jewel.

“D-Don’t… Don’t come near me…”

The princess inched toward Lucas with a very amiable smile on her face.

“Come on, it will be a very quick one. I guarantee you won’t feel any pain… well maybe just a little. After that, you will become a good boy that everyone loves, one that won’t do anything lewd to other girls. I’m sure even your old Pope in Luminous Theocracy would be delighted to find that you have turned over a new leaf.”

“No, he won’t! Don’t come any nearer!!”

“Don’t be shy. Here I am, suppressing the disgust welling up in me to face your nasty little thing. Shouldn’t you be grateful to offer it up?”

“N-No… I don’t want to!!”

Like a girl who got cornered by a pervert, Lucas looked weak, helpless and pitiful with tears glistening in his eyes. If it wasn’t for his slightly lecherous-looking face and his tanned muscular body, anyone would have felt sorry for him.

Unfortunately for him, everyone felt rather disgusted.

“Guys, help me…! I did that for you guys!”

Lucas reached out a trembling hand and begged, yearning for that glimmer of hope that someone would save him.

But then…

“Hmph, despicable.”

In return, all he got was several icy stares that made him feel like he was the scum of society. It was only then Lucas understood that he had been given a social death sentence by these people.

Well at the very least, he was sure he would never escape from his reputation of being a ‘letch’, ‘pervert’ and ‘scum’.

S̲h̲i̲t̲! These ungrateful people! Karma will come back to you guys one day!

“Please forgive me, your Royal Highness! Spare my humble life, I’ll do anything for you!”

As Lucas watched Lesiah approaching him, he gave up the last shred of his dignity with a snotty nose and tearful eyes.


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“Yes, of course!” Lucas nodded fervently.

“Well then, I’ll spare your life for the time being.” A treacherous smile appeared on Lesiah’s face as she put the scissors away and displayed an easy-going and approachable demeanor. It was almost as if that dangerous glint in her eyes earlier was just an illusion.

“You best remember your words.”

Lucas was taken aback for a moment, before wondering if he was being schemed against.


“Why are you here, Princess Lesiah?” Durance was the first to voice out the question on everyone’s mind.

They originally came here to save the princess and even mentally prepared themselves to meet the Golden Demon. But instead of running into her, they met the target that they should be rescuing first.

This was no different than how a prince would feel if he and his men came to rescue his princess from the dragon, all geared up for a few hundred rounds of fight with it, even paid a heavy price and readied a will, only to meet the princess halfway, humming as she skipped her way down the path back home.

Now he was wondering if the princess would tell them, “No need to go there, I’ve punched that evil dragon to death with my little fist!”

“I’m here… naturally because…” Lesiah went on without showing any emotions,
“Because Golden Demon Htilil is already dead.”

Durance’s cheek twitches. Did she really punch the Golden Demon to death?

“Your Royal Highness, perhaps you should elaborate. This is too sudden, we have some difficulty following.”
“No issue, that is my plan.”

Lesiah nodded and looked at the elites, all wearing a surprised look on their face. Almost all of them were the best elites who made an impression on the leaders from various nations. All the life experiences of these special individuals had been listed out in a report and sent to her desk before.

It could be said that these people here represented one-third of the best elites in the entire human race, and were three of the top ten elites amongst the young generation. As long as they were alive, they carried the hope of mankind.

However… they were going to be led into a dangerous situation… all because of her own selfishness…

The flap of a butterfly’s wings might cause a storm that swept a thousand miles.

Without the War God with dragon blood coursing through his veins from the Holy Dragon Empire who was known as a lunatic back then, the frontlines fighting against the demons would have crumbled and the human race might have been reduced to the enemy’s livestocks.

To put it bluntly, she, Lesiah, had selfishly gambled on the fate of others and even of the entire human race for her selfishness. What a total scumbag she was… But… She clenched her fists silently with an unwavering gaze. She wasn’t going to run away this time.

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Lilith… I’ll definitely save you.


The sun never shone in the valley to the west of the Titan village all year round, so the place gave off a gloomy and cold feeling.

The valley was hazy, not due to the condensation of water vapor, but open burning at the bottom of the valley. That was a tradition passed down from the king a thousand years ago – burning something called the paper money for the deceased so that they could lead a peaceful life.

Since they didn’t have the technology to produce paper, they could only replace it with tree barks that were easily accessible. But burning these things always produced a lot of smoke.

The smoke has faded a lot by now. During the burial of hundreds of titans earlier, the valley was filled with white smoke and mournful cries.

There were still a few families burning paper money until now.

Titan 12138 sat at the south of the valley, which was pretty much the only place that the sun could reach for an hour or two everyday. At the same time, this was also the only way to exit this valley.

In front of Titan 12138 was a mound with an unmarked wooden board stuck on top of it. It was a simple grave with a simple grave marker. But compared to the other graves in this valley, this was a lot bigger and impressive. No one knew who was buried here either.

Titan 12138 sat cross-legged in front of the grave, with a pile of paper money burning in front of her. She stared blankly at the wordless wooden grave marker, obviously with a wandering mind.


A childish voice pulled the old titan’s mind back to reality. She turned her head, only to find that it was a well-behaved child who called out to her. Behind him was his gentle-looking mother.

The middle-aged woman bowed respectfully to the old titan, “Greeting, Matriarch.”


Titan 12138 gave the middle-aged woman a gentle smile, then ruffled the child’s head with her withered hand.

“Little one, why haven’t you grown? You’re still so petite after all this while,” she teased.

“I’m not petite…!” The introverted child turned red, but plucked up the courage to retort, “I can protect mommy now, just like daddy!”

The old titan was slightly taken aback, but applauded and laughed, “Good, good. You must protect your mother bravely like your father.”

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The child waved his little fist at Titan 12138.

The old titan ruffled the child’s head affectionately again, then looked at his mother.

“How have you been lately…?

“Fine… It’s quite inconvenient without a man in the house, but fortunately with help from the others in the village… things are going pretty well.”

“Well then… How do you feel here?”

Titan 12138 pointed to the place where her heart was.

The question seemed to have caught the middle-aged woman slightly off guard. She forced herself to smile, oblivious to the fact that her smile looked worse than her crying face.

“It’s okay.”

Despite her words, hot tears streamed down her cheeks.

Seeing this, the child tried to stand on tiptoe to wipe the tears off his mother’s face. While doing that, he couldn’t suppress his sobs either. “Mommy, why are you crying again? Didn’t we promise each other that we wouldn’t cry again?”

“Mommy isn’t crying… Mommy is only…”

The middle-aged woman was already a pile of emotional mess by now. She hugged her child while both of them cried.

The old titan sighed. There was no greater sorrow than the separation between life and death.

“If that’s the case, then forget about it.”

Titan 12138 waved her hand.

The woman and her child stopped crying and went back to the village, holding each other’s hands. By the time they returned to the village, they were talking and laughing.

“Mommy, I want roast meat.”
“Fine, we’ll have that for dinner.” The woman smiled and nodded.
“But we’ll have to get Uncle Titan 7379 next door to help us fix the stove.”
“Got it!”

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The child let go of his mother’s hand and skipped next door.

“We’re gonna have roast meat tonight…!”

In this small village, roast meat was the most luxurious delicacy. It was only served a few times in a year. It was no wonder that the child was so excited.

The middle-aged woman, however, stood on the same spot in a daze. She vaguely remembered that someone else had always repaired her broken stove. But, who?


The center of the small dining table was decorated with a few candles. The orange flame swayed, illuminating the entire room and creating a warm glow.

A middle-aged man sitting at the end of the table placed down the newspaper that he was holding. His clean-shaven face looked a little ethereal in the candlelight.

“It’s late! Why isn’t Cornelia back yet?!” The man said angrily.

The gentle-looking woman served up a plate of delicious home-cooked meals on the dining table, then rolled her eyes at the middle-aged man’s grunts. “You do nothing all day except for throwing tantrums. An unqualified father like you doesn’t have any right to talk about my sweet daughter that way.”

“Who are you calling unqualified?! I am her father! You spoil her too much and that’s not going to be healthy for her if you keep doing that!”
“Oh, are you upset? You wanna try me?”
“Ugh…” The man shrank back.
“Mom, dad, I’m home!”

A sweet childish voice rang out from outside the room, immediately drawing the man and the woman’s attention toward the door.

“Our sweet child, you’re home!”


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